Water spilling into trunk when opened

Water spilling into trunk when opened

If you have the misfortune of having to open your trunk during a heavy rain, all the water running down from your roof and rear window run right in.
The small strip of rubber that is supposed to channel the water away to the side is next to useless. Water running down the rear glass picks up quite a bit of speed and flies right over the rubber and directly into your trunk so be aware.
Tesla needs to design a different type of trunk gasket that pops up and forms a much higher dam channeling the water away keeping it out of the trunk.
Does anybody have a fix for this?

Magic 8 Ball | 19. Oktober 2018

Have you called service? I believe they changed the gasket design.

Bighorn | 19. Oktober 2018

Saw someone with a trunkful of snow recently online.

gballant4570 | 19. Oktober 2018

I generally will only open the trunk in a rainstorm while inside the barn. Not that its happened yet, and I know the barn could be far away....but I'll remember the issue, and react accordingly.

wwws56a | 19. Oktober 2018

I had Tesla service at my home today to fix my glove box that wouldn't open. I asked about this and he knew of nothing.

Magic 8 Ball | 19. Oktober 2018

Here is a link to a thread that talks about the different gaskets. Not everyone at TESLA, or any company, is up to speed on the latest.

RES IPSA | 19. Oktober 2018

@Magic... While the 20 year old working at the showroom at your local mall may not be up to speed on the latest, a service technician absolutely should be. Tesla should be emailing these technicians 1-2 times a week with the latest issues and fixes.

Magic 8 Ball | 19. Oktober 2018

I said nothing what service techs should be I am saying what they actually are. This is not a big issue that many complain about so I can't fault anyone for not being up to speed on this.

The guys down at the Furd dealership, I go to, are never up to speed on TSB's or ECO'd parts. I have had to press them several times and get actual part numbers for them, off the net, to get things done right. To get the modem to work in our CMax energy it took 3 months and me tracking down the exact P/N of the module and date codes of bad vs good parts. This has been my experience at Nissan and Toyota also.

An obscure thing like a gasket a dozen or so people complain about and you think all the techs should be up to speed, seriously?

Bighorn | 19. Oktober 2018

Probably depends on if the service center is an area that gets rain.

RES IPSA | 19. Oktober 2018

I just expect experts to be experts, that's all. The techs should be trained to spot and immediately fix issues that Tesla has already noticed were defective. A checklist that is updated monthly?

In your first comment, you mentioned they have changed the gasket design. The techs should be looking for things like and replace the gasket if spotted during service.

Magic 8 Ball | 19. Oktober 2018

Not a perfect world with perfect techs, bummer.
This is why I visit forums.
Now you know about trunk gaskets, next question?

slingshot18 | 19. Oktober 2018

When did they change the gasket? I have a September build and my car spills water into the trunk.

Magic 8 Ball | 19. Oktober 2018

Use volkerize to dig. I used: "trunk" "gasket" "water" to dig up the old thread. The information is there and I do not remember anyone confirming a different part number or date. There are pics somewhere of what the newer taller gasket looks like next to older shorter one. You may have the taller gasket and still get water, oh well.

RES IPSA | 19. Oktober 2018

I do now know about the trunk gasket issue due to @Magic and this forum. So Thank you for that.


The M3 is too beautiful to see dirty, in my opinion. So I do not drive it in bad weather. That is what the old Prius is for...

lbowroom | 19. Oktober 2018

What happens when you open the door in a hurricane? Just feeling a little spicy, don't take offense.

Orthopod | 20. Oktober 2018

What happens if you open the trunk during an Earthquake? I asked an expert and he didn't seem to know about it

walnotr | 20. Oktober 2018

Every time I opeden the door on my Prius rain water would run in from the roof. When I open the trunk on the Model 3, I know this can happen so I don’t throw the lid up. Instead, I take it slower and let it not overwhelm the seals. Some times the simplest fixes are within your control.

You could also never wax the car and the water won’t bead up so much. (Being a little facetious here)