We could instantly have charging stations everywhere...

We could instantly have charging stations everywhere...

There are many threads with people worried about travelling distance.

Here's an idea... everyone with a Tesla should go to the website and put their address in. Bam! 20,000 friendly, social locations all across North America to charge your car in a pinch. I'll keep a cold beer ready for your visit too!

Anonymous | 20. Januar 2013

Great idea. I'm putting my address in now. My HPWC will be mounted near the door of the garage, so easy to reach a MS in the driveway.

noel.smyth | 20. Januar 2013

ill resgister as well - my charger is on the outside of my garage where i park the S.

Sudre_ | 20. Januar 2013

Great idea altho some people like myself don't really have a convenient spot. I am in the city and my garage is right off the alley, no driveway. I was thinking about putting a 14-50 on the outside of the garage but there is nowhere to park out there and the alley can not be blocked.

Jolinar | 20. Januar 2013

yes, this is really good idea :) espetially from people who has HPWC so charging can be much faster than any public charging station :)

dtesla | 20. Januar 2013

Logged into Then clicked "Share My Station" and didn't see how to specify HPWC. Am I in the wrong place and/or missing something.

The "Add Public Station" just seemed like the wrong place (though I could specify Model S).


TMS Doc | 20. Januar 2013

I am going to sign up now too. I park in a car port that is easily accessible.

Leofingal | 20. Januar 2013

I think you can add that in the comments when you "share my charger". I put in the comments that I have a NEMA 14-50, and to call for access. I thought I remembered seeing a Tesla home charger option on the list too (did this 5 minutes ago and already forgot!).

Don't do it through the add public station as I think that is for true public stations.

bp | 20. Januar 2013

If it's going to take a while for Tesla to deploy Superchargers in high-traffic areas (such as the triangle in Texas between San Antonio, Dallas and Houston), a network of HPWC's at existing businesses (restaurants, gas stations, ...)could be deployed quickly as an interim solution, until they the superchargers were ready.

While 60 miles per charge is slower than a supercharger - it might be enough to make it practical to make 250 to 300 mile trips at highway speeds.

bradslee | 21. Januar 2013

This is absolutely a great idea for all Tesla owners. I would suggest that Tesla considers to set up an official Web page in its Website for current Tesla owners voluntarily to sign up for the fellow Tesla drivers to share their HPWC (with location, contact info etc.) . I think that there are enough current Tesla owners who are willing and able to share their HPWC for fellow Tesla drivers in case that a Tesla driver really needs to recharge. This would definitely help our Tesla drivers to take long trips before Tesla installs enough SuperCharging stations across the land. This would also enable our Tesla drivers to form an unique and innovative Tesla community that truly helps each other.

Runar | 21. Januar 2013

Excellent idea! Tesla motors , you should jump at this asap!!

Would be a perfect if tesla made managed and fronted this:-)

J King | 21. Januar 2013

Agree, I will sign up, assuming Tesla sponsors. Not so sure about, will have to research that. Also, keep in mind that most RV parks have 14-50 outlets, so almost every place has a charger within 40 miles. My 14-50 delivers about 28 miles of rated range per hour of charge.