"Keep Climate Control On" setting

"Keep Climate Control On" setting

The Model S/X have a recent setting which allows you to keep the climate control running even as you leave the car (which is useful for dogs).

The Model 3 might have the same thing, but has frequently lagged behind the larger cars on features, and I can't find any online manuals that would cover this. Does the 3 have this feature yet?

hzb | 06. Juli 2018


CST | 06. Juli 2018

I can't find it- where is it?

holgerv | 06. Juli 2018

Not a fan of dogs being left in a car. Not for any amount of time.

Rutrow | 06. Juli 2018

On the Model S it's brought up by touching the fan control icon.

kaffine | 06. Juli 2018

Not there on the 3 yet that I can find. I just use my phone and turn the AC back on after the doors lock.

Around here I would expect broken windows and police if dogs are left in the car.

Red Sage ca us | 06. Juli 2018

twestberg: Be sure to leave your infant Children or Grandchildren in the car, to keep the dogs and cats company.

httran26 | 06. Juli 2018

Like Kaffine said, use the Tesla app to turn it on and it'll stay on. At least until 20% battery is left from what I heard. Also put a not on your car stating that the A/C is on so nobody breaks your glass to free the dogs.

gadget63 | 06. Juli 2018

for the dog lovers; put a sign in the windows stating the a/c is on, the dogs have water, and if you break a window I will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

nogasdriver | 09. Juli 2018

When I've tried that Fan icon in the app, it runs the climate control furiously at full blast. Sounds like a plane revving up at the airport. The ClimateControl->TurnOn does the same thing. It seems this is a preheat / precool the car quickly. Not run the climate control at whatever the last settings were.

I can see the need for a preheat / precool, but I also see the need for climate control as set by customer. What I don't like are both icons doing the same thing.

charles.a.braun | 09. Juli 2018

I recently charged to 100% completely accidentally. I had just returned home from Vegas where I had charged to full before leaving and forgot to turn the charge down.

Since I had no intention (or ability) to drive the car again for the next 5 days, I did not want it sitting at 100% for that long. I decided that the best way to use up those miles would be to crank the AC for a couple of hours.

I turned it on from the phone and I expected it to shut off after 30 minutes but it didn't. I must have run it for 3 hours on "LO" non-stop. But it drained my battery enough to where I was comfortable to leave the car alone for a few days.