Autopark not showing up

Autopark not showing up

I signed up for the free EAP trail few days ago and have used EAP off and on a few times. Why has Autopark not showed up yet? Do I need to do something on my side?

httran26 | 30. August 2018

Autopark shows up when your drive slowly through a parking area and the system detects a space. The space has to be wide enough to fit one car. This is for both parallel park and perpendicular park. If the space is too big ( fits two cars or more), Autopark will not display either.

This is how I have gotten it to display for perpendicular parking. When you see an open spot. Drive slowly up to the spot and proceed to go past the spot as if you are going to back into it. It is helpful to drive closer to the open spot and go past it a little bit. Stop to car completely as you would before putting the car into R. The autopark button should appear on the screen. If it doesn't try backing up into the spot a little bit then stop completely again. If you do get it to appear, then press the button and let the car do its magic. It's just fun to watch the car park itself.

I noticed if I drive too fast, the autopark does not appear.

Tesla_User | 30. August 2018

@httran26, Thanks. Good tip, will try that.

dalesmith1962 | 30. August 2018

Perpendicular Autopark only works if there is one parking space between two parked cars. More than one space between the parked cars does not register.

EVRider | 30. August 2018

Make sure Autopark is actually enabled in your settings.

wqlhh | 30. August 2018

I tried many times, never had an autopark button on the screen

httran26 | 30. August 2018

Try driving slower and closer to the open space. Like others have said, it needs to be one open spot. Between two cars or a car and a building.

I had the same issue with my BMW i3. I had to drive a past the open space much more for the car to detect the open space. I guess the rear sensor needs to detect it too.

shadoh | 04. September 2018

Also, be aware that "autopark showing up on the screen" makes it sound like it's this big blinking light that says PRESS HERE FOR AUTOPARK!! :-) That is not the case. While you are in Drive, a faint parking symbol will appear to the right or left of the picture of your car (the P with a circle around it). It's faint and gray, so it's easy to miss/dismiss if you aren't looking for it. It won't turn into a button until you put the car in Reverse.

gcklo | 04. September 2018

For me, it seems like the P sign doesn't show up when I drive past an empty space. It did show up a few times on the highway in traffic though.

I will have to try again. I haven't used this feature.

spuzzz123 | 04. September 2018

There’s a YouTube video I recently pulled up where this owner talks about with a recent ota update how the blue icon no longer shows up. I got it to work once. The user manual doesn’t say anything about it so not sure where he got his info. But maybe it explains why we are no longer seeing it.

shadoh | 05. September 2018

@gcklo: same! So frustrating.There have been a couple of times I'm creeping through parking lots trying to get it to come up, to no avail. And then, like you, I'm sitting in traffic, and the dang thing pops up. Come on! lol.

httran26 | 05. September 2018

It's sad that you guys can't get it to work. It's a really fun feature to demonstrate. See the face with Wow of amazement. I'll see if I can get a video when I do it next time.

charles.a.braun | 05. September 2018

While I find it cool to show off to noobs in my car, I find that it is just too slow to use for anything else than to show off a whiz bang feature. I can park my car myself in about a quarter of the time it take auto park to do it.

gcklo | 05. September 2018

I can't see the P icon nor auto park button shows up when I put my car into reverse.

I used to see the P icon occasionally when I drove slowly.

Jack19087 | 11. November 2018

Had the same problem. Finally gave this feature a little more attention and here is how I got it to work. By the way I was surprised how quickly it parked in a rather right spot. Not like most of the videos I've watched.
1. Drive through the parking lot slowly. Pull past an open single spot. Put in reverse. There will be a blue box above the pic of your car. Tap it to park. It actually parked faster than I would. I was nervous since the spot was small and the other cars were close to the lines. But it self parked in ONE maneuver very quickly. Perhaps the recent updates addressed the parking speed.

roberttown | 11. November 2018

I've had AutoPark show up a couple times while driving sub 20mph. It is somewhat shy sometimes in the parking lot. Of the last 12 times I used AutoPark it failed the first 10; aborting after slowly trying to park. They were all perpendicular attempts.

spuzzz123 | 11. November 2018

I am thinking that there must be a raised curb at the rear of the parking spot, whether parallel or perpendicular. I’ve never got it to work any other way. Anyone else observe that?

SolArray | 12. November 2018

Worked rarely, but perfectly. Even hesitates if you touch the brake out of caution and has Resume button. However - was only offered when All of these Conditions met: decent lighting, adequate paint markers on pavement, parked car ahead and behind target spot, visible curb, wide enough lane to prevent front of car from crossing centerline when turning to park.Otherwise, may not be offered. Fortunately, I know how to park.

82bert | 12. November 2018

@roberttown. My first few perpendicular attempts had me paranoid and I also aborted. What I would say is don’t abort. As it’s reversing and appears to be off line, It will shift into drive to redirect and line up better. It’s a little scary the first time, but it works.

Patrick | 13. November 2018

Question - as I recall the manual and release notes mention that Autopark is intended to be used on “public streets”. Does it work in parking lots as well?

Have not had for testing yet....

82bert | 13. November 2018


tanya | 26. November 2018

I tried a few times, just for fun; though it works when it finally detects a spot, each time it makes too much noise turning the wheels. I am afraid the tires will develop flat areas. Besides, it is illegal/not allowed in many places in FL to back into a parking space.

roxybalboaguy | 26. November 2018

Don’t worry autopark shows up on freeway on-ramps.

CorkChop | 26. November 2018

@tanya I’ve lived FL my whole life and “Besides, it is illegal/not allowed in many places in FL to back into a parking space“ is total BS.

Patrick | 27. November 2018

Reporting back after more experience with perpendicular Autopark - has worked several times in private lots. Does not always see open spots for some reason...

82bert | 27. November 2018

@corkchop. I was about to ask if she is for real?! I don’t live in FL, but that would be hilarious if true.

tanya | 27. November 2018

@CorkChop and @82bert Your jumping to conclusion is totally hilarious BS.
The building I live in does not allow anybody to back into the parking spots, and it is not the only one here. Many colleges give you parking tickets in FL as well since we only have a license plate in the back of the car.
Here is a link to an article:
Here is from FSU:

Miataguy | 01. Dezember 2018

@CorkChop and @82bert - tanya is correct. There are lots of public lots that don't permit back-in parking. They do this so they can see your tags when walking through the lot.

smaddila | 23. Dezember 2018

i don't see any instructions for "Autopark" in the users manual or any other settings I have a M3 - MR delivered 12/8/18... is there any reason why this wont appear es

kbaloch | 25. März 2019

Outside of the first few weeks of ownership I have not seen autopark show up for me in my daily parking. Very disappointed in that feature being so flaky.

Carl Thompson | 26. März 2019

I gave up on Autopark a long time ago. Almost never shows up when I'm trying to park and on the very few occasions when it did and I tried it it was tediously slow.

Definitely not a good implementation IMO.

mblabat | 30. April 2019

Is there anything that has to be configured in settings for it to work? I have yet to see the P.

EVRider | 30. April 2019

@mblabat: Yes, you have to enable Autopark under Autopilot settings, but you also need to have purchased either EAP or FSD to get Autopark.

spuzzz123 | 30. April 2019

Here’s a tip for better results using perpendicular
Parking. Let’s say you want to park on the right. Drive slowly past the spot but favor the right side more than you normally would if you were parking yourself. It seems like the cameras require you to be a little closer perhaps to get a better measurement on the space available. After nearly giving up on the feature I can now get it to work almost every time with this method.

zp | 30. April 2019

Make sure you are traveling under 15mph when passing by the open space.

weluvm3 | 30. April 2019

Been quite a while since my Tesla has offered to autopark. I hope it gets better over time.

Bruingal | 30. April 2019

Autopark hasn't been recognizing open parking spots since I updated to 2019.8.5. I'd had decent success prior to that update so I know that it can and does work. Just got the prompt for the new software update this afternoon so hope that this fixes Autopark. Fingers crossed!

mblabat | 01. Mai 2019

@EVrider Thanks. Yes I have FSD. Didn’t notice anything in the autopilot settings related to autopark but will take a closer look.

SalisburySam | 01. Mai 2019

AutoPark continues to be one of two key advertised features that just don’t work for me, Summon being the other. I’ve yet to see AutoPark offer to park, either parallel or perpendicular, except twice in heavy traffic at a stoplight. Sadly, these two features, for me, aren’t even good parlor tricks let alone useful vehicle functions. So for the EAP and FSD investment, all of what was supposed to be delivered for that $8k is crippled by failures in two areas.

It is easy to blame connectivity protocols, poor reception areas, flaky WiFi, and so on. However, this is a car, subject to being used in areas where any and all of that is possible and even likely. Everything just needs to work and work reliably, i.e., each and every time without hiccups. Occasional glitches across the fleet or in specific vehicles are testimony to immature code. Given the ongoing problems I and others are experiencing, I’d like to see Tesla work on getting all existing services working reliably and well before new gee whiz stuff is brought out.

Jtwo | 01. Mai 2019

I've only gotten it to work once. I tried yesterday using the same method and nothing.

EVRider | 01. Mai 2019

@mblabat: I’m not sure there’s a specific setting for Autopark, but make sure Summon is enabled, since I think Autopark is considered part of Summon. Even if everything is enabled, a lot of people report that the P indicator doesn’t always appear when expected (and sometimes appears when not expected).

If everything is enabled and you still can’t get it to work, try rebooting, and if that doesn’t help, have Service check your car for hardware issues.

rdh37 | 01. Mai 2019

Summon does not need to be enabled to use autopark (or at least it did not previously). Granted, I have only used autopark once but I have summon disabled in my car.

Carl Thompson | 01. Mai 2019


I agree that it's a car and therefore certain things just need to work in all circumstances, period.

I'm not sure that I agree Autopark and Summon fall into that category, though.

aassouad | 16. Mai 2019

I recently noticed that my autopark is no longer working as well, when it used to work at almost every potential spot. I took the car to SC and they are telling me its dues to the staggered wheels I installed. Not sure I believe them, I am looking for clarification - anyone? Thanks!

hfisher3380 | 19. Mai 2019

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that Autopark has basically stopped working for me and that Nav on Autopilot has been more “jittery” than it was previously - to the point where I rarely see it through to the end of ,y journey. Hoping future software software updates clear this up.

jerrykham | 19. Mai 2019

Yes, Autopark in both our Model S and Model 3 used to only show up in traffic when approaching a stop light or stop sign. It would never show up on an actual street when trying to park or in a parking lot. Even when purposely, carefully trying to trigger it it wouldn't come on. Now it doesn't even show up in traffic anymore - haven't seen it in months.

SalisburySam | 19. Mai 2019

@ Carl Thompson, my thinking about AutoPark and Summon is that all paid-for features should be a high priority for the manufacturer to ensure work well and reliably. Since my purchase of the 3 in 07/18, EAP has included some form of these features. Today in 05/19 they are not at any level of reliability, if they even work at all. If this was an entertainment center you paid extra for, or 30-way massaging electric driver’s seat, or extra-cost HID headlamps and any of those didn’t work well and every time, what would you do? Probably contact the mfr’s service department and demand a repair. Those of us with malfunctioning/never-functioning AutoPark and/or Summon have no such recourse. But the mfr did cash my check for the option. I’m not talking FSD here as that was known vaporware at time of purchase and you knew your money would only and maybe have an investment return in the perhaps distant future.. I’m talking about 40% of the features touted and expected as part of EAP at time of purchase.

Magic 8 Ball | 19. Mai 2019

I think Carl died, RIP.

ODWms | 19. Mai 2019

@Magic - are you serious?

Magic 8 Ball | 19. Mai 2019

Please don't rip me for my horrible speculation.

Not funny?

Voltaire325 | 22. Mai 2019

I've had my Model 3 for just over a week. I have done everything to trigger auto park and it won't. I soft reset and still nothing. It is disappointing to pay extra for these things and not have them work at all. I have a service appointment next month and see what they say.