Water leak anyone?

Water leak anyone?

Hey guys! Finally took a delivery today HOORAY! Great car, but I have a question. The car leaks a lot of water. I mean quite a large puddle everywhere I go and keeps leaking.
From my understanding, it leaks because of air conditioning but ITS a lot. I don’t recall that when I was had a loaner, model s P85.

Does anyone else experience this?
Is it normal?

Warp Drv | 11. Juli 2018

There is a lot of water from the air conditioning. I often see a puddle in my garage, but it's not big deal for me.

M34ME | 11. Juli 2018

Open the hood and check the radiator coolant level! LOL

Sersly, where would this water be coming from if it wasn't the A/C. Window washer fluid?

OK... do this... drive next time without the A/C on, see if it still leaks.

Nexxus | 12. Juli 2018


Try this. Run the car without the AC for a few miles from the start, then stop and see if any puddle forms. If not, then its the condensation on the AC unit that is melting off when you stopped before. If there is water or some other fliud, then it's probably the BMS coolant (battery management system) or windshield washer fluid.

Lorenzryanc | 12. Juli 2018

If it's warm and humid, you'll get a puddle of water. The AC and battery system will drip condensate a lot at times. Ever idle in a parking lot for a few minutes with the AC running? Now that plus battery system that may remain on all day on some days. I thought you had a leak INSIDE the car... no.. not normal, but the condensate, yes, very. I doubt it's a different fluid. If it was, you'd have the car yelling at you that something was low by now.

gballant4570 | 12. Juli 2018

Stick your finger in the puddle, then smell it. You can smell glycol, and it will leave your finger a bit sticky when it dries. Its going to be condensation though......

Musavviradam | 12. Juli 2018

I checked it, Its definitely water. Thank you guys. I just wasn't sure because the amount of water seemed unusual.