Sacramento-Rocklin Pick up location experiences

Sacramento-Rocklin Pick up location experiences

We all keep hearing about delivery delays. So I thought I would try to localize it a little and see what the experience has been like for those who are picking up their cars at the Sacramento-Rocklin location. I don't have a pickup date just yet, but I'm finalizing my financing and waiting to hear from a specialist within 48 hours. It's getting so close I can smell the vegan leather!

kozski | 24. Juli 2018

I took delivery in Rocklin on 7/14 and everything went well with no delays (and they had over 60 to deliver that day). The contracts team was backed up so I didn't get the final amount until about 24 hours before pickup which could be a problem if you are financing because your bank might need more time. This was the easiest auto purchase I've ever experienced (other than the wait!). Once you take delivery you'll enjoy the car so much that you'll realize it was worth the wait. Congrats on getting close!

M3forMe | 24. Juli 2018

I will be picking up my 3 on Sat morning so will let you know how it goes.

SactoEVer | 24. Juli 2018

They are finally offering model 3 test drives at Rocklin. Will be doing this before ordering. Glad to hear the delivery experience is good. The times I've been there, they've been quite busy .. hoping they open a service location closer to Sacramento/Davis.

CharleyBC | 24. Juli 2018

We picked ours up right alongside @kozski on the 14th. (Hi, Mike!)

We were greeted right away, and offered coffee and water. We settled in the waiting corner for just a few minutes. Then Ariana came and greeted us and ushered us into an office. She was friendly, enthusiastic and efficient. She went through all the documents we had to sign, explaining each one, and allowing us time to read in as much detail as we wanted. She was helpful answering questions. We got all the papers done and tucked into a slick black Tesla folder, and she went off to make sure our payment was in. We returned to the waiting area.

(Here's where I sweated. As @kozski said, we didn't get the financial stuff until too late for my comfort--the Thursday evening before our Saturday morning delivery. I paid online immediately Thursday night. Sitting in the waiting area in Rocklin, our bank still showed the money in our account.)

A guy saw us sitting there and came to make sure we'd been attended to. I was just explaining to him that we were waiting for Ariana to return, when she did so, announcing payment was all set. (Whew!)

Turned out the helpful guy was Tim, who then took us outside to meet our car. He briefly tried to give us @kozski's car, but I'd memorized our VIN, and so we hopped one space over to ours. My wife felt Tim was rushing us a bit. As Mike said, they were doing 60 deliveries that day. I felt more that he just had a very efficient run-through of topics to cover. My wife had a question he couldn't answer, and he took the time to go get the answer from someone else. Later another question came up that he didn't know, and again he went and found out. So he was willing to invest that time. He was friendly and efficient. He took our photo by our new toy, and off we went. Would I have liked a more luxurious does of time? Sure. And my wife would have felt less rushed. But they were swamped, and I get that.

The cars were delivered underneath a PV shade structure. I liked that.

Net report: an almost completely positive experience. And a way cool car to take home!

vijay.ambavanekar | 24. Juli 2018

I am supposed to take delivery of my M3 tomorrow at the Rocklin location. However the contract or Tesla financing guys haven't sent me the final Purchase agreement that my bank requires. Neither does my Tesla Account show any wire transfer instructions for the final payment.
Its getting me nervous as I might have to postpone my delivery date again. My original delivery was scheduled for Monday 7/23, which I pushed to 7/25 to get financing done in time.
Still waiting to hear from my Tesla specialist on the next steps :(

rasinas | 24. Juli 2018

Our experience was a little bit different. We reserved ours on day 2 and were contacted July 9th that our car was ready and would be ready for delivery after July 12th as that is when they were being delivered to Rocklin. Since we were out of town that week we scheduled it for Monday July 16th at noon. Our brother in law who reserved his about 50 days ago took delivery the same week we were out of town. His wife drove us that day to pick up the car as it only seemed fair that we both got to ride in it heading home. On our way to the dealership we get an email that our car wouldn't be ready that day as they didn't have it yet. We decided to play stupid and show up looking to pick up our new M3. At that point after they said that their lot wasn't big enough and that they were still waiting on it to be delivered from a local lot that they were using for overflow I stood back and let my wife unleash on that poor kid. When she was done the delivery adviser came out and said they would do everything they could to get it to us that day. They did offer to deliver it when it was ready and we accepted. That evening around 7:00 the DA showed up driving our car followed by a model S for her ride back. They did pull through for us and were nice but it wasn't the smooth ride we were hoping for nor did we get the red carpet hand-off and tour of our new M3. I do give them credit for helping us out and I know they are going through growing pains as these mass deliveries aren't what they are used to.

Magic 8 Ball | 24. Juli 2018

"We were greeted right away, and offered coffee and water"

Only coffee and water? No champagne or caviar? Oh, the humanity : )

KTJinCA | 24. Juli 2018

We had a similar experience to Charley, and we picked up during the week so it wasn't nearly as crazy. In fact, our DS kept chatting away and I was going OK, LETS GET TO THE CAR! I did an ACH for the payment which was still in my account but I didn't sweat it, I'd approved it so I figured if they had a problem it was on them. There was no problem, and as far as i know the DS didn't even check it.

It was hot, so we took a water, then went outside (under the shade, as mentioned with a little red "receiving line" rope, which I thought was kind of silly, but I could see where they were set up to do other deliveries at the same time and this would keep the cars/groups of people separate.

Our other DS(?) the guy who did the car hand-off took us outside, suggested a picture when our excitement would not have remembered to do so, then had us both walk around the car and inspect as well as showing us how to do things and giving us necessary info (like, don't close the charge port manually type of stuff that I'm sure I read at some point but had forgotten) and showed us how everything connects to charge, what the different colored lights mean, etc...

Then we got in the car and started playing with the settings, he made sure we were all set up and answered all of our questions. Then I kicked my husband out (he had to drive his old ICE home!) and headed out myself!

Never felt a rush, car was ready and charged and clean as a whistle. The only issue was the first DS chatting too much, and that's because my annoying husband kept asking her questions! :-)

mike_f | 24. Juli 2018

Picking up mine at 5PM Wednesday July 25 (expected temp is 108) contract yet but paying all cash with cashiers check so not sure about the impact of not having contract in hand. My ISA said just go to SC and have cashiers check ready with personal check for any overage.

CharleyBC | 24. Juli 2018

Okay, y'all, I'm expecting to see at least one of you fellow Sacramento-area Model 3s on every outing! I'm looking forward to them not being rare...

When you see a white one with plate WATTNEY (which we don't have yet), that's us!

M3forMe | 24. Juli 2018

@KTJ - I would kick him to his ICE too since he keep asking the gal DS questions. I would also make him sleep on the couch. ;-)

@Charley - if you ever see a RED 3 in Elk Grove, that might be us! :-)

Stompy | 24. Juli 2018

There are a shit load of long range rear wheel drive model 3’s awaiting pickup at the Rocklin location. Just went by there today and saw only 1 performance Model 3 Red with the white interior and performance package being unloaded off the truck. No spoiler or badge but the pedals were installed from the factory. The people there seem like they don’t know what is coming off the trucks because I pointed out that it was a performance model 3 and they had no idea what it was. I think it’s a test dive model because the only test drive models reported are in the same exact configuration.

smin73 | 25. Juli 2018

Picked up mine last week (Thursday) from Rocklin. It was very positive for the most part but we where the last ones there and we noticed some issues with the car. I think a few people got annoyed since we wanted the repair list actually written out instead of just a verbal agreement and for some reason she (the delivery manager) didn't want it written out.

maki808 | 25. Juli 2018

I felt they rushed me out of that area. Not the customer service I expected from watching other videos on youtube. Perhaps it might be because the M3 is a lower model and less expensive. They only showed me the basic function and told me everything else is self learning. Didn't even give me the opportunity to inspect the outside of the car to make sure there weren't any buckle or scratches. I had to ask them if it was okay for me to look before I take it out of the parking lot. My car wasn't even fully charged either. So disappointed!

Djcutty916 | 26. Juli 2018

I took delivery of my Model 3 back on March 21st in Rocklin. Rocklin does their deliveries outside and it had been raining all week as well as that day so I lowered my expectations from all the lavish indoor deliveries I've seen on YouTube. I work for a local credit union so I asked my lending team if they can hand me the check to give directly to them instead of mailing or wiring funds to Tesla's finance team. The Tesla staff was nice and even had a congratulations sign with wife and I's name on it in the office but I felt like their presentation of the M3 could have been more thorough.

George with SacEV | 26. Juli 2018

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The next GENERAL meeting will be September 12, and there are several group supported EV events between now and the end of September that are fun for everyone.


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M3forMe | 28. Juli 2018

Took delivery this Sat morning @ 10am. There were 5 Model 3 being processed at the same time. They were going to do a group presentation but couldn't get the paperwork in sync with all parties so didn't do it. Overall ~30 minutes total. Took a little over 10 minutes for our paperwork then the rest of the time on the car. Beautiful fit and finish. Found a 2 inch scratch on the door sill (driver side) by the Model 3 name plate. They noted that on the delivery sheet so we can schedule an appt with service center later to have it look at. Not a big deal to me so will wait to see if anything else before bring it back for service. Overall very pleasant delivery. My delivery guy said Sat is their busiest day of the week up to 60 cars (mostly 3) today. Very professional group of folks. The longest wait was at the service center so they can program a spare key card for me. I asked for 2 but they only have 1 in stock. Given to me free of charge because of the wait. :-) Happy camper!!!! Beside the fact that we only got confirmation of our delivery appt last night Fri after 5pm, this is the most enjoyable car purchase for us.

@smin73 - the delivery manager (Sierra) quickly wrote up the receipt on our scratch.

chuck | 28. Juli 2018

"Only coffee and water? No champagne or caviar? "

Yes, and the coffee at the Tesla Delivery/Service Center here in Portland is just a Kurig machine sitting on a side table with a stack of paper cups. At Mercedes-Benz of Portland, they have a barista who will make you a custom coffee drink and serve it to you in Mercedes logoed china.

Tesla's "dealership" experience falls rather short of Mercedes-Benz, that's for sure.

On the other hand, I'm hoping to have less "dealership" experience with Tesla.

Sleepydoc1 | 28. Juli 2018

Hey Chuck - Check out Kettleman supercharger if you want baristas. Owner only code to get in. Had BMW driver try to follow me in once. Ha ha ha!

Elk grove grey X for the other Elk Grove drivers there.
Rocklin was great 4/2016.

billlake2000 | 28. Juli 2018

What is an owner only code?

Sleepydoc1 | 28. Juli 2018

You pull up and plug in and pull up the site on your screen. On the info tab it gives you a door code to enter into the lounge. Best roadside rest stop ever. Free fuel clean bathrooms, good A/C in summer and food and beverages. Free WiFi also. 40 charges and some destontion chargers. Doggie walk as well. I'll be there Sunday about lunch time.

tbsr76 | 22. Mai 2019

Confirmed for delivery time and date. Missed it. tried 3 times, each time is 20 mins in call. No response. one of the worst customer care center...

Kathy Applebaum | 22. Mai 2019

@tbsr76 Wow, kind of surprising. Rocklin has a good reputation with most owners I talk to.

Mike83 | 22. Mai 2019

Never a problem with Rocklin and I like it that they are all Solar for changing and Service.

dmastro | 22. Mai 2019

Albeit almost 8 months ago, my delivery experience was pretty good. I was contacted about a week before my scheduled delivery date and offered an earlier date, which worked out for me. My delivery advisor stayed in contact with me and was very responsive in walking me through the whole documentation process.

Staff was friendly and greeted me at the appointment. I do have to say the center was busy and I was kept waiting a while, but it was during the third quarter push to get a lot of cars out the door.

Once they got to me, the delivery advisor was helpful and gave me time to inspect the car. Then a volunteer spent about 45 minutes showing me many of the features of the car. Overall, I had no complaints about the experience.

Mikael13 | 22. Mai 2019

Got my Model 3 at Rocklin as well (I live less than a mile away). My delivery experience March 2019 was great, including matching my trade-in (they match CarMax appraisals, just FYI) and the delivery specialist even went past their closing time due to all my questions). Busy place. Great showroom and friendly staff.

EAPme | 22. Mai 2019

It looks a few of us are necroposting, so I'll join :)

I picked up my LR RWD last year from Rocklin and was thoroughly pleased. Ariana? (my memory is foggy) was efficient and very helpful. I was in and out in 35 minutes.

I've been back a couple of times for my wife's car and my own. They are pretty good up front, but their techs are exceptional.

I've had one visit from a mobile tech/ranger and he was awesome too.