UK Roadster owners

UK Roadster owners

I'd like to learn more about others' experiences especially with charging, and with getting the best out of their Roadster. I'm a bit surprised there is no 'Owners Club' already - or maybe I am missing an obvious link somewhere?

mark23 | 25. Juni 2013

there are a few of us on here and the tesla motors club site

I think owners are quite dispersed around the UK, including Scotland so a roadster club probably has insufficient membership in each area. I've been to a few events arranged by Gian before he left Tesla UK but the team there has gone very quiet as they await RHD S's to appear on the radar. In Europe Norway, Holland and Germany win easily for Roadsters and Model S reservations because of incentives.

I am happy to share experience, I have a 2010 Sport, one of the first RHD's on UK roads.

AshleyJDolezal | 01. Juli 2013

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