Most Useful M3 Accessories

Most Useful M3 Accessories

Apologies if this has been addressed before, I am looking for current owner feedback on most useful accessories for new M3.
Am considering the wheel kit for aero wheels ($50) and tire repair kit ($80). What are the other "must haves", e.g. sunshade, etc. Thanks.

ebmcs03 | 22. September 2018

Front Center console tray. 3D printer required.

Tire repair kit? No. Use the included roadside assistance.

EVMan | 22. September 2018

I have put a vinyl wrap on the center console. People have indicated it scratches very easily. It has to be kept sparkling clean as dust really shows. I got it through They have various styles to suit ones needs. I got the Matte Black Urethane PPF Xpel Stealth. Wife does not like shinny... Looks great.

SteveWin1 | 22. September 2018

I also put a vinyl wrap on the center console. Definitely shows dust, finger prints and scratches without it. I did a white wrap to match the white seats. It actually looks great, since the white dash material along with the now-white center console make a "T." Other than that, I don't think it really needs much else. Window tint, if you want... Obviously any charging adapters that you might need.

twcekud | 22. September 2018

EVMan, Steve: can we see pics of your console wrap? Thanks!

jefjes | 22. September 2018

I have the Tesla sunshade and wheel kit and enjoy both but getting a PPF on the front of the car is probably the best thing you can do while the paint is still new to keep it looking that way. The mats that come with the car show wear pretty easily so I got the ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Set off of Amazon for the inside and trunk and have been very happy with them also. As far as the center console, I keep a microfiber towel folded on it where I lay our sunglasses and use that for a quick wipe of dust on the console, screen, and anything else if needed. It protects the console but some may not like the way that looks and I confess that I put some vinyl wrap kits in my Amazon lists for the day it becomes scratched and I want to cover it, but it hasn't happened in the 3 months I've had the car.

Mchenry7 | 22. September 2018

Abstract Ocean LED light replacements for the puddle, frunk, truck, footwells, etc. The stock lights are very dim compared to the Abstract Ocean lights, Really makes a difference. Cheap and easy to DIY.

gadget63 | 22. September 2018

I too bought the toughpro mats and also for the frunk, trunk, and under trunk. I also bought the lug nut covers from Tesla. I'm still on the fence with a wrap, but I already have a nice scratch on my center console, so I guess I too will be ordering one, probably in the wood tone to match the dash. I'm not a fan of the carbon fiber look. I have a tire repair kit and electric inflator because hopefully I can have the tire repaired and on my way long before roadside assistance shows up.

343971384 | 19. Januar 2019

Phone dock spacer for Tesla Model 3, the charging dock is not phone case friendly, very difficult to plug in to charge, got this from TapTes, although 3D printed, but anyway working good:

Pepperidge | 19. Januar 2019

Key FOB if you frequently use frunk.

843TM3 | 19. Januar 2019

My absolute favorite accessory is the Nomad wireless charger. It seems pricey but the quality along with the fit and finish is absolutely worth it. It looks OEM and really makes the Tesla solution look and feel rediculous. It should have been a wireless charging dock from the factory. After looking at several other options the Nomad product clearly stood out from the rest.

The center console tray is also very handy and well done. I definitely recommend getting that. I got mine from Etsy following a link I came across on the forum and I am very happy with it.

I also love the trunk/frunk all weather mats from Tesla. They fit perfectly and I prefer their look over any of the 3rd party options.

sdg | 22. Januar 2019

I like the TuxMat mats for the interior. Smooth, leather-like surface is easy to wipe clean. Got the Tesla trunk mat and it is good. Using Frunk just for charging accessories so didn't waste $$$ on mat. Installed matte black console wrap myself and happy with results. Also like iPow flexible long arm cell phone holder attached just under screen so I can just pop my cell phone on the magnet and have better access to it than in the console.

SalisburySam | 23. Januar 2019

@Mchenry7, +1. We are not bothered by the glossy console or existing mats, but the accent lighting in the Model 3 is very weak. I replaced puddle, trunk, and glovebox lights with a 7-light kit from AbstractOcean and the difference is amazing, especially in the trunk where now you can actually see the contents. I opted to not replace the footwell lighting because I don’t especially want bright lights there, and haven’t needed anything beyond factory lighting. Also, before getting the replacements, I didn’t even know the Model 3 had puddle lights. I do now and greatly appreciate them.

guydude | 23. Januar 2019

I LOVE my Nomad wireless charger. Best buy hand down.

mamafuzbot | 23. Januar 2019

WeatherTech mats - front, rear and frunk. Essential during winter here in the northeast.

socalbtc3 | 23. Januar 2019

Front Roof Sun Screen
Cold air intake with K&N filter
Performance free flow exhaust system
(just kidding on the last two)

CorkChop | 23. Januar 2019

Abstract Ocean "T" logo puddle lights just because they are cool.
Frunk and Trunk mats from Tesla Store.