Windscreen Cracked !

Windscreen Cracked !

Anyone else has replaced the windscreen ? while driving heard a sound and sure enough there is a crack -Called the insurance but was wondering if someone has gone through this already ?

Captain_Zap | 15. Oktober 2014

It happed on the old manufacturing line early on. The problem was resolved.

Take it in to Tesla and they'll be able to recognize whether it is a manufacturing issue from early last year.

If your car is off the new line, they'll fix both your windshield and the manufacturing line, if that is the cause.

aok | 15. Oktober 2014

Thanks! will call them

Remnant | 15. Oktober 2014

Windshields are subject to impacts of flying debris or rocks that often cause small, sometimes barely visible cracks, as well as to small but severe tensions/deformations during any ride, caused by uneven pavements, turns, braking, acceleration, which can expand little cracks unpredictably into large cracks, sometimes in more than one direction.

I've had to change windshields a few times, though in other makes than Tesla, due to such series of events.

Haggy | 15. Oktober 2014

Mine was cracked before I picked it up, and I needed to reschedule by a couple of days. Somehow the crack managed to show up during final inspection, so presumably there was a defect that wasn't apparent until somebody looked closely, or that caused it to crack before it ever hit the road.

If it happened while driving, it comes down to whether something hit it. If you were going over a rough patch of road on the other hand, then I'd say it might be a defect.

aok | 15. Oktober 2014

Called Tesla and they will get back to me in the morning as what my options fare , they will use an outside vendor and make me pay-

We can go the insurance route as well and pay our $100 deductible -

d_kaufman | 15. Oktober 2014

I had to replace mine after a rock (or some other object) hit it. It was clear that it had been hit (the manufacturing problem usually started at the edge), and the crack grew visibly as we drove further.

Insurance reimbursed all but the deductible, but I had Tesla do it (also through an outside vendor). In fact, I didn't mind particularly because the original windshield did not have the 'ez-pass' hole, and the replacement does.

amatiych | 16. Oktober 2014

Had a windshield replaced a couple of times due to small rocks on the road. (on FX35 not on Tesla though)
The installers came to my office and did the whole thing in less than 30 minutes. No deductible and refused tips (not allowed to take them).

tonysled | 16. Oktober 2014

I have an early model and it cracked in the same manner. The crack was on the drivers side about halfway up the windshield. I was driving home one night and the windshield just cracked. There was no cars or trucks ahead of me that kicked up a rock and no sign that I hit anything so Tesla took car of it. I would have the service center look at it if you believe it was not caused by something hitting the windshield. The service center replaced mine at no charge. Just another reason I love this car. Any new car has hiccups along the way but Tesla goes out of their way to make sure they identify the issue, take care of it, then make timely adjustments to the manufacturing process to correct it for the newer buyers/owners.

aok | 16. Oktober 2014

Well this was a tint thing that ht it hence Tesla can repair it bean outside vendor for $120 -
We are going the insurance route ,repairs are free and if replacement needed then deductible -
Tesla says only they replace though the screen company says that have done tesla replacemnets ......not sure -

@amatiych whats your insurance that there are no deductibles?

amatiych | 16. Oktober 2014

At that time I had Geico.
No deductible was only for glass work. Somehow the coverage there is different. I am not sure now with Nationwide.

Once they replaced the whole windshield. Another time (crack was smaller than a quarter). They just fixed it somehow.

amatiych | 16. Oktober 2014

From cars
Insurance Company Deductible Waivers

GEICO, Nationwide and Progressive are 3 of several insurance companies that waive the deductible associated with windshield repairs since the cost is 10 times less than a replacement. This requires the car owner to maintain a vigilant watch over cracks and chips that occur that may result in further damage to the windshield.

A deductible can run between $100 to $300 for the policyholder, meaning that a replacement of the windshield will result in a nearly 100% percent cost to the motorist. Insurance companies recognize that encouraging a motorist to repair a windshield before it needs to be replaced results in safer motorists and reduced costs."

Brian H | 16. Oktober 2014

What kind of "a tint thing" was it?

aok | 17. Oktober 2014

It was a typo ! it was a thing that hit ...

dleidy | 17. Oktober 2014

Tesla replaced mine. The robot that sets the windshields in early cars was misaligned and it caused stress in the glass. Mine cracked by itself while car was sitting still in Texas heat.

J.T. | 17. Oktober 2014

Bad Robot!

aok | 18. Oktober 2014

The screen got repaired but the crack is still visible , now going the replacing route -