Where do you keep your key card?

Where do you keep your key card?

Waiting for my car (the 26th of this month!) and have some questions. My phone case is my wallet. My credit cards, license and phone all sit in the phone case. If I add the key card if I lose my phone I'm SOL. Is the card sturdy enough to just sit loose in a pocket? Or do I now have to get a real wallet again. Or do I just make sure that my spouse/kids have the Tesla app so in the rare instance where I might lose my phone with the card I can call them and have them unlock/start my car.

Am I overthinking this?


EVRider | 12. September 2018


LostInTx | 12. September 2018

You'll get two cards. I have one in my wallet and the other in the vast expanse that is my wife's purse. I'd keep the card separate from your phone.

pilotbeagle | 12. September 2018

You may consider an ID Cards Badge Holder with 1 ID Window and 2-Sided 3 Slot and Lanyard Neck Strap Band. Additional Heavy Duty Metal Retractable Badge Reel with Belt Clip. On Amazon for $7.99.

Tesla2018 | 12. September 2018

I keep one in my wallet and taped the other one to the back of my phone with clear packing tape.

stevenmaifert | 12. September 2018

The key card is the size of a credit card and the same degree of "sturdiness". You can keep in loose in a pocket.

roberts | 12. September 2018

I only use the keycard. I never take it out of my wallet. Before I bought the car I thought I wouldn't like the card and wanted a fob. I no longer want a fob and most likely would not carry it.

amylee | 12. September 2018

I keep one in the glove box and one in my wallet. Never had an issue with the phone app tho

MichaelB00012 | 12. September 2018

Your glove box? That's ballsy.

ebmcs03 | 12. September 2018

I keep it on the key ring along with the house keys. Just like I do with fobs

rdavis | 12. September 2018

I keep it in my money clip with my cash, DL, and a few CC... I don't carry a wallet anymore...

amylee | 12. September 2018

No one can open the glovebox without another key or I missing something that would make this unsafe.

afrandx | 12. September 2018

You guys think putting it next to my phone would mess anything up? Thinking about putting it in between phone case and phone..

lilbean | 12. September 2018

I've kept mine in my phone case and it's fine.

apodbdrs | 13. September 2018

Putting it next to your phone shouldn't mess anything up, however if you lose both you will be out of luck if you need to get into the car or drive it. I keep mine in an RFID sleeve in my wallet next to my credit cards. Normally I use my phone to open and drive my Model 3.

wiboater4 | 13. September 2018

amylee If you lose the one your using you can't get into your own glove box then unless you have your phone. Which I suppose you are doing. I leave one card at home in a safe place so if I lose the other I have it as a backup. I was thinking Tesla would need the spare to make you a copy but maybe they don't need it?

cjmac1975 | 13. September 2018

I'm a commuter and use a parking garage daily here in Manhattan. Should have my P3D next month and trying to figure out how to handle the key card situation with the garage. Any thoughts? Is it intuitive or am I going to have to train every garage employee?

wiboater4 | 13. September 2018

There is actually a picture on the key card showing how to swipe it and where but I don't think a lot of people would catch that.

hokiegir1 | 13. September 2018

@cjmac -- someone here or in one of the other forums made a "valet cheatsheet". I have my card in a little keychain holder with slots on one side and a clear window on the other. Card is in the slots, and I have that cheatsheet in the clear window -- and it says "VALET INSTRUCTIONS" and I wrote "remove to see more" (since it's 2 sided). Haven't had the opportunity to try it since I did that. We've done valet a couple times and explained it to the drivers. The biggest issue for them is they can't hang the card on the rack without a holder or hole punched in it somehow, so they have a hard time finding it after

cjmac1975 | 13. September 2018

This is very helpful, thank you! I will put the card in some kind of holder with a ring to solve the issue.

kevin_rf | 13. September 2018

Placed one in the fireproof safe, the other is in my cell phone case. While I prefer to use the cell, I don't consider the cell phone a reliable key. I have had it brick often enough not to trust it. It especially likes to brick when I go night skiing.

Haggy | 14. September 2018

If you lose your phone, you have no license or credit cars with you, which seems like a bigger issue. You can drive without a license, as long as you don't get pulled over, but considering that the license and card key are things that you'd rarely use, you can keep them somewhere where you don't have to take them out very often.

People who want a card as a backup are most likely to use it if the phone goes dead, not if it's stolen or lost, but it's up to you. If you've never lost a phone in your life and never plan to lose one, then you will have to decide for yourself whether it's worth the risk.

kevin_rf | 15. September 2018

Same goes for a wallet... Just as easy to lose. My cell case is my wallet and gets treated like a wallet. That way I don't have to carry both.

Like I said, the second card is in the safe.

Doggiehowser | 15. September 2018

#haggy #kevin_rf Probably thinking this over too much. Never lost a car key (except in the house!) when travelling. Wasn't one of those people who hid a key in a magnetic holder in the wheel well in case i lost the key, so now i wonder why having a key card or a phone to unlock and use the car made me think about what happens if I lose my phone. Must be this forum! I never scoured over a new car when I went to pick it up, now this forum is making me antsy and i somehow feel i have to take a magnifying glass to look over my new car when i pick it up 10 days from now.....the power of social media making us crazy

ews400 | 02. Januar 2020

I'm thinking of using a strong magnet to hide the key somewhere on the card. Does anyone know if this could demagnetize the card?

apodbdrs | 02. Januar 2020

In my wallet! Should I lose the wallet with card, I will immediately remove that card from my car, use my phone and use my other card until I get a replacement.

Sarah R | 02. Januar 2020

@ews400 a magnet (probably) won't hurt the card. It's not like the magnetic stripe on a credit card. It's an NFC device that responds to radio frequency and it's powered by that RF energy. NFC and RFID are closely related technologies, but differ in important ways.

All that said, however, leaving a key to the car on the outside of the car is dubious at best.

The whole thing cries out for a wearable solution like a watch band or just a wrist band. I'm guessing that someone who can make a compatible device that's wearable will have a market with pent-up demand.

wiscy67 | 02. Januar 2020

apodbdrs +1

Slightly off topic - I use a money clip and now a slim wallet and am able to hold wallet up to b pillar to lock/unlock. When I unlock car after shopping, load my costco items and am returning the cart to the cart rack I worry that someone could jump in and drive away. Am thinking I should add Pin to Drive.

apodbdrs | 02. Januar 2020

@wiscy67, Yes by add a PIN. It is easy, 4 digits and safe! Just, don't forget to write down the PIN, don't want to forget it. The PIN is only used to Drive the car.

NorthValley | 03. Januar 2020

Would be nice if you could voice recognition the PIN to wheel button, say 'PIN' and then your 4 digits...would be cool

ews400 | 03. Januar 2020

Sarah R,

Thank you for your reply! Exactly the information I was looking for.

FYI, I have a devious hiding spot in mind.

NorthValley | 03. Januar 2020 to share? Sounds good.

Joseb | 03. Januar 2020

Used to be in my wallet next to my driver's license. But honestly, I'll just leave it in my home, next to other spare keys.

rob | 04. Januar 2020

I keep my key card in my wallet which I lost on Dec 28.
So if anybody finds a wallet w/ a Tesla card, keep the cash, trash the CCs and mail me my DL and Tesla card.


ColonyGolfer | 04. Januar 2020

I have a Tumi bifold wallet and keep my Tesla card in with the bills, at the outer part of the skin. I took a little white-out and marked a small "T" on the outside of the black wallet where the card sits when folded so I know which side the card is on. The signal passes thru the leather so I never have to remove the card to use it on or in the car (if I don't have my phone with me) . Tap the wallet on the pillar, the console, and away we go. Take the card out for the valet, and return it to the "T" side of the wallet afterward.

kevin_rf | 04. Januar 2020

Bra strap of course... No not really, the man boobs don't yet need a bra ;-)

mrburke | 04. Januar 2020

"What's in your wallet?"
My Tesla key card of course. Right behind my driver's license.

Randyb359 | 04. Januar 2020

Rob. I lost my wallet the same day. Already ordered drivers license. Went to a service center and got a new key card. Locked my credit cards. As soon as I actually Cancel them I am sure I will find it.

leo33 | 05. Januar 2020


thedrisin | 05. Januar 2020

Wallet. A couple of times phone battery out of charge.

SalisburySam | 05. Januar 2020

Wallet and purse for me and wife, respectively. Have yet to use either card since deliver July 2018.

brscpo | 05. Januar 2020

Use the iPhone app for access normally. Keep 1 card in the wallet as back up. The second card is in a plastic ID holder with a ring for lanyard and kept in the glove box, to hand to the valet if I ever let someone else drive my Model 3.

BumblebeEV | 05. Januar 2020

I have 5 keys to my Tesla

My iPhone
My iPad
The phone of my wife
my card in my wallet
the other car in my wife's purse

Sarah R | 05. Januar 2020


Do you actually have one if those, or are you posting FYI?