$4000 to add FSD grandfathered in?

$4000 to add FSD grandfathered in?

When I bought my Model 3 I deferred FSD on the $1000 gamble that it wouldn't be ready soon. Last week Tesla announced that it would now be a $5000 add-on instead of $4000.

According to Electrek ( "We contacted Tesla to get an explanation about the situation and the company confirmed that it isn’t supposed to apply to existing vehicles and they will honor the original $4,000 price. The new $5,000 price is for new orders."

However, if I log into my account page and click on the Autopilot Upgrade link, it lists FSD as a $5000 charge.

Do we have any other confirmation that this is an error, and that Electrek's report is accurate?

My hope would be that if Tesla does decide to raise it to $5000 for us previous buyers, that we get an opportunity to buy it at the $4000 price before it gets increased.

RedPillSucks | 03. Juli 2018

Call your service center

Magic 8 Ball | 03. Juli 2018

Yup, call the people that could give the the definitive answer. I don't know why people rely on articles and forums to get answers for these types of questions.

Daryl | 03. Juli 2018

It seems like the kind of question that many readers here might be interested in. Instead of everybody calling the service center, I posted this in hopes that somebody already has investigated and has an answer, with perhaps a link to a definitive source. I'm sure that many people will be interested.

Hammonddave | 03. Juli 2018

If they picked up the phone instead of announcing that they are overrun with calls and then HANG UP ON YOU... well then maybe the Forums would not be the customer's only source of information.

I went to TWO Tesla dealerships last weekend and no one was able to give me a straight answer. One salesperson told me that all new AWD Model 3's have Air Suspension standard. i told her that I was surprised that they did not advertise that on the configuration page. Another salesperson at another dealer could not tell me how to cancel an order! They said that they were "not trained to answer that question".

So please don't tell the poster not to ask questions that Tesla does not want to answer.

Magic 8 Ball | 03. Juli 2018


I called TESLA on the probably their busiest day (when config opened for everyone). Twice I got a message that said they were too busy and to call back later. The third time I was on hold for about 15 minutes and then taken care of by a polite and courteous person. I was never hung up on.

Your claim that TESLA does not want to answer questions is bogus. You are just impatient.

Hammonddave | 03. Juli 2018


I did not say that they did not want to answer questions... I mean to say that many salespeople are incapable of answering them. And I am glad you got through. But the message I got was "in the meanwhile, you can find answers on our website or visit your local Tesla Dealer" CLICK!

Magic 8 Ball | 03. Juli 2018

"So please don't tell the poster not to ask questions that Tesla does not want to answer."

There is no other way to interpret the sentence above. You are clearly stating TESLA does not want to answer questions.

You should have listened to the entire message. It begins with due to the unusually high volume of calls we are unable to answer at this time. You are trying to lead people into thinking that if you call they just hang up. This is not the case they clearly explain the situation first.

TranzNDance | 03. Juli 2018

A few days ago, I submitted my question through the account form and still haven't heard back. I dislike talking on the phone so I'm hoping I'll get a response through email.

Hammonddave | 03. Juli 2018

I stand corrected. I have no idea what their motives are.

But if they were going to open the floodgates, why not prepare for it with more service operators? I tried for THREE DAYS to get through. Each time I was greeted by the high volume explanation and a hang up.

Finally, I drove 90 minutes down the mountain to visit a Denver Tesla dealer (as the recorded message suggested), only to encounter two salespeople who could not answer all my questions. They knew everything about the car, but not about the ordering process. The next day at another dealer I encountered the salesperson who told me about the air suspension on the AWD. I also asked her about the ordering process and she had no answers either.

Now I am a huge fan of Elon and his company. I am having his energy people come by my house to discuss powering it with solar panels. But lets face it, there seems to have been some major growing pains apparent with this car. Yes, I ordered one... and yes my expectations are in check.

Magic 8 Ball | 03. Juli 2018

Luck of the draw, maybe? Like I said my experience was different. Three attempts, all within the same hour, and the third time was the charm.

No doubt they are overwhelmed but I see no indication that they are not trying to improve.

nicktrash | 08. Juli 2018

I think the online systems just can't differentiate the buyer, so it might only report the new 5000$ after purchase option. Pretty confident that if one wants it, and was a buyer prior they would honor the 4K price. But, as is with all things, nothing is guaranteed.

Cabassi | 08. Juli 2018

Every thread where people have issues, complaints, or frustrations with Tesla turns into an argument with douwe about proper etiquette for talking about Tesla. It's getting tiresome. I'd rather see an exploration of these issues, find out if other people have them too, see if maybe they have some answers, and for Christ's sake just let people vent if they didn't have a good experience.

ebmcs03 | 08. Juli 2018

So are early owners grandfather in at $4000?

Atoms | 08. Juli 2018

As I understand early OWNERS are grandfathered at 4K option post delivery. Those in process are not but can add on FSD for 3k before purchase. So I added for $3k.

Alex_SD | 08. Juli 2018

My Tesla account shows the option to purchase the FSD for $4k. My M3 was delivered in April. So far, it looks like I’m grandfathered in at $4k...

ShesNoCissy | 08. Juli 2018

My M3 was delivered early April too but my account shows FSD at $5k...

nicktrash | 09. Juli 2018

oddly, I just checked my account and it says FSD 5000$.. picked up car 6/1/18. As I said above, I think it's just a display glitch, but we'll see.

guydude | 09. Juli 2018

i received mine 3/25/18 and i'm also showing 5k....

TranzNDance | 09. Juli 2018

Mine shows $5000. When I asked Tesla about the price for current owners, I was told that although it shows $5k, I would get a $1000 refund. I didn't ask about how long the price is available.

guydude | 09. Juli 2018

I called Tesla and they said the same thing. "Everything is completed on the back end. We will refund you $1,000"

More interest free money .... haha

bharat | 09. Juli 2018

dont do it... you're basically funding their "gofundme" .. just wait till its mature and then decide

billlake2000 | 09. Juli 2018

Accounting principles dictate that it is far less work to charge five large and then refund one large than to charge four large the first time.

Joyd2 | 03. März 2019

I also was told by a Tesla rep that since I bought my M3 in April 2018, the $4K cost to upgrade to FSD after delivery would hold for me. They told me to pay the $5K when ordering, and that I would receive a refund in a month or so. I ordered it in Sept 2018. It's been 5 months since I placed the FSD upgrade order and I have not seen any refund/credit, Has anyone been refunded the extra $1,000 that we were promised?

Passion2Fly | 03. März 2019

Now the FSD upgrade is available for $2k! Maybe you should have waited...