Will Canada get "coast to coast" Superchargers eventually?

Will Canada get "coast to coast" Superchargers eventually?

I wonder if Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Regina, Ha;ifax, Tweed, On etc will ever get a SC.

Grey Model S85 | 12. August 2014

Will Tesla allow owners to "buy" a SC for use at home I wonder?

vgarbutt | 12. August 2014

I was wondering if, Tesla is too slow in Canada, maybe 'we' should use crowd sourcing to finance Superchargers. Or perhaps we can crowd source an association that can make a bit of noise. The association could find and negotiate locations, become a supercharger location scout or agent, then Tesla just has to send the equipment.

I guess I'm just saying we shouldn't sit and wait for it to 'happen', rather take actual steps to MAKE it happen. Already Sun Country Highway is doing something like that now, and it is all done by one guy from his own pocket.

There is a big resource still untapped, and that is the philanthropists that want to see us all adopt electric cars. They don't really have a way to participate, short of buying the cars and investing in the company.

Red Sage ca us | 12. August 2014


jonlivesay | 12. August 2014


Brian H | 12. August 2014

Lotsa hand-waving, there. Sun Country sites are funded by nearby hospitality businesses, both installation and power.

Grinnin'.VA | 12. August 2014

I hope so.

Ron :)