Wait for 2014 model?

Wait for 2014 model?

I'm 99.99% ready to put my order in but trying to decide if i should go with 2013 model now or wait...say for 2014 model. My guess is that there will not be substantial change to performance, design etc. Perhaps they will fine tuning of some of the nagging or missing features others have pointed out in other posts. I should point out these features will not change my decision on whether to buy or not.

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance

Jolinar | 24. März 2013

If these features will not change your decision I wouldn't wait for 2014... I don't even suspect to AWD be available in 2014 :( Elon Musk stated (in Geneva and Norway) that this won't be available any time soon so I think you can go with 2013 model year.

ginsbergr | 24. März 2013

I do not think there is a " model year" as everyone gets software updates on the cars they buy no matter when they bought them. This is a start up company and for now, only have different types of cars like the S , X or GenIII

markapeterman | 24. März 2013

Odds are you won't gain anything by waiting. You will get the same car with a different letter in your VIN. I have a 2012 model and am glad I didn't wait for 2013.

I think they are focused on the X, not S 2.0. Besides - even with all the complaining about missing features, I don't miss any of them.

Go for it.

NielsChr | 24. März 2013

it's a endless loop.

I have had same thougts as you...but came to the conclusion that there will always be a better model if waiting a year more....

e.g. next year you might need to wait for model 2015.

just buy it and enjoy.

Objective1 | 24. März 2013

Look at the updates the Tesla made to the Roadster. Perhaps something similar might happen with Model S.

But Tesla will be very busy with the European version, and then the right-hand-drive version for Britain, Down Under, and Japan.

And then they will be very busy with Model X.

So I would guess: not many major changes to Model S any time soon.

Sudre_ | 24. März 2013

+1 NielsChr

There is always the potential for updates. There could be a very unlikely break thru in batteries next week.

I am going to save at least $1000 in gas this year because I have my S. Who's to say Tesla won't let you add some of the new options on later. I will basically be getting a $1000 discount in that case.

July10Models | 24. März 2013

2300 miles later, the wait for my car is a distant memory. Sold my ice on Ebay @1K mriles on the S. smile every time I subconsciously think about gas. it is like an amputated limb except you won't really miss it. The drive in this car is years beyond any ICE. | 24. März 2013

I have had my MS 3 months now...I waited 18 months...So from my perspective, WHY would you want to delay this much gratification any longer than necessary?

Brian10 | 24. März 2013

If you are reserving a 40KwH, you'll probably end up with a 2014 model anyway...

swysechoice | 24. März 2013

Had to pull into a gas station with my MS today. Strange feeling and people just looked. Had to use bathroom.

rsusi | 24. März 2013

Just a thought. Elon recently stated that they will start shipping cars to the European market starting in June for July delivery. He stated that it will be a thousand a month. There was no mention of increasing the current production to meet that quota. Therefore one cann assume US buyers will be getting fewer cars per month. I put my order in last week to avoid the further delay. Have a delivery date of April/May, most likely will be June

models60 | 24. März 2013

I don't think feature wise 2014 will be any different than 2013. You do run the risk of price increase and depending on where you are some of the govt. incentives might run out by then.

olanmills | 24. März 2013

Since everything's new, we haven't had a chance to observe what Tesla's cadence will be. Perhaps Tesla itself doesn't exactly know.

Tesla is going to be producing the Model X, and they are also working on Bluestar. I would not be surprised if they if they did keep the Model S pretty much the same.

At the same, time, I also wouldn't be surprised if they did tweak and improve things that are not possible to retrofit into the older cars.

I really don't think anyone here could tell you. I don't even think comparisons to the Roadster production are that useful because the way the car was built was different, the problems it had were different, and Tesla as a company was in a very different place.

In the end, I think, if you're willing to wait until 2014, well, then at least you know for sure. The price could go up again, but on the other hand, they might also improve the features and you'll get more for your dollar. The tradeoff is really that you won't have the fun of having it sooner.

jackhub | 24. März 2013

In a quarterly earnings review Elon has said that Tesla will not have model years like other manufacturers.

herkimer | 24. März 2013

Car will be updated even after purchase. Good warranty, eager service. Peerless in nearly every way.
I say buy while you have the chance. More people see the S, more people are going to want it. Could even see a surge in demand and longer waits next year. Buy now and be happy ever after!,

diegoPasadena | 24. März 2013

+1 for most of the above (well, except of course the Troll), but also remember: Tesla might look around at the market and figure they're underpriced, so not only would you forgo the pleasure of driving it for that year and the associated gas savings, but pricing, as far as I know, is not guaranteed to stay as is.

GettingOldFast | 24. März 2013

One other thought...if you wait until 2014, you might have a better picture of the future viability of Tesla as a company. That said, I doubt many 2013 owners will regret their purchase because their MS will give them years of enjoyment and fuel savings, since it is highly unlikely that their car will cease to operate, and they definitely will not run out of fuel.

Brian H | 24. März 2013

They use release numbers like computers or software, not years. The new releases may occur at any time, or far apart. There's really no such thing as a 2012, 2013, or 2014 model, except for bureaucratic convenience.

teriyaki88 | 24. März 2013

Thanks for your comments.
I was an early adaptor for my BMW 545 which had program/software updates. It was a PITA as updates had to be performed at a dealer. Model S seems to got that covered.
During my yesterday's test drive I asked the tech about tethering my phone/ipad/wifi so I can have 4G connection on the big screen. That would be nice. I guess that might be coming soon. I asked about streaming songs from my Sirius account and other streaming services from the web page. But that's not currently available.
I know. I know. These are not buying a perfect house because the you don't like the chandelier in the dining room :)

Viability of the company is a concern, especially since I alway buy extended services and warranties on my vehicles. Anybody got a crystal ball?

Brian H | 25. März 2013

Yeah, you get more than you pay for with Tesla, even if you don't know it.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 29. März 2013

I believe that most, and prehaps all of 2013 production is already spoked for. With sales out performing production, I see little reason for a major design change. Buy now and enjoy!

elguapo | 29. März 2013

2013 production is definitely not spoken for. Wait time has reduced significantly, but you can make a reservation and configure the same day now with a 60-90 day wait period for delivery (based on other threads here). I think demand is still strong, but they aren't turning reservations into finalized orders as fast as they used to be (and production has really ramped up too!).

petero | 29. März 2013

My crystal ball says you will pay a bit more for a 2014 and get the same car as a 2013. You will get all software updates regardless of the year. TM will be focusing on making the S more profitable, bring X to market, and moving forward with Gen III.

My guess, aftermarket companies will address parking sensors, power folding mirrors, storage and cupholders (front and back) before TM.

akikiki | 29. März 2013

A thought. We already know the X will only come in to battery size, 60 and 80. With so few S-40's could be that in 2014 the 40 will not be available. So, if someone waited to get a 40 next year, they might find they missed a chance. I suspect there will be some folks that will want to sell their 40 to move up to a newer 60. Wouldn't it be fate if those that waited until 14 had to buy someone's used '12 or '13 40 to get the less expensive version? All that and they waited until '14 to find this out. Likely or unlikely? There's a chance it could happen. hmmm...

dir | 30. März 2013

Is it possible that at some point Tesla could be using the new NCR18650B panasonic batteries for the packs? The performance could be almost the same but that would make the car a little lighter.

I guess that they will wait some time to change the batteries, most likely use this next gen for the Model X, what do you think?

By the way, I think the 40 Kwh pack is going to disappear sooner or later for the Model S, and return just for the genIII car.