Trade-ins, drop off at the factory ?

Trade-ins, drop off at the factory ?

I'm planning to pick up my car at the factory, but I do have a trade-in for it.
I know they use autonation, but wondering how it works, i.e. do I just drive my trade-in to the factory
and leave it there, or do I have to ask someone to drive me there, and make separate arrangements for the
trade-in pickup ?
I've asked tesla, but didn't get a response yet.


olanmills | 15. September 2012

Tesla is using a third party, AutoNation, I believe, to handle trade-ins, and for now, they only do it in California. I'm sure Tesla will give you the proper answer, but from what I hear, you'll get a better deal if you handle this independently, even if you still plan on going through a company such as Auto Nation.

ggr | 16. September 2012

I did a write-up over in TMC about my experience. Basically, the deal with Autonation means that the Tesla delivery specialist can do their inspection, and can deduct the trade-in price from the total on the MVPA, so you do a cashless transaction, and you don't need logistics to sell the car since they can take it away. However I got a much better price selling my car to CarMax, and it was minimal hassle.

sergiyz | 16. September 2012

How much more did you get from carfax comparing to autonation percentage-wise ?
It looks like they require you to stop by one of their shops and the closest one is about 70 miles from me, not sure if it's worth it...


ggr | 16. September 2012

$31k vs $27.5k, so just over 10%.