Ouch Model 3 windshield replacement costs $1,600 !

Ouch Model 3 windshield replacement costs $1,600 !

My model 3 got hit by a small rock on the freeway yesterday. Now I need to replace the the windshield. The price to replace the windshield is $1,600. I have $500 deductible insurance and the insurance company will pay $1,100.
My Toyota Prius only costs $180 to replace the windshield lol !

sagz87 | 15. Mai 2018

Oh wow, thankfully Florida law covers all cost of windshield repairs.

sroh | 15. Mai 2018

Wow is right!

Is windshield replacement considered comprehensive or collision?

flntroc | 15. Mai 2018

One of the differences is that your Toyota Prius replacement glass was probably not factory Toyota glass & instead an aftermarket piece. Not necessarily a bad thing as I’m sure replacements are close or just as well made. I’m sure there are not any aftermarket companies making Tesla model 3 replacements, and maybe the only option for Tesla vehicles is factory glass

lilbean | 15. Mai 2018

Model X is about $3,000.

12Brent | 15. Mai 2018

@sroh, glass coverage is an add on coverage for my insurance, separate from comprehensive. I think this is the case for most of all insurance. It's $20 a year (or maybe every 6 months) in my case. Well worth it in my opinion.

badaman | 15. Mai 2018

Welcome to the Tesla family!

chuck | 15. Mai 2018

My understanding is that Tesla 3 parts are difficult to obtain and expensive right now because Tesla is taking them all to build new cars.

ebmcs03 | 15. Mai 2018

Last time I replaced a Prius windshield was $120. With PPG glass brand. That’s pretty much OEM. They make the OEM glass for Toyota’s and Mercedes.

rtanov | 15. Mai 2018

I had to replace my BMW i3 windshield last month and one dealer quoted $1700, the other $1100. So the price is comparable, the bad thing is there is only one Tesla service so no shopping around ;-)

sroh | 15. Mai 2018

Thanks @12Brent. I'd better look into it and make sure our coverage includes it!

Tesla4E | 15. Mai 2018

I replaced my Infiniti QX30 windshield a few months ago and it cost me over $2000 dollars so no complaints from you young man.

billlake2000 | 15. Mai 2018

Yes, good idea, we better check. You don't happen to have Costco/Ameriprise, do you, 12Brent?

12Brent | 15. Mai 2018

No, I have Travelers. I just switched from Safeco and it was the same way.

jsanford | 16. Mai 2018

Thanks for posting this! Reminded me to ask and I’ve added glass coverage. $30 with no deductible in Washington state.

jefjes | 16. Mai 2018

I always ask for the $50 deductible on comprehensive coverage. It usually doesn't change the price that much and if your car ever gets vandalized you'll be glad to have the lower deductible. My daughter has a $500 deductible and has been driving with a cracked windshield for months while trying to come up with the money to get it replaced. I will be asking for a glass breakage addendum when I add my Model 3 as that may be even cheaper and considering the amount of glass may be well worth it too.

hokiegir1 | 16. Mai 2018

Has anyone done ClearPlex on their windshield to help with this? Any ideas on cost?

jrzapata | 16. Mai 2018

BMW 328i with HUD is $3,500

Dansosa | 16. Mai 2018

I also got a rock chip within my first 10 miles. Was told I may have a wait for my glass. I checked with AAA they recommended Safelite Auto Glass. I have State Farm Insurance and they don’t cover the repair so it was $70 out of pocket.

Rodo | 16. Mai 2018

Small rock? How bad is the crack? You can buy a windshield repair kit and fix it yourself. I've used a couple (not on Tesla cars though) and they're pretty good. Sometimes the cracks vanishes, some other you see a small crack but they don't keep on growing. At the very least, they'll give some time to get the money for a full replacement.

jconaway | 16. Mai 2018

What? My M3 windshield can't survive a nuke blast like the semi? What a jip.

lvla06 | 18. Mai 2018

Thanks for the tip! Just changed my Comprehensive deductible with Geico from $500 to $50 and it only increased my 6 month premium $33.

The_Flash | 13. Juni 2018

ouch!! I also got a crack in my windshield now. actually I have 3 rock chips. 2 of them are really tiny, which I filled with windshield repair kit but the other one is slightly larger.
I really do regret not getting Opticoat Plus on the car as that would have minimized the damage, or fully avoid it..

hpn | 13. Juni 2018

If we have proof that our front windshield was tinted....will the insurance company pay for re-tinting?

Resrch03 | 22. August 2018

I got a rock chip 4 days into having the car (thanks to road work/lots of gravel, and drivers on the other side of the road going *way* too fast), and I came across this thread trying to get an idea of how much it was going to cost me. Just got the official invoice, and parts and labor (Tesla, of course - other companies may or may not be doing replacements for the Model 3 windshield, but p59 of the Owner's guide also notes: "Caution: If a windshield replacement is needed, take your vehicle to Tesla Service. This will ensure appropriate handling and mounting of the camera(s). Failure to do so can cause one or more Autopilot features to malfunction.") was just over 1/2 this amount (so around $830). The parts/windshield was $530, the rest was labor and tax (in Colorado, so 'your mileage may vary', as they say).

Resrch03 | 22. August 2018

[The chip quickly expanded into a nearly 2 foot crack, and I'm not havin' that on a brand new Model 3, which is why I went the full replacement route...might have just filled a chip of course]

bcwinc | 26. September 2018

My M3 just got stuck by a rock and cracked my windshield. can't believe how fast and far the crack traveled! Tried to find a company to fix it but found out all the autopilot / camera stuff on the windshield has to be recalibrated when you replace the windshield. I was quoted about $950. Tesla does not take the insurance but my insurance company will reimburse me...or at least they say they will!

Atoms | 11. Februar 2019

Currently $902 out the door with Tesla. Insurance will pay difference between 3rd party price and Tesla price with my insurance. Definitely getting protection film fo

Lonestar10_1999 | 11. Februar 2019

My Prius got a cracked windshield last month. Safelite replaced it for $350, but they came to my house and replaced it in my garage.

I recall a post on this forum about Safelite not supporting the M3. Is this rumor or fact?

jimglas | 11. Februar 2019

Safelight supports all tesla cars, the problem is they have to get the glass from tesla which can be very slow.

geoffdorn | 11. Februar 2019

I'm an insurance agent here in Portland with a 3. If you have a glass/windshield rider, ask your agent if the roof is covered by the rider. Mine is, but some companies evidently exclude glass roofs/sunroofs.

jwins | 11. Februar 2019

I had my windshield replaced last November at a SC. It was $830 out the door, which my insurance covered (once I talked to a supervisor). Safelite and others can replace the glass, but you still then need to take it to a SC to get the cameras calibrated.

climbbike | 11. Februar 2019

It's not just a Tesla thing. I just replaced a windshield in my Kia Stinger. $1,500

ODWms | 12. Februar 2019

I paid that to replace my windshield on a Land Rover more than 10 years ago.

rmlee | 12. Februar 2019

Cameras don’t need calibration

-TheJohn- | 12. Februar 2019

I paid $831 or so in Tempe two weeks ago. Yay for full glass coverage and for State Farm to boot. They were both really great.

DevilNTesla | 12. April 2019

@johnmcniece - I'm in the Phoenix area and have State Farm as well. How did you handle the whole process?? Did u have to go through their 3rd service party provided, Lynx? They just told me that Tesla would not accept their rate.

3ngineer | 20. Mai 2019

My insurance company is partnered with Safelite; the repair "within the size of a dollar bill" was free, replacement they didn't want to say without it actually being necessary to get a quote.

SteveWin1 | 20. Mai 2019

I just replaced mine for $1052.76 at the Orlando, FL service center. Really great experience there!

Atoms | 20. Mai 2019

About $550 for the glass and $400 for the labor through Tesla. I went with 3rd party and it was about $850 total and paid by my insurance. The install is complicated by the front camera module being designed by inexperienced but capable engineers requiring it to be disassembled into multiple pieces and several wiring harnesses. Installer said other luxury cars have a single module which just pops out and snaps in. It takes 3-4x as long to replace glass on the 3 compared to comparable cars due to the engineering not accounting for glass having to be replaced. Similar to complexity of replacing side mirrors or even the cabin filer compared to other cars. I’m sure the model Y will have this all addressed. Hopefully the 3 receives a revision in the next year or two simplifying parts and repair. Nevertheless, Tesla service and mobile service is extraordinary.

JarvisM3 | 21. Mai 2019

I'm waiting to hear what the new Tesla Insurance is gonna be. Im sure glass is also an option with them.

rkalbiarEV | 21. Mai 2019

Just had mine replaced in Oregon. State Farm paid $919.25 and I paid $100.

aperfectecho | 21. Mai 2019

Another chip in mine today, driving in to work. Wonder what's going on-is it the design of the car, or how the air flows, or something else? More chips/cracks in this one than any other car I've owned

andy.connor.e | 21. Mai 2019

Never heard of windshields just developing cracks and chips over nothing. What are you running into? Are you driving by construction sites alot? Driving next to full dumptrucks?

casun | 21. Mai 2019

“wonder what’s going on”

probably bad luck.

tommypham | 21. Mai 2019

Weird, I just had mine replaced in California. $585 for the part, $390 for install, $29.25 for AP camera recalibration.

ajgianoli | 21. Mai 2019

“Wonder what’s going on”

My wife’s commuter car was a Camry. She was a Gravel Truck Groupie. The front of that car looked like the surface of the moon.

Doogie | 22. Mai 2019

Just had my M3 windshield replaced by Tesla Service Center in Phoenix. Windshield was $585 and labor was $325.50 for a total of $910.50.

Doogie | 22. Mai 2019

Just had my M3 windshield replaced by Tesla Service Center in Phoenix. Windshield was $585 and labor was $325.50 for a total of $910.50.

calvin940 | 22. Mai 2019

@OP, I am pretty sure you are being charged well over the norm. I'd get a second (and third) estimate.

lbowroom | 22. Mai 2019

Well that was a year ago