AC HVAC crackles and pops when cooling

AC HVAC crackles and pops when cooling

Hey everyone,


I picked up my model 3 about 21 days ago and love it with only a minor hiccup or two.  However, the only thing that is seriously bothering me is when I enter the vehicle and the HVAC kicks on, the front dash/”vents” start crackling.  I understand thermal expansion and all that, but it’s annoyingly loud and persistent until the car is up to temp after 5-10 minutes.  It honestly sounds like I’m making popcorn in the car.  And I hate making these comparisons, but my 12 year old Acura never did this, new or old. 


Has anyone heard or seen anything like this?  Any easy fixes?  I can upload a video later on in the day. I also plan to take it to Tesla but wondering if I’m an outlier and what they can fix if at all.  Thanks!

Jlomb436 | 14. September 2018

Bump. Thanks.

Atoms | 18. September 2018

Yes, I notice this on my car. There must be missing expansion joints and pointed pieces can give a bit to make cracking sound. Mine is not so loud and music can cover it up. Maybe in the future they will reengineer this part or not.

Jlomb436 | 19. September 2018

So mine is loud enough that is actually can be heard even at like 2/3's volume. I'm going to take it in and see what they say but it sounds like it could be rare since others haven't mentioned it that I can see. Or

spdimaio | 24. September 2018

Did you take it in to have it checked out? I hear some ticking sounds for a while after the A/C starts up. Sounds like thermal expansion sounds coming from the dashboard. Curious to hear if you solved it.

shjin | 22. Juni 2019

This sound is caused by the trim pieces on both end of the wood dash trim. The small plastic pieces can be easily removed to verify the noise won't happen without it. If you verify it, then just add some fabric insulation on the piece that goes to the clip. It will fix it.