(Non-P AWD) Can I add FSD without additional delivery time?

(Non-P AWD) Can I add FSD without additional delivery time?

I am considering adding FSD due to the HW3.0 being announced today. I currently have a delivery date of sep-nov but I really don't want that to change. Has anyone made any autopilot changes? Did it cause any delivery estimate changes?

Reserve 3/31 online
Config 6/27
Black Interior

jd4714 | 01. August 2018

I did and so far nothing changed.

Mimine | 01. August 2018

I did today and mine changed to Oct-Dec. I do think that the estimate is only based on the order date and the general timeline but could be wrong.

Mimine | 01. August 2018

@jd4714 Did you make the change before August 1st, today?

KP in NPT | 01. August 2018

I seriously doubt it since it's just a software download. It isn't an option that has any bearing on the build of the car.

jd4714 | 01. August 2018

@Mimine Yes I made the change on 7/25.

ron369 | 01. August 2018

I wonder if you can ask to add FSD after your VIN is assigned, but before you pick up the car. Has anyone tried this?

ebmcs03 | 01. August 2018

The article said they would replace the computer for free anyways. Didn’t say you had to have FSD to get the free replacement.

Cyphr1s | 01. August 2018

@ebmcs03 you might not have to pay for the computer upgrade but you have to pay use enable to software.

chadbobb | 02. August 2018

I am making an assumption that may be incorrect. My assumption is: If you have FSD when the HW3.0 is released, you get HW3.0 for free. If you don't have FSD when HW3.0 is released, you will likely have to pay for FSD.

Does anyone agree or disagree and have something to back up their opinion?

swanson21 | 02. August 2018

Careful! Look at the updated prices, it would be an additional $1700 on top of the 3k for FSD if you edited your order via the edit url link.

According to my edit link, even re-confirming my current config would cost me $1700 as the prices for paint/doc/and AWD are reflected in the EDIT config page as well...a simple push of the button could cost big $$$

I'd call and ask if you can for just a 3k add on.

chadbobb | 02. August 2018

Really! I knew prices went up but you're saying "edit design" will retroactively raise your price?

swanson21 | 02. August 2018

That's what it is showing, even without changing a thing, just going to the end page on the edit shows a higher price and a button that could easily be pressed and bam, down $1700. I'm especially nervous now to go to that page because my pc has ghost touchscreen issues!

chadbobb | 02. August 2018


I have never even clicked the edit button for fear of delaying my delivery. now I know I can at least view it. Thanks!

tripplett | 02. August 2018

I agree with chadbobb. I think it will be ‘free to upgrade’ but only if you’ve paid for FSD already. Sort of like Model 3 will have Supercharging. It does have the ‘ability’, but you have to pay for the service (sans P3D). The wording is again not utterly clear on that hardware swap out for hw3.0.