Trying to partially fund my own Model S. But Need to acquire permission to use Tesla Logos.

Trying to partially fund my own Model S. But Need to acquire permission to use Tesla Logos.

I have this thing were my hobbies have to somehow help to fund themselves.
I have been trying to think of ways that a Tesla could do that... apart from using it as a CAB or flat out selling rides for amusement! :)

I do 3D Computer Design and Milling at a place that produces and casts custom jewelry. I am not quite paid enough to flat out purchase a Model S. So I was thinking of designing and casting a few items in Gold or Silver to sell off to put some dent in the finance payments on my own Model S. This would likely be done through

Some of my design ideas will require the Tesla Logos, so I am hopeful that I can get official permission to use the Tesla Logos or that maybe they just will not care, after all, any funds I gain will be going toward the purchase of a Model S.

Any one have a more direct contact I can contact about getting official permission to use the logos?

I have only ever had 1 car since I was 16, a 1993 Ford F150 Lightning, I still have it, still drive it, as no other car has come along that I wanted... until the Model S. Even when I bought out my dad's lease on the Lightning, I said I really like this truck, but I would rather have an electric car.

My truck is rusting out now, and it is costing me more than $20 in gas to get to work and back each day, with its whopping 4mpg that I am getting right now! (It needs work)

This will not be the only way I will fund the Model S, as I already have a few grand in the bank, and a side job that will help out (even more then the CAD job). I rent out my digital slot car track to parties and corporate events. (see:

I intend to also build a light weight trailer that I can pull with a Model S, with a fully built up scenic slot car track inside to take to events, and maybe get some Model S bodies for the slot cars.

Some of my basic design ideas are in the image below, however I have other ideas, like maybe a set of Tesla Themed Monopoly Tokens or something. I am open to any ideas...


DTsea | 29. Juni 2014

I am pretty sure your making knockoff tesla gear in violation of tesla copyright won't fly. Ask them first....

Haeze | 30. Juni 2014

They are sharing the Patents, not the Trademarks.

GeekEV | 02. Juli 2014

They've shut down others who have used the logo on third party accessories. Definitely ask first!

draconious_z | 08. Juli 2014

Retyped original post...

GeekEV | 09. Juli 2014

Nice designs so far. Have you inquired about permission yet? I'm curious what they say.

Lubdub | 09. Juli 2014

I love the ring.

JeffreyR | 11. Juli 2014

Try etsy, not indiegogo. Also a stainless steel version of the "TESLA" band would be great.

Give the supplier person a ping:

I am sure they have a program for branding resellers. Just expect to pay a licensing fee and have oversight.

draconious_z | 11. Juli 2014

Since the only contact I have is through the tesla web site, that is all I have used. Since it is off topic to any of the possible emails/contacts, I am doubtful that they will bother to forward it to anyone that could give permission.

I am thinking the shape of the Model S should still be ok to do.

Luckily I do have a few designs that are more generic, and could be for any Electric Vehicle.

Assuming anyone actually wanted a ring like in the above photo what would it be worth? As my other issue is the lack of perceived value of the rings, versus how much I would have to charge to pay for the metal, casting labor, multiple size molds, mill time, along with the indiegogo fees, paypal fees, tax and shipping!

So the above tesla logo ring (the lower pointy one) in a size 13.25 would have to be a $250 to $350 ring, in sterling silver. The place I work sells a smaller size ring, that uses less than 1/3rd the metal for more than $200... so... it seems doable...

10k Gold, would be a heck of a lot more, multiple times more. The more affordable version of the ring (I wont say cheaper!), could be white brass, which is wearable and not suppose to turn your finger green, this could be under $150.

If I drive the Tesla for 10 years, and save $20K-$50K in gas that would have gone to feed my truck (85 mile round trip every day and horrid mileage on my truck), or the mini van, that will be liquidated to help pay for the model S... and I can hopefully sell the car for $20K-$50K in 10 years... then it does not seem all that expensive. I already have 25~30K saved up and waiting... so I would only need to make a few grand off the tesla jewelry to give me enough confidence in my finances and back up cash to make the monthly payments on the Model S...

nguyenn.dien | 11. Juli 2014

Shoot me an email draconious_z. I might be able to help you.

ElectricSteve | 14. Juli 2014

What about financing? It has been around for a while.

draconious_z | 14. Juli 2014

Yea, part of it will be financed, this project would be to acquire funds that would help reduce those payments, as I cannot quite swing it... even with a low % on a 8 year loan, unless of course I pay absolutely NONE of my other bills, of which I do not have many.

JeffreyR | 14. Juli 2014

I do not think that Indiegogo is the right venue for selling hand-made jewelry. I have had great success getting jewelry from Etsy. Here is a link to open your own shop there:

You can build in the cost of money for paypal/etsy financing into your price. Here is a quick search for Tesla Motors on Etsy:

And here is their listing of hand-made rings:

As you can see, there are lots of options, but I don't see any like yours. I would focus on custom options and use your Tesla artwork as "inspiration" for people to supply their own artwork. Or you could go this route:

Seems like you could easily buy the font discussed and create jewelry, license plate holders, and "chrome" decals.

An "ElecTric" ring with a pointy Tesla-ish "T" could be cool too. It would not even need to be the actual just enough to get the point across.

draconious_z | 15. Juli 2014

I agree, Etsy would be better. I may even start a store up this weekend. Indiegogo was just the first to pop into my head, and since there was already at least 4 other projects on Indiegogo with people trying to fund a, or even multiple! Tesla Model S... that all failed, I did not have much hope. With Etsy, I feel it may actually work... to put some dent in the payments.

And if people like putting that large "100% Electric" logo on their car to keep people from asking where the engine is, then that gives me more confidence that my design that would be used in a similar way, may work too. This will be a variation of an old car logo, used on many brands, made new again.


nguyenn.dien | 15. Juli 2014
draconious_z | 16. Juli 2014

Never said I was trying to be first... I had already seen photos of some of them online. Those cufflinks seem scary cheap. I doubt I would actually make cufflinks anyway I may focus on pendants/rings mostly.

draconious_z | 16. Juli 2014

And we are real jewelers ;)