Windshield EZ-Pass behind nose cone?

Windshield EZ-Pass behind nose cone?

Anyone place their windshield transponder behind the nose cone? If so, how well did it work? Is it necessary to use the bumper model for this placement?

rjp | 15. März 2015

I called the local service center (Cleveland), and they claimed they frequently see the EZ Pass transponders installed by the rear view mirror on the window, so I'll try that placement first as it's easier. Have to wait for my official license plate before trying it though.

murphyS90D | 15. März 2015

Only the license plate model is guaranteed to be waterproof.

I think you have a pre-autopilot car like mine. The new rectangular transponder from the PA Turnpike works fine in my car. I've used it in PA, DE, and MD with no problems even at the high speed readers at Norristown and in DE on I95.

It's mounted to the right of the base of the mirror rotated counter-clockwise 90 degrees from the specified mounting orientation and up as high as it could be positioned.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 15. März 2015

A.J., put it in a freezer bag and attach it to the frame behind the nose cone. I have it there in two Tesla's in Canada for the toll roads and they never fail. The zip lock bag is double side taped to the frame on the passenger side!

BG121 | 15. März 2015

I've done this with the outdoor model. I live in California. Worked the first time. Hasn't worked since. Been too lazy to open the nose cone again -- the only reason it's been okay is bc the license plate reader still allows me thought the toll.

BG121 | 15. März 2015

* through

barrykmd | 15. März 2015

A.J., put it in a freezer bag and attach it to the frame behind the nose cone.

You could have some condensation issues inside the bag if you're in a humid climate with temperature swings.

JVL | 15. März 2015

I am in FL. You call EPass or Sunpass - order the external - and Tesla puts it behind the nosecone for you.

Easy as pie - works out of the gate.

Haggy | 15. März 2015

Tesla in Fremont said they'd put the external one there but not the internal model. Mine's an autopilot model and it doesn't work consistently from the windshield. But my best bet is to leave it there and let the system read my plates. As long as I have it in the required location, I'm doing my part.

Anthony J. Parisio | 15. März 2015

Thanks for the help. I am upgrading to an Autopilot MS. DS was so nice as to mention the EZ-Pass in the E-mail and offer to install it behind the nose cone. I was not sure if I needed to get an external model. After all it is behind the nose cone. I like the Zip lock bag Idea.