06/15 Dallas, TX Delivery Experience :)

06/15 Dallas, TX Delivery Experience :)

I FINALLY got to pick up my Silver Model 3 yesterday so this my experience. Warning: it's pretty much 100% positive with some first takes and observations, so if you are looking for drama it will disappoint.

Ordered - 3/31/16 Online
Configured - 4/18/18
VIN - 0316XX (4/24/18 charger checkout)
Delivery - 6/15/18
Previous Owner - No
Location - Oklahoma City, OK
Car - Silver, Aero, NO EAP
Delivery Location: Tesla Service Center, Cedar Spring Rd, Dallas, TX

- Delivery wait was frustrating due to OK and TX rules and very poor/slow communication from my DS in Las Vegas
- Was originally scheduled for 06/19 but because my DS wouldn’t reply, I called the service center directly a week early, confirmed my car was there and they rescheduled me for 06/15
- 06/12 call from a technician that my car passed delivery inspection, but VIN was already flagged by factory for a drive unit replacement, they were looking one but may delay delivery
- 06/13 call from same technician confirming they found the part and were on track to make my delivery for 06/15
- 06/15 received FedEx packet with temp tag and (mileage?) confirmation document in time to rent a car and drive 3.5hrs to Dallas for delivery

Delivery Experience: AMAZING!
- Had 5pm delivery. I was worried everyone would be tired and ready to go home, but the entire team (Hilary, James, and others) were friendly, energetic and helpful. They seemed truly excited for the 4 of us taking delivery, and if they didn’t know the answer to a question was quick to say “I’m not sure, let me find out”
- Model car (red) was in center console.
- Car was charged enough to get me all the way home.
- Had plenty of time to ask questions, and set everything up, didn’t feel rushed.
- The whole time there was so smooth, I was sure I was missing something, but they helped me get all set up and sent me on my way.
- Only bummer: I was expecting to be able to see/buy some accessories but they didn’t have any. I had to get online and order 2 charging adapters (for our parent’s homes), and another lightning cable.

First Drive Experience:
- Almost everything is amazing as everyone here already knows, so I’ll just mention a few surprises I had.
- To get to Dallas we had to do a one-way rental in a Hyundai Sante Fe, going directly from that to M3 was charring to say the least. It would be hard to overstate how otherworldly it feels to sit in such a ‘simplified’ car; our first reaction was “why is every other car so complicated!?!”
- Regenerative breaking woah! Even after reading about this and watching videos, my wife and I were not prepared. Still trying to get used to it. We are taking other’s advise on settings and embracing the default settings.
- However irrational it may be, range anxiety is real. Navigating to our next charging station was great at easing the tension. I’m sure we’ll look back and laugh at this soon.
- Rearview mirror autodimming is a massive oversight. Sensitive eyes + small car + big trucks + night = useless rearview mirror. Good news is the backup camera, and the sensors, so once I trust them more, maybe I’ll feel better about it.
- We are constantly worried the car isn’t off/hasn’t locked so we double check the app. This is easier at night when we can clearly see it ‘shutdown’.
- Used first supercharger on drive home (just for fun). Totally easy. Met a nice couple in a Model S and chatted while our cars charged.
- The iPhone app, sound system, driver profiles, cruise control, interior space, have all exceeded expectations.

Overall 2.5yr wait was hard, but totally worth it. Feels like it’s still 4-5yrs ahead of any other car.

Tried to be concise. But feel free to ask questions. Especially if you had the same delivery center or are from Oklahoma (there are few of us)!

jjgunn | 16. Juni 2018

Glad to hear the delivery experience went well.

Do you have home charging handled?

Feather the gas pedal. Don't let up all the way. You shouldn't even need to use your brakes unless an emergency. The first time I test drove the X the guy from the showroom remarked how well I drove it. I had never driven any electric car before that. I was surprised but it was easier than I expected.

How are you handling home charging? I like hearing the different ways.

sbeggs | 16. Juni 2018

Thanks for the complete report.

I am surprised that your car had been flagged at the factory it needed drive unit replaced, but was shipped anyway. Why would they ship with that known?

Nathan.owen | 16. Juni 2018

Hey someone from oklahoma! I have seen a silver model 3 zipping around oklahoma city recently, and it looked like there were two. I'm guessing one of them was you! I only recently reserved mine (beginning of May) but I'm still super excited.
I was curious what you meant by "Delivery wait was frustrating due to OK and TX rules and very poor/slow communication from my DS in Las Vegas"
Do you have any tips for a fellow Oklahoman in regards to delivery etc?

doelcm | 16. Juni 2018

Thanks for this. I'm currently scheduled for delivery at that service center next Thursday. I'll be flying in from Florida. I would have flown into Love Field (literally across the street), but the flight options were not good. I'll fly to DFW and take the DART train to a station a couple of blocks away.

I get to drive it for a day and a half before parking it in my brother's garage for three weeks until I can return and drive it to Florida. I hope my experience is as smooth as yours. I haven't received the FedEx package yet.

sbeggs | 16. Juni 2018

I wonder what fault was detected in drive unit that it had to be replaced with no miles on it yet, any details provided to you @Superwagon?

Superwagon | 16. Juni 2018

Thanks for the replies! It's good to not be alone in the adventure of blindly buying a M3.


Drove to checkout the nearest supercharger today, and I think I'm getting the hang of it. I only tried to 'coast' one time out of habit because I was talking. I also like to 'hard press' the brake to 'hold' at long lights to give my foot a break. great feature!

We are moving soon and our house will have a dedicated NEMA 14-50 / 240v / 50amp plug and breaker. I would like to say I'll use a mobile connector and save a little money, but I'll probably end up with a Wall Connector just because it seems official. Also added a 14-30, and 10-30 NEMA adapters to my mobile bundle. My current apartment has a Level 2, J1772, 6.6 kW station that appears to be free and works great with the J1772 adapter that came with the M3.


Ya didn't make much sense, but it took 1-2 weeks to get from Fremont to Dallas. So my assumption is that in that time another VIN matching my build timeframe had service request and they flagged mine pre-emptively.

They didn't mention what the reason was; said it functioned and tested fine but was a factory decision.


You can hope Tesla builds a service center in Oklahoma soon. That would solve a lot of problems. Or my DS mentioned that some Oklahomans have requested home delivery. Which I didn't do because I wanted the FULL experience. Also ask your DS to contact you by phone, and then on the phone you can ask to send the notes via email. Dealing 100% over email was just rough. I bet this will get easier as they work out their system too. There really hasn't been any surprises yet (I still have to get my tag and pay state taxes), so just try to be patient.


Bummer on DFW, but not a big deal it will be SO worth it anyway. We tried to use Southwest points to fly in to Love Field but by the time DS gave us a time the price quadrupled :(

You can call Cedar Springs to make sure but I don't think it's required to take delivery; just make note of the mileage while there and finish the paper work at home, then bring the temp tag back (if they don't just give you another one there) before your trip to Florida. Also Oklahoma has some rule about 30days to finish tag and tax so just be aware of whatever weird rules Florida has.

Forgot to mention:

- I plan to get a uv filter or tint on the side windows to cut the heat down, everyone I take on a test drive mentions that it's like being under a magnifying glass.

- First supercharger seemed to be free, I'm guessing because it was less than 24/hr since delivery. Today I tested filling up from 6% to 100% at one while we ate lunch (won't usually go over 80%).

Supercharger Receipt
Power Tier 1 - 55 min @ $0.10/min - $5.50
Power Tier 2 - 29 min @ $0.20/min - $5.80
Tax included - $0.90
Total - $11.30

Nathan.owen | 16. Juni 2018

I would definitely be interested to know where you take your model 3 to get tinted @Superwagon
I know I will want to get mine tinted when I get it, but I'll be curious to hear back about where you went and how that experience went

dmaini | 16. Juni 2018

What?? the car does not have an autodialing mirror?? WOW I am so used to tat for the last 20 years now!! ;(

nwfan | 18. Juni 2018

@Superwagon, great write up. I've had 3 Tesla's delivered through the Dallas SC.

In the DFW area we are fortunate to have 5 Superchargers. But for us on the Ft Worth side they
are lacking. Did you travel non-stop to OK City? Or stop off at Ardmore?

One pedal driving will be simple after a few trips. Be aware regen is impacted by a cold battery and
if you charge to 100 percent.

I agree with the interior design. Keep it simple.

I have tinting applied on all glass. 3M Crystalline. 40 on roof and side windows. 70 on windshield.
I also purchased the sunscreen for glass above driver. My car is white. With above combo my car does
not heat up as others have mentioned. I would recommend the sunscreen.

I have a Model S and 3. Each day driving the Model 3 I discover a feature and driving sensation that surpasses my S. I truly believe the Model 3 is transformational.

Enjoy your car. Welcome to the Tesla family. It's an added benefit supercharging and socializing with other owners. I've made many friends along the way.

wiboater4 | 18. Juni 2018

Nice post thanks for sharing. Enjoy your car! I'm still patiently waiting for AWD.

sbeggs | 25. Juni 2018

Any more TX deliveries?

Glwkb8 | 25. Juni 2018

@SuperWagon, I'm so happy for you. I live in OKC as well and haven't seen one model 3 here. I see S and X's near my apartment in South OKC a lot. If possible maybe I could meet up with you one day you're at the supercharger at the outlet mall or something. I'm sure my delivery will be about the same, but not sure I want to do it in Dallas. I'm originally from Missouri so I may ask for them to send the car there so my family and see it and then I could drive back. I'm a non-owner and my estimate right now has Aug-Oct so hopefully I get a email one day in the not too distant future. Can't wait, but I'm glad you're liking the car. OK sucks with its laws against tesla though smh

pfn1 | 10. August 2018

Delivery is not going well for me. Paid for a model 3 on 7/12 and had a delivery date of 7/31. Then 8/4. Now my webpage shows 8/31. Hopefully it will show up before that, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Terrible communication.

japhule | 10. August 2018

That's unfortunate. My one and only delivery date came on 8/3 with no issues or delays at cedar springs. I would call the delivery center if you haven't. I called the day before pickup to confirm and everything was a go.

chris.bentle | 16. Juli 2019

I am currently having trouble even getting the order process to get moving. Conflicting information from the website and phone support. Price dropped 2 days after order, at least they gave me that. I am really hoping this is worth it!