You've got to be getting excited as release nears

You've got to be getting excited as release nears

For those that have reservations, especially early numbers, you've got to be getting excited as the release draws near. The reviews of the Model S were nothing short of incredible. Elon has stated that the Model X will be "amazing". That sure sounds to me like reviews ( Consumer Reports, Car and Driver, etc.....) are going to be absolutely mind blowing.
If this is the case, sales will be incredible.
Just as the Model S captured the attention them, the Model X may very well exceed any and all expectations from the reviewers. I look forward to spending time on YouTube as reviews are released from the highly respected review firms.
Congratulations to everyone who will be receiving their Model X shortly.
Hold on tight and let's see what Elon has had up his sleeve.
Congratulations again! | 12. August 2015

Bump this one too

Red Sage ca us | 12. August 2015

I expect to see the Model X multiply while the HUMMERS wither on the vine...

Brian Vicars | 15. August 2015

I have had so much enjoyment during the past year, from the anticipation of my Model X delivery, I have decided to reserve a Model 3 signature as soon as it is available, even if I have to wait until 2019 for delivery.

eric.zucker | 15. August 2015

@brianvicars1: sadomasochistic tendencies you have? Interesting...

Must not be any saner - Just sold my beautiful 2006 Q7 and bought a 1995 Rav4 - praying it holds together until MX arrives. It cost me less than what I save on the insurance premium for 3 months...

Brian Vicars | 15. August 2015

@eric.zucker. I am using my 78 Impala as primary transportation until my MX arrives.

eric.zucker | 15. August 2015

@brianvicars1: at least we get a few good laughs here, Helps pass the time... Hope the wait is not much longer. At least until the production model shots, and design studio.

vperl | 15. August 2015

Children, I mentioned months ago, under 5k MX would be produced in 2015

Most said well above that number. Now it looks like 5k was optimistic.

I mentioned repeatedly no MX till after October. Everyone knew better.

Looks like you children, were/are clueless

Nothing happens as children cry, stamp their clown feet and bemoan how they could do better.

Party on children, remember to tighten your pampers.

vperl | 15. August 2015

Whoops meant September... not October.
Me bad

Claudedohrn | 15. August 2015

I have been waiting a while, resenting every repair I've had to make to my 2007 Range Rover. Please, just stay together for a few more months.

I am not a car person. I take hand-me-downs from my wife usually, and she expected me to take her Supercharged Range Rover. I am more excited about the X than I have been since I was a teenager getting my first (used) car. I sound like a teenager when I talk about it, rather than a jaded old man.

Laryrob | 15. August 2015

anybody have any idea whether the falcon doors will:
1. Hit the adjacent car in my garage(a P85D!) or 2. hit the garage opener above the X in the garage.
Am worried it won't clear either/both

TonyInNH | 15. August 2015

The falcon doors take less horizontal space than standard car doors so you're all set in that regard. As for the garage door opener, the specs will be out soon, everything else is just guessing at this point so the specs would be your best bet.

ian | 15. August 2015

@laryrob - Check out the Model X page. It has an X parked next to an S and you can toggle the doors up and down. Looks to me like you'll be fine. Ateast for the falcon wing doors. I won't comment on how much room
the driver and front passenger doors will need. Likely quite a bit more than the falcon wings.

Best guesses on the height with wings up are about 85 inches.


Remnant | 29. August 2015

Expect this fall and winter to be 100% reserved to the production of the Founders and Signature editions.

The MX Design Studio (MXDS) is not likely to open before a large proportion of this early production phase has been completed.

The MX reveal will probably take place before the MXDS opening.

Ankit Mishra | 29. August 2015

Agree. Tesla will face a lot of issues in the beginning of Model X production. Hence, they wont be able to ramp up until atleast the end of this year.

TonyInNH | 29. August 2015

The MX Design Studio (MXDS) is not likely to open before a large proportion of this early production phase has been completed.

Then I wish someone would tell Elon that so he would stop baiting everyone at earnings calls with estimates like 'end of August'.

Ankit Mishra | 29. August 2015

Please make people stop asking him and he will stop telling. He is not interested in giving dates to people.

TonyInNH | 29. August 2015

He is not interested in giving dates to people.

That's his job!! It's a publicly traded company with about 30,000 reservation holders who placed a not so small deposit on the X.

And by the way, even if I could 'make people stop asking him' I wouldn't.

It's actually pretty simple. IF the design studio won't be open to the general public until Tesla is ready to start delivering to the regular reservation holders then don't say 'End of August', it really doesn't get any simpler than that.

Ankit Mishra | 29. August 2015

He is not there to give people dates. Tesla already gave a date of Q3 launch more than a year ago. People are always asking the dates- Autopilot date, X date, Console date, Seats date, Model 3 date, Roadster battery date, Roadster 2 date, Profit date and so on. Please don't mistake his openness for a debt that he owes to someone.

TonyInNH | 29. August 2015

Openness? You really are lost.

Ankit Mishra | 29. August 2015

Well, that is a conversation ending statement.

paradis | 29. August 2015

@tonyInNH +1

@ankitmishra -3

If EM doesn't want to give dates, that's fine - just say so. Don't keep giving dates that don't hold up. When a company is holding $200,000,000 in deposits for well over 2 years, they do owe those customers something more than secrecy and misinformation. I am absolutely confident that the MX is going to be amazing and that I am going to love it. However, the lack of information has caused significant financial problems for those of us that have leases expiring (I'm coming up on my second one) and are not given the info to make intelligent decisions.

TonyInNH | 29. August 2015

Thanks for the show of support. I'm not sure where people get off saying he doesn't owe us anything. As you stated Tesla basically got an interest free loan from us and it's not like I'm expecting my car tomorrow, just some information.

The X page has said 'more details as production nears' for as long as I can remember. Supposedly the X is in production and still nothing new.

Ankit Mishra | 29. August 2015

Why did you let them hold your money all that time? It was your decision. You bet on a company doing a uphill battle against the status quo. The only thing that Tesla owes you is an awesome car. You have been along the ride all this time and now are blaming Tesla? A company building EV that no one wants to build. With only one product in market. Limited resources. You took a leap of faith, dont get cold feet near the finish line.

eric.zucker | 29. August 2015

We, the reservation holders, are the prime customers of Tesla. We are the most enthusiastic, convinced, who will promote Tesla in the coming weeks, months and years.

No company can survive by alienating its customers, and particularly its core supporters and advocates.

Time to beef up the communications department, Elon.

Ankit Mishra | 29. August 2015

I am glad SpaceX isnt a public company, or else some well wishers would be demanding the updates and dates of the 1st Mars human mission.

ernie | 29. August 2015

"Back in the day"...long about 19 ought and 55, we would say "beat them with a wet noodle". Doubt the efficacy of that eliciting further information.

Cueonly | 29. August 2015

Yes but before he gave the Q3 launch date, he said 2013. I think the point is that if he gives a date then the date should be be accurate, if it is in flux, then say that the target date is in not ready to be announced or that they don't want to release the date. It's not the fault of the person asking the question, he has the right to answer or to not answer. As the CEO of a publicly traded company, his answers during a official earning report need to be accurate, he's not just speaking to the public at large, but speaking directly to share holders and investors.

Jolinar | 29. August 2015

I don't get why you love leases so much guys... Why not to buy a car and when it comes to switching for Model X sell the old and keep Model X?

Ankit Mishra | 29. August 2015

Again, you are applying expectations of normal company to Tesla. That is the source of misery. Its not the next iphone model or yearly rehash of Hyundai Elantra we are talking about here. His dates are estimates, he doesn't care about social rules of regular companies and judging by the lofty evaluation of TSLA, most people also dont. | 29. August 2015

Obfuscation is clearly part of the Model X plot line. I'm sure that it is fear of overhanging Model S sales. Fear that people thinking about ordering the Model S will wait until the X arrives to see what new goodies in the X have been added to the S. If I were ordering an S, I would wait and see. As it stands, no one knows what, if any, new hardware has been added to the X that might be in the nex S models. The recent announcement of the Ludicrous upgrade and the 90 kWh battery pack as well as the S70 RWD were attempts to rev up S sales. The referral program is another. I'm thinking that S sales could be slowing while everyone awaits the X.

Since production of the X is now under way and Model S order intervals now overlap with X production, it is probably safe for Tesla to put out some information on the X.

rossRallen | 29. August 2015

@eric.zucker. And so say all of us!

socalsam | 29. August 2015


Here is a tissue to wipe some of that brown stuff off your nose.

Elon lied yet again about the release date of the x on the last conference call. It's been "2-3 weeks" since August 5th. No Model x. Those of us that need to purchase cars sure would appreciate some information so we can make an educated decision on whether to get our deposits back and move on or try to keep waiting.

To try to defend this missed deadline is complete insanity.

carlk | 29. August 2015

Did Elon say guaranteed 2~3 weeks, for sure 2~3 weeks or probably 2~3 weeks? Or you got any indications that he was intentionally trying to lie to you?

Get your deposit back and never come back PLEASE.

Ankit Mishra | 30. August 2015

I disagree. In my opinion he isn't lying, he simply doesn't cares about dates and deadlines. He only cares about making great cars. So again, if people are going to focus on dates, consoles, cupholders, vegan interior etc. then they are going to have a miserable time with this company.
Please look at all the mules showing up. The car is near, please just a little longer.

Remnant | 30. August 2015

@ socalsam (August 29, 2015)

<< Elon lied yet again ... >>

This is simply not true.

If you force people to give you answers beyond their knowledge, or answers that are not "discoverable", they are likely to make something up.

Yet, it's not their mental or moral health that's deranged, but that of their interrogators. This is one of the reasons why torture is not a rewarding practice.

Intelligent discovery must move gingerly around the barriers a normal mind raises against improper and/or invasive probing.

You need to trust EM to have better judgment than you regarding the discoverable MX info.

socalsam | 30. August 2015

"Did Elon say guaranteed 2~3 weeks, for sure 2~3 weeks or probably 2~3 weeks? Or you got any indications that he was intentionally trying to lie to you?."

Actually I believe he originally said 2013. So I can understand how missing the 2-3 week deadline (again) doesn't bother you guys. Some of us delayed buying other cars because the x will be here "soon" are in a bit of a pickle and don't have the luxury to wait forever while they perfect the car.

Either stick to deadlines you give or don't open your mouth and make promises you can't keep. This isnt kindergarten. They are a publically traded company and have a responsibility to their customers.

carlk | 30. August 2015


Either stick to deadlines you give or don't open your mouth and make promises you can't keep.

Huh? I thought it was people like you who were whining hard that there is not enough progress status given? That's probably one reason why Elon was giving the estimate even when he was not 100% sure which no one is.

Now you know what it is why don't you just cancel your reservation and get your deposit back? You should not give your hard earned money to such a dishonest company. No one has put a gun to your head forcing you to buy the car.

Some of us delayed buying other cars because the x will be here "soon" are in a bit of a pickle and don't have the luxury to wait forever while they perfect the car.

You only have yourself to blame for making such a bad decision. Everyone else knows nothing in life is for sure until you got it. Now just go buy the other available imperfect car and you're done.

socalsam | 30. August 2015


"Huh? I thought it was people like you who were whining hard that there is not enough progress status given? That's probably one reason why Elon was giving the estimate even when he was not 100% sure which no one is."

This is 30 billion dollar company by market cap. If Elon is not 100% sure about what is going on in his company, then that is a bigger problem than the Model X being repeatedly delayed.

Ill offer to you that they know exactly the date they are going to reveal and release the car but they are obfuscating because they are trying not to kill model S sales.

Regardless, you and others that repeatedly say to go elsewhere and buy another car are doing an extreme disservice to the company Tesla. By rubber stamping and defending every ridiculous claim and statement that they make only hurts the company in the long run.

Tesla has a loyal following that will accept anything that they do as witnessed on these boards- but for Tesla to be mainstream and take on the big boys- they need to get their S@$% together not keep making claims that they cant keep.

And for you to say go buy something else- I might- I might not. Im not. But Ill make the decision when I can see the damn car and evaluate it properly which at this point I am not able to do.

I can only tell you that Im limited in my time and if there is a car that is not shown in the next week or so, I will have no choice but to move on. I have to get a car and if I have no information then I cant even plan on whether to get something temporary or just move on.

Take off the rose colored glasses and look at the situation objectively. I only have 5 grand tied up. People have tied up 40 grand. And you are right, we probably have no one to blame but ourselves for trusting that they would deliver the car when they promised.

They will probably get away with it this time but competition is catching up and next time they wont have the same luxury.

Ankit Mishra | 30. August 2015

Elon is 100% sure about what he is doing. Even people outside of Tesla are 100% sure of what Elon is doing, hence the 30 billion $ market cap.
My guess X was in cold bag for a long time due to problems with S. They announced a Q3 launch date though they would have liked more time. It is evident by the state of mules few days back. You dont have mules running before 1 month of launch. So, they are going to squeeze as much time they could to make the car better i.e late September launch. Yes, your point might also be true. They cant ramp up X fast, so they need to hide it because it will be better than S and will eat up its sales.
I would suggest and request you to arrange a loaner till September end, then if you like X (which I am positive you will) you will have to buy a 2nd hand car because you might not get delivery till July, 2016 (I assume 15000 X delivered by June, 2016).
Tesla is way ahead of the competition. And comparing Tesla with companies throwing out same rehashed product year after year is not justified. I don't think Tesla is going to face any real competition till 2020 and that too will come from Korean/Japanese companies for Model 3 (my opinion). Ex- Nokia, Blackberry got run over by Apple and unknown Samsung took over. BMW, AUDI etc are showing same attitude that Blackberry showed.

socalsam | 30. August 2015

Elon is 100% sure about what he is doing."

Right- my point exactly. Just throwing out dates when he knows those dates are incorrect. He absolutely knows what he is doing.

And my reservation number is a lot higher than 15000 hence the frustration in tying to figure out a short terms solution to what the hell to do. Everyone here expected that by now we would atleast have a design studio open to help with the decision or wait or move on. But nothing other than just keep waiting and waiting

carlk | 30. August 2015


That's too bad for you. A $30 Billion company can not adjust its product schedule to fit one person's need. I'm sure you were not pampered from birth and able to get everything you want without a setback. This is just one more time you have to live with what life has dealt you. Just find another car if your first choice is not available instead of wasting your time whining and make yourself look silly in public.

Just vote with your wallet. Everone does. | 30. August 2015

@socalsam: You might think about doing what I did. You might buy a used Model S and enjoy it for a year and then trade it for the X, if you like it. If you buy a demo, you get a discount AND qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit. If you live in a state where the have BEV incentives, you enjoy those too. If you buy a CPO, you pay less but don't qualify for the tax credit. When you trade the S for the X, you qualify for another $7500 credit. The used Model S comes with a Tesla warranty and you will only have it for a year, so no worries.

socalsam | 30. August 2015

Hi Carl,

Im not expecting Tesla to accomodate to my schedule. Im expecting them to atleast give me a schedule so I can adjust to it. So far they haven't been very good about doing that.

And please- you cant be this obtuse and not realize that some of us can be a fan of the technology and a fan of the company but we aren't going to just sit there and not be vocal about how Tesla has handled this release for the X. Repeated delays, lack of information is not how you endear yourself to your customers.

Throwing out insults about being pampered from birth? jeez man- grow up. god forbid someone call this company to task about actually delivering on what they say. You sound like vperl and the repeated "buy a kia" nonsense.

George- Ive managed to hang on this long. My absolute deadline is about another 2 weeks before I have to either just get my deposit back and move on or be able to arrange a short term solution. We already have a p85 so don't want another model s in the house. Im hoping to atleast just get some information soon to make an educated decision on my next step. thanks for the thoughtful post.

carlk | 30. August 2015

Then hang on for another two weeks and get your deposit back if you still could not get the new car on time. Nothing is simpler than that. Your anxiety is understandable but blaming Tesla or Elon for your personal first world "problem" is not. Again you're not the only customer Tesla has and your need is not the only need Tesla has to satisfy. YOU need to find a solution for YOUR problem.

Ankit Mishra | 30. August 2015

You saw the exterior of car in last few days. Maybe in next 2 weeks some more leaks may happen. I believe Tesla is going to launch Model X in late September. You need to hold on till then no matter what.

carlk | 30. August 2015

I almost think the "sightings" are Tesla's way of gradually revealing the car to the public. The day that pic of headlights is shown would probably be the day that design studio opens.

Don't worry about @socalsam. It's just the baby whining but the baby would never give up on that sweet tasty candy.

TonyInNH | 30. August 2015


How about you stop beating up on socalsam. He's not the one who said the design studio would be up by the end of the month. He's not the one who wrote on the Model X page 'more details to follow as production nears'.

All you Elon supporters need to step off.

It's pretty simple, if the design studio won't be out until the public reveal then say so!!!, don't say 'end of August' if you have no intention of sticking to the day.

I really can't say it any plainer than that.

Ankit Mishra | 30. August 2015

Everyone needs venting at some point. He is pretty graceful in complaining in comparison to some of the S owners. He waited so long, a little irritation is understandable. I just hope he doesn't give up now.

socalsam | 30. August 2015

Hey Carl-

grow up. Its easy to hide behind a keyboard and start making insults. Shows the true character of internet trolls that way.

If you cant have a logical discussion because your nose is so far up Teslas butt that you cant look at things objectively, then its probably you who should leave this discussion forum because its obvious you cannot have a logical discussion.

Tony- appreciate the comments but Im not worried about carl. He is the type of guy who has what I call keyboard courage. In person he would never dare make the comments to someones face cause he would likely get his butt whipped.

Ankit Mishra | 30. August 2015

Design studio is an irrelevant factor for X now. Tesla needs to deliver signatures 1st and there no. runs into 4000 approx. Normal X delivery will only begin in late Q1 2016 in my opinion. If someone is going ask an irrelevant question he is going to get a loose reply. Ex-Hey Elon, we shareholders, we care, no agendas just want vegan interior. Elon-Sure. Will think about it.