Vote with your wallet

Vote with your wallet

I took delivery of my P85 on Feb 27 from the Toronto location and I am absolutely thrilled with the car. I have logged 1600 km with no issues. I am not a car guy, yet I find myself looking for excuses to drive it. My experience with all the staff here in Toronto has been very positive, and I would like to thank my delivery specialists Jon, and Hans and the service manager Eli for their outstanding customer service, and for making my delivery experience very positive. I received play by play e-mails from Jon late into the night, updating me as to the location of my car, as it was being transported from California.

For anybody considering purchasing a Model S, I would encourage you to pull the trigger. It will exceed your expectations, and you will not look back. My wife's hybrid now seems very primitive when I drive it. Without exception, every passenger is astounded by the car, and any myths they have about electric vehicles are quickly dispelled. With the exception of long trips (until Canadian Superchargers are installed), there are no compromises with this car. Having driven it now for two weeks, I am even more amazed at how well engineered it is, and how much sense it makes in so many ways. I never feel any range anxiety, and every morning I wake up to a full charge, and a range of 380 km. Yet as much as I am happy to show off my shiny new toy, I feel I am part of something greater. This will forever change the way we look as the automobile. As an early adopter, I am willing to accept that I am taking a risk, but thus far the risk has been well worth it.

As consumers, our real power lies not with our ability to cast a ballot, but with where we chose to spend our hard earned dollars. For those who have driven this car, it is very clear that this is the future. I am not a tree hugger. I eat red meat, I wear leather, I do not do the best job at separating my garbage, but I do believe in climate change, and I do believe that we are the cause. As a parent I worry about my children's future. Although I am fortunate that I am able to afford a "luxury" vehicle, I would never have dreamt of spending this much money on a car, were it not for the fact that it is so innovative. If enough people like me are willing to step up to the plate, and vote with their wallet, there will be a trickle down effect. The technology will improve, batteries will become lighter, cheaper and charge faster, range and charging infrastructure will improve, and EV's will gain greater acceptance. As an owner, I feel like an ambassador for Tesla. It is to my advantage that the company succeed. Other car makers will quickly follow suit, and we will all benefit.

John P.

Hills | 15. März 2013

Agree! I am 14 weeks into ownership, not a car guy, and look for excuses to drive the car. I am sure you don't miss petro stations, do you?

andrigtmiller | 15. März 2013

I took delivery of my Model S on the 20th of February, and I agree that the car is amazing. I also agree that anyone considering the Model S to pull the trigger and vote with their dollars. Reagan's success with help to usher in a true alternative, and deliver real choice to the market.

andrigtmiller | 15. März 2013

It should read Tesla's success... My tablet thinks it's smarter than me ;-)

dqb | 15. März 2013

Well stated John.

One good thing about adopted technology is that it tends not to trickle, but grows exponentially. Hopefully this is the beginning of an EV revolution. The MS is a real car, which definitely will assuage many doubts on EVs' potential. Much more than pure commuter vehicles. Those have their place, to be sure, but for real acceptance, Tesla is doing the right things!

lvaneveld | 15. März 2013

I could not agree more with John. I have never before spent more than $30,000 on a car and have for the most part driven 4 cylinders for my daily driver since I bought my first car in 1976. I had severe reservations about the car because of the cost and because I was not getting the 85 kWhr. I got my car in January, a 60 kWhr, and will never buy another gas power car. The change from my old Prius is just unbelievable. If you are considering buying this car and have not yet pulled the trigger for any reason other than you simply cannot really afford it, then you should go with it now.

I have not a single real problem since I got the car, a couple of cases of user error in the first week or two, and sometime when I have the key fob in the same pocket as me cell it seems to obscure the signal and I have to move it or take it out of my pocket to open the car. I can live with that as the greatest fault.

I have scheduled the software update for tonight, I assume V4.3. Curious what new ability my car will grow or learn overnight.

This is by a huge margin the best car I have ever owned. The best handling, the largest, the roomiest, the most efficient, the best looking, the most envy inspiring, the quickest, the smoothest, the quietest, the most fun to drive, the safest, the best braking. The best in virtually any way I can think. And it is getting better.

On the subject of range anxiety, I sometimes have to take unexpected trips to job sites without warning so yesterday when I already had a planned dinner meeting in San Rafael, a 110 mile round trip, I decided in the morning to actually bring my charging cable with me for the first time since I picked up the car. It normally just stays in the garage. To date I have still never charged anywhere but at home, nor have I ever done anything but a standard charge. Left home yesterday at 7:00 am with a standard charge. Got home last night at 10:30 pm with 137 miles on the trip meter and over 40 miles of rated range left. I am looking forward to every drive and use this instead of our minivan for family trips unless we are carrying too many people.

carlk | 15. März 2013

OK what about car guys then? Any MS owners used to drive Porsche or high end BMW, Mercedes? What do you think?

negarholger | 15. März 2013

After 2 weeks in the MS today I had to drive ourf second car the ICE... I was completely confused with all the buttons and keys I have to press and turn in order to get just started... why is it not slowing down?... ah I have to press the bake. And so on... I felt like in a history movie.

20 years of starting up new factories around the world (for large companies) and I am sure not a fanboy of offshoring... if someone has the guts to start a production line in the US with a fantastic product my money is on him. Stocks and buying the product.

Tomorrow I will let my lady drive the MS for the first time... she is more of a car guy then me and I am afraid it will be not for long that we need to get a second MS or I am forced to drive the Benz.

Robert22 | 15. März 2013

Having driven an S-class Benz since 2000 I can tell you it was a very comfortable car but built for sh#%. I replaced 75% of the physical frame of the car due to rust in the first 5 years (at their expense after threat of online campaign). From that point on it was a financial bloodletting every time I heard a new sound. I never wanted to take the car out for a drive unless I had to for fear of a new wallet-draining event.

Flash forward to the MS. I enjoy this car. It cheers me up. I go for rides to pick up an orange.
When you belt-in to an S it's like a bluebird from a Disney film sitting on your shoulder whistling a melody urging you to go faster. To non-owners it may seem that we grouse a lot about the small stuff, but that's because we know it's completely possible for this car to go from excellent to extraordinary.

negarholger | 15. März 2013

Robert22 - "it's completely possible for this car to go from excellent to extraordinary".
You hit the nail on the head. And that is were we the owners can help with positive enforcement.

ian | 15. März 2013

@carlk - Yeah there a few here maybe they'll chime in. I recall at least a couple former M5 drivers. In fact one username is M5toMS. I think there are a few Porsche 911 owners too. ;-)

I consider myself a bit of a car guy but have never owned something quite that high end. I've got a modded Subaru wagon (yeah I can hear you laughing ;-), which would have been upgraded to a new S4 Avant if Audi would have seen the US market fit for it, yeah I dig wagons) and my wife drives (and let's me sometimes!) an '09 335i. Anyway, I can't comment on the drive of the S but from what I've read I know I would enjoy it.

I'll get around to driving one as soon as Tesla lets non reservation holders take test drives or I get the OK to make a reservation which ever comes first! ;-)

paulwireless | 15. März 2013

7 x BMW owner since 1990. Still love my 5 series daily driver and wife's 7. After test driving the demo MS in DC in September I was so excited about the Tesla I couldn't wait to tell friends and family. I couldn't believe other people didn't know the facts about the MS. I couldn't wait to free up $5,000 to place a reservation. Then depression set in. I look at our BMWs with admiration but its clear to me they represent "old" technology. For years they represented the best car my money could buy. Now Tesla does. I stared at brand new 6 series BMWs on my local dealers lot four separate nights tyring to reconciling the shift in paradigm of this purchase.

My friends who have their MS and those who are waiting like me seem to be in an altered reality about cars from the one we understood before. Most people will have to buy ICE vehicles for several more years to come. I respect those necessary purchases for other people but hope my purchase of a MS helps further the wide spread availability of EVs.

My every 5th weekend car is a classic V8 Ferrari. Not useful during the business day. It is sort of a hybrid electric too because it won't start unless I trickle charge the battery for 1 hour and I dare shut it off unless I don't mind waiting 4 hours for it to cool off before restarting. I'll take "range anxiety" over "hot restart" anxiety any day. Did I mention it needs a tank of premium gas every 181 miles.

Brian H | 16. März 2013

use to search those brands, you'll see lots. The reactions are consistent: "Sitting idle now, I'll sell soon." "Seems primitive. Don't like driving." "Outperformed in every important way by the MS." "What's all this console clutter about?"

And so on.

Rick A | 16. März 2013

I would consider myself a car guy, I have owned a Mercedes S550, a Porsche GT3 and currently own a Panamera Turbo. With all of those cars I logged a few minutes on their enthusiasts forums, but the MS has pulled me in like no other. It is a different fascination that performs and exceeds expectations for this car guy.

If you are on the sidelines considering this car, reserve it now and don't look back!

snowmass4 | 16. März 2013

I Previously owned a BMW 750, Audi A8L. I got tired of single handedly trying to support the German economy. Yes, Audi makes great interiors, and the BMW did drive very well when not visiting the shop. If you are old enough to remember the video game Asteriods. Driving a Model S is like hitting the hyperspace button. When I am getting boxed in on the highway, or around someone driving eratically, I step on the pedal and I am gone. The instant acceleration is like no car I have ever driven, and that alone is worth the price of admission.

Carefree | 16. März 2013

I drive a 911 C4 convertible as our "fun" car. It has not seen any action since we got the Model S. Fun has been redefined. The Porsche seems so prude and unsophisticated and feels much slower than the Tesla. We are debating what to do with it. We like the fact that it is a convertible - we might hang on to it until Tesla brings out the next roadster - latest then the Porsche's days will be numbered:-)

cb9 | 16. März 2013

@John, beautifully said. I am also not a car person. I have been very disappointed in my 2003 530i's reliability (and lack of functional cup holders, what is up with that?!), but delayed buying a new car because didn't want to spend $50k or more for a car I didn't love. I fell in love with the car, the company and everything they stand for, and yes I bought what stock I could afford to buy as well. My boyfriend is a car guy - his favorite car is the 1988 928 and he has 3 of them, full set of maintenance manuals and a lift in the garage. When he and I went to test drive the car, he was as psyched as I was, until he asked to look under the hood and found out there was nothing he could tinker with. But he is a wonderfully insightful and practical guy, and I think he made that mind shift as he floored it to pass a car on the freeway during the test drive. Yesterday he had an electrician here installing nema outlet for my MS (arriving Tuesday!) and decided to put a second outlet - maybe my hints about how cool it would be for him to pick up a CPO roadster are working.

carlk | 16. März 2013

Thanks for everyone's encouraging comments and no thanks for everyone's encouraging comments that probably will cost me :O). I can only call myself a wannabe car guy but I do enjoy driving very much, even when I'm doing my daily commute on the congested bay area freeway. I have to admit I like the looks of MS, I like the fact that it's green and unique but the biggest draw to me is the performance. I probably will not spend $100K on a four door sedan if not for the instantaneous acceleration that I hear people mention so often.

The car I'm driving in the last few years is a Porsche Cayman S that is considered to be one of the most fun to drive cars on the market. Great to hear owners of similar cars all say they like MS much better. I kind of believe that I will feel the same too. I still want to take that test drive before I empty my wallet though.

Shesmyne2 | 16. März 2013

My 1st car was a 72 Dodge Charger. I have had 2 Camaro's-a 73 that had air shocks & 70's on the back (yes, it was the 80s) a 75 5spd 350 Camaro, a 75 Cutlass, a 92 Firebird Formula & currently own a 05 Mustang convertible & an 85 Corvette.
And a Model S Performance.
Yea, I'm a 'car guy' except I'm a chic.

While I love the throaty sound of a big V8 and the power it gives me I can truthfully say the S has exceeded my expectations. When my husband 1st signed up (3.5 yrs ago) I thought it was just cool. Now I am happy to say it is awesome.

The strength of this vehicle, the power, the control, the comfort, the looks when we drive her!!

The Tesla experience is one I never expected and we are...

Still Grinning ;-)

Brian H | 16. März 2013

A prude Porsche! The mind moggles. :D

Hills | 16. März 2013

@Brian H
Have you voted with your wallet?

secobarbital | 16. März 2013

"Vote with your wallet"


Not just for cars, but for everything else. It is the only real vote you have under a capitalist system.

edpalermo | 16. März 2013

Makes my S Class look like very old technology. The acceleration, the SOLID ride, asking the car for ANY song I want..... I could go on and on. I drive about a hundred miles a day and was filling u premium at least once a week (approximately $100 per). Now I am plugged in and watching as I approach a full standard charge.... It is the coolest car on the planet.

Robert22 | 16. März 2013

A capitalist system? Oh, you mean too big to fail ;)

Brian H | 16. März 2013

No, in capitalism, anything can fail. Like GM. Until the socialists step in. Like GM.

Robert22 | 16. März 2013

Hence my sarcasm and winkey emoticon.

dstiavnicky | 21. März 2013

They must be must busier now, as Jon hasn't replied to my emails of phone calls in three days!

I'll have to try Hans now...

I get my car in two days and haven't heard about $$ and licensing yet.

Captain_Zap | 21. März 2013


We are keeping one Porsche. It isn't civilized or street legal. It has a roll cage, one seat with a 5 point harness, window nets, built in fire extinguisher system and a electrical cut off switch. It holds records at a few major race tracks.

We aren't willing to put a roll cage in the Model S. Our stable has housed only top of the line Jaguar, Porsches and BMW.

The Model S alleviates some of the high octane indulgence guilt without any feeling of compromise in performance and fun.
We can now comfortably carry passengers and we have cup holders for the first time in our lives.

lolachampcar | 22. März 2013

I'm just a plain nerd for most things mechanical/engineering...

I'm an ME and bought the car on the strength of the engineering in the skateboard (that front suspension, battery, rear suspension thing they had in the service centers before MS showed up).

I've done electrical design work and microcontroller programming. I'm blown away by the coding involved in how the speed controller allows for seamless throttle pedal adjustment from max acceleration to max regen with no discernable incremental steps. Think integrals where the step size is so small as to be imperceptible.

I've owned some of the best cars built. Sure, MB, Audi and BMW have more complicated interiors. Sure, Ferrari's have that aura. Yep, the Bentley is quite. Nothing compares to the full package of MS' speed, smoothness, handling, braking and overall driving experience.

I've prepared and driven some of the fastest stuff on the planet. The idea that a street car could push through the tire contract patch instead of rolling over it and have bigger brakes in the rear was simply not possible. I was wrong.

I've played with FEA software and airflow modeling. The thought that went into MS is astounding. There may be other windscreens formed on multiple axis but MS is the first I have seen. Not only does it curve to the back on either side like all others, it also is curved at the top and bottom in an effort to keep air attached as it flows over the windscreen and onto the roof line.

I've done suspension set up on many a car. Most modern cars use rubber isolation bushings at the end of the control arms. MS does the same but they use much larger inner sleeves from aluminum which (1) prevents the dissimilar metal problems you would have with a steel sleeve attached to an aluminum upright and (2) reduces the amount of rubber between the inner and outer ring of the bushing thus limiting compliance and improving suspension feel.

Yep, I'm a car nerd and I could go on and on...... Suffice it to say, they will have to pry my Tesla from my cold dead fingers :)

teg.main | 22. März 2013

Hello all, I don’t really think I’m a car guy but I currently own a Mercedes SL550, Mercedes E55 (480HP) and an Audi R8. I get to pickup my MS next week and bring her home. We chose to go pick her up so we can test her out along the California coast on her way to her new home in Laguna Beach. When I ordered her I had not seen any on the road, but since have seen several around town. Each and every person exits with a big smile, the same smile I had when I finished my test drive. I have not waited with so much anticipation for any car. This is the car of the future.

lolachampcar | 23. März 2013

You are going to have the biggest grin on your face...... Those are the perfet benchmarks.

Captain_Zap | 23. März 2013


It's good to hear that you enjoy the car so much. You sounded like a skeptic before you received your car. I got the impression that you had a hard time believing that the Model S could be THAT much fun compared against the rest of your stable.

lolachampcar | 23. März 2013

Brat at Christmas time that wanted his toy.... I've never been good on the patience side of things. I got my hopes up when the whole Decemeber email thing happened but am really glad I got a MY13. The Pilots were a bonus.