traction control & AEB suddenly disabled?

traction control & AEB suddenly disabled?

just picked up my M3 on Sunday, then on Monday I suddenly got error message "traction control disabled" & "AEB disabled" errors when I was making a turn at 20 - 30 mph, also regen-brake is gone after the error message pop up...the car went back into normal and the warnings are gone after I powered down the car for a short while.

Anyone else had similar experience on this?

Hdesai | 05. Juni 2018

I just had the same issue with my M3 today. The car has around 1200 miles on it and around 3 weeks old.

Rebooted the system and went away.

hpn | 05. Juni 2018

Mine too... Traction control and EAB
called service and they said to power off wait for 2 minutes then let the car reset..
Warning went away....but was documented on my service record.

guydude | 06. Juni 2018

same here. powered the car off. waited a few seconds and then powered it back on by pressing the brake pedal.

all good!

katehead07 | 23. Juni 2018

I just had the same thing happen to me, same warnings! I immediately called the service line from my car. He told me that after I parked and walked away from the vehicle that it would reset. I asked if I should do a reboot and he said I don’t need to. I’ve only had the car for a week.... kinda dissapointed with the phone key, and now this! I know that there are going to be fixes and bugs, but braking and stopping are essential!

SO | 23. Juni 2018

@kate- you were warned when there was an issue, correct?

SO | 23. Juni 2018

At least you can make the choice to not drive it until it’s fixed. Sometimes a reset is necessary....especially after software updates.

rtexel | 23. Juni 2018

I have a new Model 3. Today randomly had the same issue as described. About 1300 miles on mine and while driving felt a slight jolt of power and the two warnings came up. AEB and traction disabled. Will power off and give it time and see.

katehead07 | 23. Juni 2018

@SO Yes I was warned with a lil black pop up box on my display. I know that resets are necessary ... I just did one two days ago when my speakers stopped working. I’m hoping I have the same results as others on this thread.

eeb9 | 23. Juni 2018

I had the same issue a few days ago - I pulled into a parking lot and did a hard reboot and it cleared right up.

(Well, yes, ok, it’s a bit disconcerting that my car needs an occasional reboot like my phone or windows PC, but there ya have it...)

It’s the price one pays for being at the leading edge

Saberin.J | 26. Juli 2018

Delivery July 16, 2018 (4 miles). M3 - signed all the documents, waited for my vehicle to be moved from the showroom was advised that a Warning Error Message populated - (they did not tell me what it was) and kept my car to run updates and review it. Got my car .... for the FIRST time the next day.

Throughout the week... I received Brake Notification when changing from Park to Drive. The notification lasted for a few minutes whilst I was driving and then goes away. Only happened a few times... but the brakes are clearly not on if I am driving.

July 22, 2018 (230 miles) - traction control disabled; ABS Disabled; AEB disabled .... so many notifications. This occurred as I was turning. Called Roadside Assistance - we did two Hard Reboots. Notifications did NOT go away. I asked whether I could drive the car.... she said yes. My regenerative braking did not work. I drove 40 miles back to my home. Next day -- notifications gone...and regenerative braking was working... but I still brought the car in for service because BACK TAILLIGHT had condensation in it and the passenger rear door seal needed to be redone.

The car has been with Tesla for five days at this point... 6 total. I have owned the car for 11 days. Service Advisor said that there was a HARDWARE and SOFTWARE issue w/ the BRAKES.. her words "the tires are off and they are under the Vehicle." I have called a few times for more information.... no one has called me back. I am going to TESLA now... to demand more information.

IS THIS A LEMON??????? The Car was built in JUNE 2018. Anyone else experiencing this???

Saberin.J | 31. Juli 2018

UPDATE: SAME ALERTS ..... PARTS REPLACED: (1) eFuse for iBooster - Module - Body Controller - Front (RWD) REPLACED (2) ABS Modulator Assembly REPLACED

Owned it for Fourteen Days.... Nine of which were in the Shop. 292 Miles on Odometer. Good Luck!

emilyrgraham | 04. September 2018

Thank you for posting this, I am getting all of these alerts too. There are about 7 of them at a time. Usually the hard reset makes them go away for a few hours then they come back on. I have an appointment on Friday to bring the car in to be serviced.. I'll be sure to show them this post.

When I called into service the guy told me that an update had failed and that might be causes these alerts.. my question is why would an update break the car. Second, the update finally came through and the alerts did not go away.

Bergersenm | 11. Dezember 2018

I just got the same messages today for first time on my model 3. Did a reboot in the parking garage but still same three alerts, Traction Control disabled, Regenerative Braking disabled, Emergency Braking disabled RBS with message to contact service advisor. I tried to schedule a service visit today and my closest service location does not have an appointment until Jan 9th 2019. I found another service location farther out from my closest service center showing as a temporary service location with appointment available this week so I scheduled an appt. I have 11,500 miles on the car with no issues until now. Will see if the power down cleared the problem when I go out to drive home from work later today.

jonathanyan | 11. Dezember 2018

Mine was resolved by an firmware update at SC back in June and I no longer see the problem after

CASEMAN | 11. Dezember 2018

I had the same messages today. Will call service when I get home tonight.

wayne | 11. Dezember 2018

I got the same 3 messages as bersergenm yesterday. Screen reboot did nothing. Did a “cold reboot” - power down, wait 2 minutes, press brake pedal - and the messages cleared. Called service the next morning, got through in 10 minutes. They reviewed the car’s logs and said it was a “computer glitch” and not to worry. Running fine since.

It’s very cool that they can do this without having to bring the car in.

wayne | 11. Dezember 2018

It’s odd everyone is getting this message at the same time. Silent update?

ADinM3 | 11. Dezember 2018

I got it last week on the evening I received 46.2. Reboot did not clear. I pulled over, called Tesla and was talking to technical support in under about 60 seconds. Cold reboot through menu as mentioned above did clear it.

Coincidentally, the tech support did recommend I do the cold reboot after every software update which I had never done. Sounds like a good preventative policy.

keeper0 | 12. Dezember 2018

Add me to the list of people simultaneously seeing this issue. What the hell did they do to out cars?

CASEMAN | 12. Dezember 2018

Must have been a quick glitch. Messages were gone when I powered up last night. Went ahead and rebooted to be safe.

@ADinM3 - Thanks for the note about a reboot after a software update.

Bergersenm | 12. Dezember 2018

3 messages cleared yesterday after the car was parked for a few hours. I guess power down resolved the problem or maybe Tesla resolved it remotely over the air with a silent update or some other over the air fix? Very happy it is resolved without need for service center visit. No recurrence today. All back to normal operational state.

roberts | 13. Dezember 2018

I received the same error today for the first time after 6months and 23,000km. Two software reboots didn't clear them. In desperation I thought perhaps my recent drive through dirty snow slush had perhaps blocked one or more of the sensors. I went around the car and wiped off what believed to be were the sensor ports. I then did another reboot and low an behold the alarms cleared. Just a coincidence or connection? I don't know. BTW, software recently update to 46.2.

rhobbs007 | 15. Dezember 2018

I've had my Model 3 for a month with no issues. Just got five messages today (Traction control disabled, Stability control disabled, Cruise control disabled, Regenerative braking disabled, Automatic emergency braking disabled.) Powered down as everyone suggested and they cleared, but only for the next couple of trip errands. Messages reappeared a few hours later when I drove my car again. I'm going to be driving 300+ miles for the holidays and really don't want to be doing so without these features. It's an entirely different driving experience (nor one that I like!) so hoping Service can troubleshoot and, maybe, do something remotely when I call...

Eazyndn | 15. Dezember 2018

I have had the M3 since end of July, and started getting this only after update to 46.2. Powering down as suggested here fixed it, but it’s happened twice now. If it happens again, I’ll call Service.

FYI, my M3 has been trouble free till now

hfisher3380 | 15. Dezember 2018

This exact thing happened to me today. Felt a bit of a jolt then started getting all those warnings and also was told to contact service. It was a short trip, I got there in one piece, parked and the car shut itself off. Since then I have taken 2 successive trips with no warnings or problems, everything working perfectly. I'm on 46.2 and have been for around a week. Have owned the car for around 2 months / 1500km with no real problems other than that.

goodman | 16. Dezember 2018

Same here. Got several of these alerts Yesterday. I stopped the car, powered off for a couple of minutes, and restarted. I've since driven about 150 files in several trips - hasn't recurred... yet.

007bond | 17. Dezember 2018

Known issue in should be fixed in 2018.48.1 cc5ef2e it was for me.

KANAKA_AE_A | 15. Oktober 2019

I experienced the notifications noted here. Called roadside assistance who put me through the whole reboot thing. Nothing worked. It was drivable so took it home and scheduled a service appointment a week away. Noticed a ticking noise coming from the front of the car - speed of the ticking corresponds to speed of the car. I took a look thinking there was a twig or something messing with the sensors. Nothing, but the sound is still there. Today the warning lights went away. I thought it was resolved. While taking my daughter to school the car felt like it was surging slightly (way beyond the usually creeping) and the speedometer was flicker up from 0 to 144 MPH (in red) and back down to 13MPH (while we were going 0). The speed limit readings were also flickering all over the place. I didn't feel safe in the car, so pulled off to a side street. While doing that the wheels feel like they were grinding a bit and the car wasn't moving smoothly - jerky movements. Called Tesla to see if I could get it in sooner. Was told to get it towed. Do I have a grelim in my car or has someone else experienced this before. Tesla S, 2 years old.

spuzzz123 | 15. Oktober 2019

You’re in the 3 forum and you’ve resurrected a pretty old dead thread.