"Your Tesla Model 3 Is On the Way!"

"Your Tesla Model 3 Is On the Way!"

Last night around 6PM I finally got my email from ISA asking to confirm order details! I responded answering his questions immediately and am awaiting reply.

Stock wheels
Day 1 reservation

My roommate also got his email. Same config except stock black and he reserved April 14.

gmkellogg | 21. August 2018


Sslnight | 21. August 2018

Grats! :)

stacok | 21. August 2018

It will start to go pretty quick from there. about a week or so after we received that email we got the second and it asked for us to pick a delivery date from three days listed...then we got the MVPA to sign. From the time we got the initial email form ISA to schedule delivery was about three weeks. Congrat

Wormtown Kris | 21. August 2018

Congrats. You are now on the fast track!

David N | 21. August 2018

Saw a Model 3 at the Supercharger at the Sheetz in Strongsville, also a white 3 on Pleasant Valley, and a White Model X in my business lot the other day getting a treat.