What is the next piece of news that could drive the stock to new highs?

What is the next piece of news that could drive the stock to new highs?

Now that the trilogy of 5 announcements have been made and we are in Elon's "quiet period" I started to wonder what will impact the stock next? Here are some thoughts:

- Euro deliveries in July. Even though this is public knowledge, I think the press will be all over it in Europe. It should be minor news here as casual observers may not be aware of Tesla's preparations for new markets. I think the delivery event will impact the stock positively.

- Q2 results. Investors will be hoping the losses won't be too bad. Margin is the number I'm most interested in as I am expecting Elon will be on the way to hitting his Q4 target of 25%. Guidance may yield a positive surprise.

- New "Development" business. That is the term Tesla uses for selling it's battery packs and drivetrains to other manufacturers. There was a rumor last week that GM was possibly negotiating a deal with Tesla. Tesla had an exclusive rights contract with Mercedes that expired in June so they are now free to sell their products to whomever they wish. I strongly believe that this is a HUGE revenue generator for Tesla in years to come as I don't see the other guys matching Tesla's battery range for the next several years.

- NTHSA safety test results. The NTHSA will be crash-testing the Model S in the fall. Tesla claims the Model S is the only car in the world to be 5-star safety rated in every category (side-impact, rollover, front-impact, etc). I think when the test results are announced this will really move the stock upward.

After these possible announcements I think the next biggest is Q4 margins - did they hit 25%? Also 2014 guidance on Model S delivery numbers. I don't think the first Asia deliveries will be a big mover on the stock because the number of cars sold there is likely to be noticeable smaller than US and Europe.

Captain_Zap | 27. Juni 2013

I read on the NTHSA site that there are no plans to crash test the Model S this year. They tend to only test high volume cars.

They made a list of all the cars they will test this year and Tesla was not on it.

holidayday | 27. Juni 2013

I think the only driver at this time is an announcement that enhances revenue.
a) making more cars that planned
b) expanding battery packs to other manufacturers
c) Finding significant efficiencies that lower internal costs.

Otherwise, I think all the battery pack/ super charger / super-over-engineered car expectations are all built into the current stock price.

mcptwo | 27. Juni 2013

A) A Section on the Tesla web page devoted the the Gen III EV.

B) More functioning Supercharger locations.

C) An optional 120 Kw battery pack with 400 mile range.

D) Starting work on the Model X production line.

bsimoes | 27. Juni 2013

Free connectivity for the life of the car! Wouldn't it be wonderful not to have more service plans to deal with?

ramtaz | 27. Juni 2013

Increasing cost of extended service plans and RANGER cost going up too

Jamon | 27. Juni 2013

@jz13: I hadn't heard that the electric drivetrain deal with Daimler was exclusive until June. Do you have any sources/links for that? I agree that looks to be a huge potential source of revenue in the long run (along with leasing access to superchargers for other manufacturers).

Unfortunately I feel Ike the stock market has already priced almost all good news for the rest of the year. It seems much more likely that some news will make the stock dip rather than rise in the near term (such as sales don't exceed expectations for Q2). Sure hope I'm wrong though! I'm planning to hold shares for at least a decade, and ready to buy more if it dips.