Who Lost Your Business?

Who Lost Your Business?

So, some ICE manufacturer probably lost business because you bought a Tesla--who was it? I am curious to see if any trend emerge. In my case, I was thinking about another Infiniti (had 175,000 trouble-free miles with my M45) or an Audi.


keichhor | 12. Juli 2013


oo7 | 12. Juli 2013

BMW 750Li

Newampster | 12. Juli 2013

Did Euro delivery of BMW 535xi, also have/had an X3. Looked hard at the new ones from BMW, Lexus, MB (not interested in Audi after my last experience). Just picked up my new MS85 this afternoon. No turning back. A superior vehicle.

RanjitC | 12. Juli 2013

Lexus LS460

christurbeville | 12. Juli 2013


negarholger | 12. Juli 2013

All of them

ppape | 12. Juli 2013

Audi A6

pdx4s | 12. Juli 2013

Fiat... (500e)
hey ! don't laugh, I would have got one if they would have sold one in my area.

ssarker | 12. Juli 2013

Lexus ES hybrid

keichhor | 12. Juli 2013

LOL I was just going to get the Mitsubishi MiEV, but my wife convinced me to get the Tesla! Don't think they are still making them anymore...

jai9001 | 12. Juli 2013

Audi S5

moorelin | 12. Juli 2013

An all Audi family for 26 years in Boston and Houston - 9 cars. When we turned in the Allroad 2 weeks ago, my Audi sales person here in Houston said we were his 3rd defector (that he knew of).

bfranks273 | 12. Juli 2013

Nissan / Infiniti : 3 Z's and the M35x.

pdx4s | 12. Juli 2013
mlnewman | 12. Juli 2013

Audi A6

paulwireless | 12. Juli 2013

BMW 640/650. Still keeping my BMW service advisor for the 2 BMWs remaining in the family. Keeping them for the kids to commute to school.

dwnola | 12. Juli 2013

Audi A7

GReese | 12. Juli 2013

BMW 535xi

NomoDinos | 12. Juli 2013

Buick Century (1984 Olympic edition! all 70 hp of it :) Nissan Maxima, BMW 320i, BMW 330i, BMW 335xi... and finally, BMW 550, the last of my personal ICE age

cfOH | 12. Juli 2013

I was intent on replacing my 9-year-old car with one of the following (these were all on my comparison spreadsheet) before I decided to "go for it" and get the MS:
- MB AMG C63
- Cadillac CTS-V
- BMW M5
- BMW 335ix (w/ M package)
- Audi S7

mortgagebruce | 12. Juli 2013

Land Rover Range Rover

Anonymous | 12. Juli 2013

2014 S550 (I just sold my 2010 yesterday)

Whalensouth | 12. Juli 2013

BMW 3, Toyota hybrids... Adios!

cohast | 12. Juli 2013

Range Rover supercharged

JohnnyMac | 12. Juli 2013

2014 Mercedes e350. Adios!

stsanford | 12. Juli 2013

Porsche Panamera 4

ionline | 12. Juli 2013

2011 BMW 550XI. Thought about a new M5 but then realized it uses this old "ICE" technology. Close call, dodged a bullet there!

dirkhh | 12. Juli 2013

BMW 3 series diesel sports wagon (was waiting for it to become available in the US this fall)
Sounds silly - but the TMS has about the same cargo space, also has a rear hatch / folding seats (that was very important) - and of course is even cheaper to drive per mile :-)

sblank | 12. Juli 2013

Porsche Panamera

cfOH | 12. Juli 2013

Yeah, I briefly considered the Panamera, too, until I realized I'd have to get a 4S to get one quicker than my current car, and it'd still be a half-second slower than the MS. Not even in the same ballpark.

Fred O | 12. Juli 2013

Renault Grand Espace
Volvo C30

riveire | 12. Juli 2013

I had plane tickets for a BMW European delivery for a 550 and changed it all for my S60. I have had BMWs for 20 years. BMW is no longer "the ultimate driving machine".

romainiacWV | 12. Juli 2013

Audi a7 or a6

mary | 12. Juli 2013

Audi A8L .. don't miss it a bit. Love my Tes.

Xerogas | 12. Juli 2013

Honda Insight (for the gas mileage). Anybody want to buy a lightly used one?

Btermanini | 12. Juli 2013

Nissan GTR
Mercedes Benz S500, 4matic

mcx-sea | 12. Juli 2013

No one. She still adds miles to the Acura most days while I keep thinking how the MB ML has usually been the only AWD that can get up the short but steep and shady block leading to our dead-end neighborhood. Ask again next February!

michael1800 | 12. Juli 2013

It was a toss up between a Lexus GS 350 or a BMW 535. I wanted the smooth ride more than 'driving machine' handling, but I probably would have bought the Bimmer because of the tech and HUD packages. The Model S managed to squeeze in right before decision time with configurable handling, comparable luxury interior and a superior tech-orientation (despite not having a HUD)...and more of course.

EcLectric | 12. Juli 2013


NomoDinos | 12. Juli 2013

Oh, and my wife has a ridiculous ga$-guzzling Range Rover that I'm trying to convince her to ditch once the MX comes out (my P85 will be in the same color blue for full ironic effect)

dr_gko | 12. Juli 2013

Porsche Panamera or Cayenne Hybrid

JKL | 12. Juli 2013

Porsche Cayenne Diesel. Canceled order and get $5000 deposit back.

I had put 6000 miles on my Model S after six weeks of delivery.

Thank you Elon for saving me from "Clean Diesel".

ORWA | 12. Juli 2013

Avalon Hybrid or Highlander Hybrid

RedShift | 12. Juli 2013

BMW 535i/550i

phat78boy | 12. Juli 2013

Audi RS 5 or Cadillac CTS-V

mdemetri | 12. Juli 2013

I have been planning on the MS for ~4 years so there was no other choice/competitor. If the MS was was not available, likely a BMW 5 series.

cwmenne | 12. Juli 2013

I have been a fierce BMW loyalist,(numerous 5 & 7 series), except for one Land Rover a few years back and a couple MINIs, I was most likely going to get another BMW, but I did look at the Volt (not that great) and the Fusion Energi (really, only 20 mile electric range???), then I saw the light and out of the blue, I ordered the Tesla. It just shipped today!

mvannah | 12. Juli 2013


jbunn | 12. Juli 2013

When i got Nikki, my daily was a 14 year old Explorer Limited with 225000 miles. Gave that to my son. Tomorrow morning, my wife and I sign the sale papers on her volvo c70 hardtop convertable.

Thats our last ice. Tomorrow we are ice free. So to answer the question, anyone with ice lost our business. Forever. I dont anticipate ever going back.

RhinoEO22 | 12. Juli 2013

2014 Lexus IS350