NEMA 10–30 adapters have been discontinued, and I just installed the outlet.

NEMA 10–30 adapters have been discontinued, and I just installed the outlet.

I paid $600 to get a NEMA 10-30 outlet installed only to find that the 10-30 adapters have just sold out online and are actually being discontinued.

Anyone have a 10-30 adapter they're not using and are willing to sell, or have any ideas for what to do next?

daniel | 04. September 2018

The only difference between a NEMA 10-30 and a NEMA 14-30 is an additional pin for a grounding wire, which you should have anyway if any electrician installed the plug. You could easily change to a NEMA 14-30 plug by swapping out the plug and connecting the grounding wire. Alternatively, you could install the Tesla Wall Connector which also needs a ground.

efraimbart | 04. September 2018

Any electrician installed the plug but I don't think I have a grounding wire.

Tesla wall connector costs $500, no?

johnse | 04. September 2018

The electrician should never have installed a 10-30. It’s an outdated outlet type in that it does not have a ground.

You have three choices:
1) if the electrician did run a ground wire, simply replace with the 14-30, the modern equivalent of the 10-30.
2) if there are only the 3 wires, repurpose the neutral wire to be a ground wire (marked with green tape on both ends) and install a 6-30. Then get the 14-30 adapter for the MC and a 6-30 to 14-30 pigtail adapter (since Tesla doesn’t make a 6-30 MC adapter. (You could also do as #1 leaving the neutral disconnected. That’s probably not up to code, but the MC won’t care. You should label it so someone doesn’t try plugging in something that needs the neutral.)
3) do as 2, but install a Wall Connector directly. | 04. September 2018

@efraimbart - johnse has the best advice! You might check eBay for a used Tesla NEMA 10-30 too. Also contact service centers near you - one might have a 10-30 adapter left in stock. There are two versions depending on which MC you have (GEN 1 or GEN2) so don't buy the wrong one.

I'm sort of surprised at the electrician putting in a 10-30 too - legal, but really obsolete today to not have a ground.

lycanag | 04. September 2018

I wish there was a notice on the site other than Sold Out. I was contemplating that type of outlet but I'll go with the 14-30 instead.

efraimbart | 05. September 2018

Yep, it sold out just as I was having it installed, figured there was nothing to worry about.

DTsea | 05. September 2018

just curious why did you install a NEMA 10-30 instead of the (recommended) NEMA 14-50?

jamespompi | 05. September 2018

Bummer. I dont think the ground has to be run back to the ground bar in the electrical panel though. Might be able to put a closer ground rod to your plug depending on how youre set up. Ask your electrician, well actually ask a different electrician, cause that guy overcharged you for an outdated setup.

efraimbart | 05. September 2018

@DTsea I already had a NEMA 10-30 elsewhere in the house and - without doing too much research, but considering that it was supported by Tesla - decided to just go with a similar setup.

DTsea | 06. September 2018

Ah, efraimbart. I guess you didnt notice the charging setup instructions on the Tesla webpage. 10-30 hasnt had an adaptor available for years....

hope it works out for you.

achilles992000 | 06. September 2018

i have a 10-30 adapter i can sell. how do i contact you?

DanFoster1 | 07. September 2018

I didn’t buy it because I don’t need one, but I just went to shop.tesla, selected a NEMA 10-30 adaptor, and moved to check out without receiving a warning that it was sold out or otherwise unavailable—are you 100% positive that it’s discontinued?

If the Tesla NEMA 10-30 adaptor is truly gone (or even if it’s not), EVSE Adaptors makes excellent charging gear—I bought their TT-30 adaptor for 120V, 30-amp camp sites (which I hope I’ll never need.) They make a NEMA 10-30 adaptor, and a 15-foot NEMA 10-30 extension cord. Their quality is outstanding.


As others have said, electricians should install the NEMA 14-50 for customers who desire EV charging outlets, not the NEMA 10-30. And $600 seems excessive, especially for an outlet that can deliver 24 amps continuous at most. I’d like to hear if your cable run was long, buried or otherwise very difficult; and/or the mounting point was inaccessible?

Of course had I hired out for this I would expect to pay a fair wage for labor but, for materials only cost comparison: this summer, I installed a Tesla Wall Connector on the back porch of my house. My single charger S85D can draw 40 amps continuous so I required: 50 amp breaker; 125 feet of 6-gauge, three conductor solid copper cable; conduit; watertight connectors; and the usual miscellany (ferrules, grommets, wire hangers, hardware, etc.)—total cost: $317.38, most of which was the cable. In most circumstances, installing a NEMA 10-30 should be far easier, and require lighter, cheaper cable.

DanFoster1 | 07. September 2018

P.S. EVSE Adaptors for the Tesla Generation 2 UMC (Model 3 and all new Teslas delivered in 2018):

efraimbart | 07. September 2018

@DTsea @DanFoster1 I should've mentioned that it was Gen 2 I'm looking for and which has just sold out.

@DTsea I don't know what Tesla page you are referring to but all the pages I reviewed said the 10-30 is supported.

@DanFoster1 Thanks for the info!

@achilles992000 I may have secured an adapter, I'll let you know if I end up needing one.

kathi2000usa | 10. September 2018

I want one too, for when I want to charge at my mom's house. Darn Tesla!

kathi2000usa | 10. September 2018

Should have said more about this: I make a routine trip San Diego to LA once a month ( the miscellaneous). Don't think I am getting the 300 miles my M3 indicates when I leave San Diego, but I accept that using the HOV lane means driving 70+ mph if traffic is good. So I need to top off in LA to avoid Range Anxiety. Incredible good luck there is one single greenlots space a short walk from mom's house, but I cannot leave it there overnight so an inconvenience.

Rocky_H | 10. September 2018

Here's the duplicate thread from TMC:

Someone from Tesla was incorrect when they said it was discontinued. A later response from Tesla said it would be a few weeks to restock:

Jgringo | 12. September 2018

@achilles992000 I am looking for an adapter. Could you contact me at jgringo AT gmail DOT com


efraimbart | 12. September 2018

@Rocky_H It appears you are correct, I finally got an email back from Tesla myself and they said it will just be out of stock for a couple weeks. The only caveat is that we both never mentioned Gen 1 vs Gen 2.

sterickson | 25. September 2018

Is there anyway to pre-order the Gen2 10-30 adapter? I don't want to have to refresh the site every 10 minutes between now and when they are available, or wait months to get one, because I'm not refreshing every 10 minutes ....

de37421 | 07. Oktober 2018

You can get a Nema 10-30 to 14-50 converter cable then use your Tesla 14-50 plug, the one that came with the car. Make sure you limit the car to 30A.
This one is $52. I have one coming tomorrow. I did see a cheaper one on line a few minutes ago. Look for dryer converter cable.

kenj | 07. Oktober 2018

Gen 2 10-30 adapter is back in stock!!!!! Go to the shop page. Just came back this weekend. | 03. Oktober 2019

While NEMA 10-30 adapters are in the wild, I thought code no longer allowed them to be installed. What electrician would install one of these? He should have refused and told you to get a different cord for your appliance, in this case a different $35 adapter.

There is a reason why they don't use the 10-30 outlet anymore. Join us in the 21st century.