Van Nuys Service Location

Van Nuys Service Location

When I picked up my MS last month the Delivery Specialist mentioned that the pickup location in Van Nuys was going to become a Service Center soon. Does anybody have any idea when this will happen. I ask because I just called to make an appointment at the LA Service Center and there was no availability until the middle of next month. Luckily I only have a few small issues so I can wait, but just worried if I needed immediate service. Anybody pickup a car at the Van Nuys Location recently and have any updates on how their construction is coming along?

R3dStang66 | 09. April 2013

I heard the same thing a few weeks ago also.
This would be great, Santa Monica is so crowded and traffic is terrible. I might not have to put on my HOV stickers now. lol

rallykeeper | 09. April 2013

Van Nuys is an improvement, but can Tesla think further East than the 405?

West LA, Torrance, Costa Mesa, and Van Nuys are all on the 405 corridor. Is Tesla just trying to maximize parts deliveries?

diegoPasadena | 10. April 2013

What? There is a world east of the 405? (Southern California inside joke. I met a 30 year-old guy once who had never been east of the 405)

jukevargo | 11. April 2013

I try not to venture east of the 405... ;)

- 90403