why don't I have version 6.2 yet?

why don't I have version 6.2 yet?

Thought I might as well be first to complain. :)

I am always last, everyone else has been talking about it for weeks. I don't understand why I don't have my free unpromised upgrade yet. Tesla really needs to start releasing these upgrades before they are ready before they go mass market with the model 3.

Back to patiently waiting for the announcement of whatever I must have now.

Wellington | 19. März 2015

@JAD - You don't want it!! Mine downloaded this morning - nightmare.

Pulled up at the lights, floored it as usual and the car took off.


Damn thing has been at 20,000 feet all morning.

Apparently, flying is in v6.2.

Landing, I've gotta wait for v6.3.

minervo.florida | 19. März 2015

Where is my 400 mile range, what??? Elon is not giving us more range, what the hell. What kind of car company is this? LOL

sputnubber | 19. März 2015

@Wellington This is why you have to read the release notes

Son of a Gunn | 19. März 2015

@JAD Sorry it isn't for a Nissan Leaf.