When Pickup Up Your Model 3 Does It Come With Any Gifts?

When Pickup Up Your Model 3 Does It Come With Any Gifts?


For those that pickup their M3 was there any special gift they put inside the car? I see some Youtube video where owner got a small die-cast Tesla Model 3 car. Do they still give you Tesla coffee mug? And for the price we pay does it come with floor mats?



Kathy Applebaum | 15. August 2018

The die cast Tesla was for pre-reveal reservation holders.

Never got a coffee mug, nor did I expect one. Maybe that's an S/X thing?

It comes with floor mats. Rather nice ones, too. You might need something beefier if you're in a snowy place, but here in the land of fruits and nuts and sunshine they work great.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. August 2018

Nope, we did not get any extras. You would think for the money we paid they would come over to the house and gift us the Mug with some fresh brewed coffee they made while serving us breakfast. Nope those cheap ass TESLA folks only delivered what we ordered, what is up with that?

Rt002k | 15. August 2018

My $56,000 black key card came with a free Model 3.

ebmcs03 | 15. August 2018

They ran out of the toy models because they were giving it to everyone and their kids! I read some members got multiple, both kids each got a toy car. When it was suppose to be to pre reveal reservations holders only.

Hooshr | 15. August 2018

I got the little toy car. I was told it was because I was a day one reservation holder.

Atoms | 15. August 2018

I received a free license plate holder, a free firmware update, and a full battery! Very nice indeed.

007bond | 15. August 2018

In my opinion since I stood in line for hours the least they can do when I pick up my car is give the the toy car we were all promised. Really how much would it cost to make a the correct amount to give out. This time make sure the ppl that they were promised to actually get them....

cascadiadesign | 15. August 2018

I got the red toy car. I reserved in May 2017 - way past reveal day. But I didn't get the "ZERO Emissions" rear paper plate. Go figure.

Revelate | 15. August 2018

Even my unemployed, lazy, navel gazing and reading this forum life has more things to worry about than if I got a toy car.

Seriously folks focus on shit that actually matters.

jpyang | 15. August 2018

I did not get full battery. This is unacceptable!

CharleyBC | 15. August 2018

@Rt002k, made me laugh!

bradbomb | 15. August 2018

@cascadiadesign Are you in California? Those Zero Emission paper plates are for States that don't issue temp tags. It was actually kind of a shock to me when I moved to LA 11 years ago and seeing all these cars driving around with paper plates advertising the dealer they were purchased from. In FL, you get issued a temp tag before you receive your permanent tags.

zippy | 15. August 2018

day of/pre reveal reservation holder, by the time my P3D was ready at Fremont, they had run out of the toy cars.

dmastro | 15. August 2018

Revelate | August 15, 2018

Seriously folks focus on shit that actually matters.
Like reading an internet forum and commenting on something as trivial as a toy car.

billstanton | 15. August 2018

Toy cars are so important they make movies about them. For children. Oh wait. But I wanted one.

lilbean | 15. August 2018

You’ll get a free license plate frame. Those are $40 on line.

007bond | 15. August 2018

dmastro it's more about broken promises. If you tell customers they are getting something give it to them.

dmastro | 15. August 2018

007Bond: I agree with you. My commentary relates to the fact that Revelate feels that reading and commenting on internet forum is something that actually matters.

vincejojo | 15. August 2018

As @Revelate." Seriously folks focus on shit that actually matters"

Yes, I got one, gave it to my three-year-old. All the wheel were gone by the second day. it all wrapped up in tape. Give me your address I will willingly send it to you free shipping.

RSavage_92024 | 15. August 2018

I got a permanent silly grin on my face while driving. You were expecting maybe a pony? -eyeroll-

cdavidhord | 15. August 2018

Nothing for my $118K Model X in December-wasn't even washed. The VIP treatment has vanished.

nwfan | 16. August 2018

What swag? Oh, the toy car. Got one of those for the Model 3.
Zip on the 2 Model S's.

In the earlier days. Tesla had coffee mugs, umbrella's, red bow, engrave card, etc.
Nice production welcoming you into the family. Those days are gone. Just read about
someone picking up Model 3 in Fremont at a parking lot. Not even free coffee.

gillies | 16. August 2018

I bought a toy car on ebay as a novelty (they go for about $65; i got carried away and bid on one-too-many and ended up with two of them.) They are a $10 made-in-china item. You can just buy a new made-in-china model X or model S toy car on ebay for $10 (hot wheels, matchbox, or generic 1:32 which is bigger than a hotwheels/matchbox.)

Quinten | 17. Oktober 2018

Update. I too got my little Model 3 car in the storage bin. I was surprise I got it as I thought it was for first day reservation holder.

jimglas | 17. Oktober 2018

They gave me a second iPhone charging cable

kevin | 17. Oktober 2018

I got a 3rd key card. They had made an extra by accident.

jayped | 17. Oktober 2018

I received the little Model 3 Car in the storage bin, Chrome Model 3 license plate frame mounted to the car with my PA Plate, and when I asked they were able to give me a 2nd iPhone charging cable.

jayped | 17. Oktober 2018

I received the little Model 3 Car in the storage bin, Chrome Model 3 license plate frame mounted to the car with my PA Plate, and when I asked they were able to give me a 2nd iPhone charging cable.

stacok | 17. Oktober 2018

Same here an Iphone cable and chrome Model 3 license frame

walnotr | 17. Oktober 2018

Just like RSavage, all I got was a big grin! Good enough for me.

ColoDriver | 17. Oktober 2018


Just one pony? I got like 400 of 'em.

slingshot18 | 17. Oktober 2018

I got the toy car and I'm NOT a reservation holder. First time I ever contacted Tesla was when I ordered in August. Also got the phone charging cables and license frame.

YONIMAYERI | 17. Oktober 2018

My friend and I got as much coffee as we could drink during delivery. We opted out of the granola bars. Included: two key cars, lightning and micro usb connectors, front and rear license plate holders, floor mats. Lots of swag for sale in the delivery showroom, opted out of that too. I have no use for a toy car, lol!

iasifiqbal2 | 17. Oktober 2018

Got my little model 3 toy car... was an early reservation holder..
Sitting on my office shelf ...along with Franz model 3 artistry on the wall

james04842 | 17. Oktober 2018

I got a package of sale documents.

nineteenelevenfan | 17. Oktober 2018

mine came with a big fat (and long) loan!

mptpro | 18. Oktober 2018

I got the model toy die-cast model of the M3. Same color as my car (red). I just picked up my car 2 weeks ago. I did have to specifically ask for it.

Got the license plate frame too.

Mission Viejo, CA.

Oh, I got free supercharging as well.

lph | 18. Oktober 2018

I got two red die cast toys with mine. Don’t know why. However, I was a pre unveil reservation and also a P3+ purchase.

Nexxus | 18. Oktober 2018

The gift of joy, knowing you'll never have to buy gas again! Well, maybe for your lawnmower, chainsaw, and leaf blower.

bhatiamoti | 11. Dezember 2018

Inconsistency in a mom, pop, brother in law shop is expected. Inconsistency in a Major International brand, priceless!
I bought a Tesla 3 and referred Tesla to a friend who bought the car the same day. His car had the toy car, mine did not.
Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

cbmilehigh | 11. Dezember 2018

also got a tire repair kit with the air compressor

PECo CT | 11. Dezember 2018

The delivery center in Mount Kisco, NY, still had die-cast Model 3s when I took delivery on 10/25. I had to ask for one, though. I was NOT a first day reservation holder.

ModernTriDad | 11. Dezember 2018

I took delivery on 11/27 at Mt Kisco and also received the die-cast Model 3, without asking for it. I was also not a reservation holder-at all.

kevin_rf | 11. Dezember 2018

They did not have one at Dedham when I picked up on 9/7, never got one for standing in line in day one.

Tess is in | 11. Dezember 2018

I picked up my car today in San Diego and the die-cast Model 3 was inside. No reservation.

Mlaihome | 11. Dezember 2018

Picked up mine in mid Sept in Fremont CA, no die cast model car as promised

Drizzle | 12. Dezember 2018

I got the die cast when I got my M3P in November. Only ordered a week before that, no reservation. I think they had extras laying around.