Turn heater off?

Turn heater off?

Hi all,
Heading into high country and predicted cold weather at night in the 40’s. How do I turn the “heater” function off? I can turn the AC off, but see no heater button. Thanks

spuzzz123 | 28. August 2018

Push the fan icon to bring up the climate control dialogue. Theres a button at the bottom center of that screen (2 buttons below the AUTO button). It looks like a partial circle with a vertical line through it. That’s the climate control power button. Press it to toggle on or off.

Rt002k | 28. August 2018

Turn your temp down to LO before you do that. I observed the other day that I was having unusually high (260) Wh/m and realized that it was the first time that my 68 setting actually required a heater. I turned off my climate control but the efficiency maintained in the 260's. I turned my climate control back on, lowered the temp to LO, then off again and my efficiency quickly started to come down. I can only surmise that the heater stays on for some reason, like it's prepared to provide the temp that it's set to.

beachmiles | 15. Oktober 2019

Please add a heater toggle button while in manual mode.
Ideally add heater off mode, level 1 reuse battery heat in cabin only, or level 2 / max kW to use for cabin heating.

gmr6415 | 15. Oktober 2019

This has been needed for a long time. You should be able to turn the heater off and run only the fan if you want to.

True climate control should have a differential setting that looks at outside temperature and allows you to set a + or - temperature threshold for the AC and for the heat that must be met before heat or AC comes on.

beachmiles | 15. Oktober 2019
hokiegir1 | 15. Oktober 2019

@beachmiles - You don't need to post the same thing in multiple threads. It's unnecessary and spammish behavior.

beachmiles | 15. Oktober 2019

Sorry, trying to raise awareness on a feature that's been requested for years. Seems like there are 20 threads on every Tesla forum site with a form of this request. I guess you can't subscribe to Tesla forums so this isn't really necessary to post the same info in all. Except it does keep the general issue in the forefront of the current topics.