Tragedy at the 500th SC - Thought to be an electrocution of a contractor - Cause uncertain at this time!

Tragedy at the 500th SC - Thought to be an electrocution of a contractor - Cause uncertain at this time!

I wondered why we went from the opening of the 500SC back to 499SC. Then I read this report on a contractor that was electrocuted in Norfolk, VA. working on the SC.

Sympathies go out to his family. Instead of celebrating the opening of the 500th SC, this tragedy for his family.

aljjr2 | 19. August 2015

May I suggest correcting the thread. They don't know the cause or details other than the person was found dead near the Super Charger.

The cause of death is undetermined. To label as an "Electrocution" at this point may in inaccurate. We all feel sorry for the individual and his family.

eric.zucker | 20. August 2015

All our condolences to this poor man's family and friends. There will be an investigation, and hope the findings will help prevent further accidents in the future.

In particular, one should not be working alone in hazardous situations, observe all precautions (clothing, shoes, no metallic jewelry, insulated tools, proper training for the job, etc). It is also essential to fully coordinate all the different actors on the site.

Again, our hearts go out to this man's relatives. I pray they are properly cared for, even if nothing can ever replace the tragic loss of a loved one.

ken | 26. August 2015

Here is a newspaper article on the young man who was found dead at the Norfolk, VA charging station that was about to open as Tesla's 500th SC. Thanks to @iTesla for posting the link.

My heart goes out to his family and his fiancé. I guess they are still awaiting the results of the investigation into his death.

ken | 26. August 2015

Sorry, I must have copied it wrong.

rdalcanto | 26. August 2015

A tragedy for sure, but if he was an electrician, he obviously screwed up. Kind of like a roofer falling off the roof and dying. Not supposed to happen if you're doing it right.

eric.zucker | 26. August 2015

Please a little respect for this deceased person and his relatives.
Anything might have happened, and there is no sense speculating without end.

At this point for all we know he may have done nothing wrong.