Which is the single best video out there that most accurately describes and represents the Model S?

Which is the single best video out there that most accurately describes and represents the Model S?

If you knew someone that had no idea what Tesla and the Model S was, and you could show them one video of the car (review, home-made, etc), which video would you show them that would most accurately describe what the Model S was is about, what is was capable, and what is so different/unique/revolutionary about it? In short, what single video out there does the best job selling the Model S?

TheAustin | 06. Dezember 2012

Any thoughts? Videos from the Tesla Get Amped events? The Car & Driver review? The Motor Trend COTY? The NatGeo doc?

mklcolvin | 06. Dezember 2012

There used to be a video on YouTube that showed a couple of guys chasing and filming the early Model S as it wound it's way through the Palo Alto foothills, sometimes at pretty high speeds. At one point the Model S went around a curve and simply walked away from the chase car. The chase car was a BMW M series sedan. It practically disappeared! The chase car drivers had to drive like heck to catch up, and that seemed to be only because the Model S slowed down. Many folks thought that both drivers were being reckless, but I loved that moment of pure acceleration that the Model S showed. I'm not condoning any of the actions in the video, but appreciated what it demonstrated about the Model S' performance. Alas, the video was removed and I haven't been able to find it again.

dborn | 06. Dezember 2012

The Nat Geo Documentary, hands down!

Rubik | 06. Dezember 2012

There's a new review video on that goes into good detail.

Timo | 06. Dezember 2012

Depends of the person I would be showing it. If they are science geeks the Nat Geo documentary, if they are petrolheads then that chase video mklcolvin mentions (or similar), car enthusiast that doesn't care if it is BEV or ICE car I would show some review that goes to details with interior and exterior.

stevedar | 07. Dezember 2012

dborn +1.

Here's an english language version:

Vawlkus | 07. Dezember 2012

Where'd the video from the head to head vs the BMW M5 or whatever it was go? That's another good promo, although the Nat Geo is the best IMO

TheAustin | 07. Dezember 2012

I'm thinking about friends & other people who give me that blank stare when I tell them that I'm getting a Tesla Model S...For someone who has no idea what it is, what's a video that best presents the Model S in 3-5 minutes (I'm thinking that the NatGeo piece will be for later on, for those that really want to know more)...What's the best video that covers electric, innovation, design, performance, and the sheer excitement of the car?

JZ13 | 07. Dezember 2012

I just watched Csaba Csere's video review for Car & Driver. I also recently read his review in the newest issue of the magazine. It is widely believed that this magazine slants it's rankings and reviews to those auto manufacturers that advertise the most in it. I have been a subscriber for a long time so I like most of the content but I always take it with a grain of salt. The BMW 3 series seems to be it's favorite car every year for the last 25 years. It's a great car, but they shamelessly promote it year after year.

I feel like he's underselling the Model S. He offers some misleading info about the car. He initially slams the car for not having memory seats but later in the video admits that the feature is coming via movile upgrade. Why doesn't he focus on the novel genius that this car has a mobile upgrade system that no other car has? It's revolutionary. Instead, he focuses on the current minor setback that it isn't currently installed. Also, his performance numbers for the Model S are slower than everyone else's and he remarks that the german cars are slightly faster. Well, I currently own a CLS 63 AMG and I have test driven the Model S. The Model S is faster. I cannot wait to replace my Mercedes (which I still love driving BTW, it's just that the Model S will be even better!)And we have all seen the Model S vs. the M5 video. Model S is faster. Sorry Csaba, you are wrong.

He is also wrong in his price comparison. He uses the Signature price which is not available to purchase anymore. I was prepared to get a new CLS to replace my current one until I learned about the Model S. I have priced out the 2 cars. I'm gonna save about $10k on the Model S Performance vs. the Mercedes.

Lastly, he claims this car is not suitable for highway driving due to the range and charge time. Surely he must know about the Supercharger network yet he makes no mention of it. That is a glaring omission for a review.

That being said, he does a good job of highlighting most of the car's benefits but does so in a very unexcited tone. His conclusion seems to be that the Model S is a neat trick but not really a real car yet. I couldn't disagree more. I intend to drive 500 miles in 1 day in my Model S when it arrives. I'll be able to do so with a 45 minute stop at a Supercharger station while I grab lunch. That's the same thing I would do in an ICE car.

IMHO, he knows this car is a gamechanger yet he can't publicly acknowledge that because his current customers would revolt and give him less advertising revenue.

loco | 07. Dezember 2012

I find the Csaba Csere review positive. Hes says he would consider owning a Model S. Hard to imagine a better compliment. He does say it's beautiful and that it drives great.

It doesn't have power seats - fact.

It has limited range on highway for 99% of earth - fact.

M5 would eat it on a 1/4 mile strip and any longer distance - fact. Limiting distance to get required result.. well.. ok.. We all know 1/4 is the benchmark.

benempt | 07. Dezember 2012

Not a video, but for someone who wanted to know more about Tesla and the Model S, I love the big wired article from 2010:

The smart car section alone is hilarious - trip to TJ with a shoebox full of cash, wheelies!

krogers | 07. Dezember 2012

Here's a good one from one of the customers to receive first Model S on June 22, 2012. He lists the top 11 reasons he likes the Model S.

Fred O | 07. Dezember 2012

i also liked jay lenos garage edition about model s. it is on youtube.

bigez1 | 07. Dezember 2012


I'm not sure what your angle is but your "facts" are mostly hogwash.

The Model S does in fact have power seats:

Every vehicle ever made has a limited range.... (did you use "of earth") for effect? I won't even address the availability of AC plugs...

In the US, where are drivers driving @ sustained speeds exceeding 100 mph? Personally, I perfer quick over top speed. In that respect, it is difficult to find a vehicle quicker than the Model S.

Brian H | 07. Dezember 2012

Csere also suggests there will be a small to moderate extra cost for the MS vs the other cars ... completely disregarding the $000/annum in fuel savings. The 'TCO' factor thus is overwhelmingly in MS' favour.

mbarontseff | 07. Dezember 2012

I just took my test drive today, and I don't think that any video could have prepared me for the Performance S. You have to experience the drive for yourself. I have been following Tesla since the summer, so I had read a lot about the car features...but it didn't help prepare me for my test was awesome!

nickjhowe | 08. Dezember 2012

@mibaro2 :-) Do you have the Tesla Grin now?

dstiavnicky | 08. Dezember 2012

I like Jay Leno's test drive on Jay Leno's Garage. He is truly a car nut who owns and has experienced every car in depth so his insight and opinions go a long way.
... And I like his burnout at the end...

mbarontseff | 08. Dezember 2012

@nickjhowe I've had the Tesla grin non-stop since my testdrive :)

loco | 09. Dezember 2012


Yes, it should be memory seats. Too much beer.

loco | 09. Dezember 2012

And for the range, sometimes I drive 1100 km (680 miles) in one day. Just not possible with the Tesla on 99% of earth. Possible with a ICE car. That is limited range. I used earth because I'm not a native english speaker.

M5 is faster at 1/4 mile - fact. M5 you can drive 250-300 in Germany - fact. People do it.

I'm a reservation holder and am fascinated with the car, but I do recognise it's limits.

Brian H | 09. Dezember 2012

Sure 680 miles is possible where there are S/C stations. If you're prepared to eat 3 or 4 hamburgers! ;) Stations are going to spread like weeds. And the US and Germany alone will far exceed 1% of the Earth (inhabited portion).

Timo | 09. Dezember 2012

M5 1/4 mile is not faster than Model S Performance 1/4 mile unless you use launch control, IE. in real life situation. Or do you use launch control in every street light and highway access? At highway passing Model S will leave M5 standing.

Quote from Car and Driver Test result:

"TEST NOTES: Launch control is difficult to engage: DSC off, manual shift to “S3” setting, step on brake lightly, hold gear selector forward—but not too long or it drops out—and floor it."

@Brian H;

World total: 510.072 million sq km
- land: 148.94 million sq km
- population: 7,021,836,029 (July 2012 est.)
US total: 9,826,675 sq km ~= 1.9% of World total
- land: 9,161,966 sq km ~= 6% of World landmass
- population: 313,847,465 ~= 4.47% World population

No need to count Germany in that equation, and once you get Canada and Europe SC network starting you cover a lot more than that. loco "fact" for that is true now, but not for long. In fact I'm not sure it is fact even now, you can charge enough in one day to finish 680 mile trip in one day using RV parks and in Europe you should be able to use 3-phase charging to get same result. It would just require a bit patience and planning.

Brian H | 09. Dezember 2012

But do the RV parks all have hamburgers? ;)

loco | 10. Dezember 2012

Right now it's only California, and that's why I said 1%. I'm not so lucky and am in the other 99% (eastern europe). I know it will be more. But right now it isn't.

BMW M5 1/4 is 11.9 from what I found. Tesla is 12.5 which is still mighty fast. But on a long autobahn trip you would have to reduce speed so you get decent range. 120mph driving just not practical.

680 mile trip without supercharging in one day? I think those hamburgers would need some extra amphetamine so I can drive 20 hr instead of usual 10.

I feel I chose wrong forum to talk on weak points of Model S. Sorry!

Back to topic, I think Csaba Csere review is good work. Journalism is not only about praise. He had to highlight the limitations.

bigez1 | 10. Dezember 2012

You sometimes drive 680 miles per day? Exactly how often? Unless you are a trucker, I seriously doubt you or anyone else drives 600+ miles per day. However if you do, the Tesla is definitely not the car for you. Also, I lived in Spain for 3.5 years and have driven throughout Europe (including Germany). And although you are correct about the speeds allowed, in my experience these speeds were only sustainable for a few miles because of traffic. Listen, I actually agree with you about journalism not being about praise. However, journalism should be about truth. Sadly, Csaba Csere Tesla article was, in my opinion, unnecessarily negatively biased sprinkled with some praise for legitimacy. In order to make points, I have noticed Tesla distracters holding the Tesla to standards not measured in ICE vehicles. Read for yourself and it should be abundantly clear.

Timo | 10. Dezember 2012

@bigez1 "in one day" != "per day". There are people that like driving, so I don't think 680 miles in one day is out of the question. I have done it couple of times myself (actual road trips, you choose a direction and not a destination and start driving just to see what's in there). Of course people that do those kind of trips are tiny minority in population.

nav66 | 10. Dezember 2012

Csere also negatively remarks on the north-up nav system. Well, he does not mention the fact that the forward-up view is available in the left side of the instrument display, and is even shown in the video!

What else... oh - the comment that he feels the car could be a little quieter. Based on WHAT? This man has never known a quiet car in his life, and now he experiences one for the first time, and makes a crack like that?

I tend to agree with JZ13. There is some bias at Car and Driver.