Navigation Not showing current location

Navigation Not showing current location

I was driving on the highway today with my M3. When I tried to engage EAP, I noticed the car slowed down drastically. The screen showed the speed at around 45 MPH, and the speed limit showed the same. Traffic around me is going at 75 MPH. Looking at the map, it showed the M3 cursor on local street about 0.5 miles off the highway, going in the direction that's perpendicular to the highway I was on.

I exited the highway the first chance I got, googled the issue, and tried to reboot the system by doing the hard reset (i.e. pressing both thumb wheels at the same time until the screen goes blank). It didn't fix the issue. I tried again, and the problem is still there.

After I got home, I called Tesla technical support and waited 40 minutes in the queue. The technician ran diagnostic remotely and everything showed up clean. He was as befuddled as I was. He suggest for me to arrange for a service appointment to get the issue checked out more thoroughly at my local service center. He also suggested for me to disable WiFi. It sounded like the navigation could somehow lock onto WiFi and got a wrong fix on the location. It sounded fishy, but I said I'll give it a try. I disabled WiFi after I got off the phone with technical support, and, not surprisingly, that didn't fix the issue. I left the WiFi off anyone, hoping for a miracle.

I've read posts of people who went through the same. A few had the issue magically disappeared overnight. Others required their GPS antenna replaced.

Does anyone here have similar experience with your GPS unit going bad on you without warning? Did you get it fixed? How and what went wrong?

vishious911 | 28. September 2018

I've had a similar issue that it either got resolved by itself (or by a subsequent software update). But no service center (SC) visits.

So it has trouble picking up the location if you're starting off from poor reception areas (like a garage). One time, it took about 40 mins on the freeway before it resolved itself automagically and without me doing anything. The other time, I got to my local destination and it was still messed up. But I locked the car, walked away, ate dinner and it was working fine when I came back.

SC had no clue either. Hope yours gets resolved soon!

allweathermaint | 28. September 2018

My car was delivered in Alaska thinking it was still in Tacoma. Fixed itself in a day.

xiaofan.feng | 22. Oktober 2018

I had the same issue with my model x every time I drive pass Tacoma on I-5. It suddenly slowed down because it sensed speed limit was 35 mph.

Bighorn | 22. Oktober 2018

GPS miscues are usually just after waking up and might be a few hundred feet off. I think it's similar to any GPS system that needs to lock on to several satellites to pinpoint your location. This confuses the NAV instructions because it's trying to get you back to the road you're actually on. I've never heard nor can I understand how it would travel perpendicular to your direction of travel. Parallel always in my experience. Pretty sure I've seen the behavior in both cars.

Bennettb619 | 22. Oktober 2018

I was surprised that the speed limit showed 55 mph on my screen for the garden state parkway. I thought it was wrong but when I got home and looked it up that was the speed limit on the part I was driving on. So my Tesla was right.

gr3yee | 28. März 2019

After the March 2019 update, my MX screen & phone shows the car is located at Tesla HQ, Palo Alto. I've rebooted 3x with no change & 24 hrs later still no luck. I've messaged customer support, still waiting for a response....

dsocoloff | 18. Mai 2019

Having same issue showing Palo Alto and not corrected with reboot. Any advice?

ksusweep | 19. Mai 2019

Make an appointment with your service problem if the problem persists. Mine appears to be firmware related. One of the earlier rollout fixed the issue.