I'm about to go on my first roadtrip, in about an hour and a half, from PA to NJ to MD, and then the reverse, back, tonight. I thought I recall reading that v9 had waypoints, so I wanted to set my NJ stop (to pick up a friend) as one, but I'll be darned if I see how ...

gmr6415 | 21. Oktober 2018

I haven't used the navigator since getting v9, but what I learned on a long trip was before you ever start go into navigation and navigate to all of the waypoints (stopping points) from your current location and cancel the trips as you do it.

When you hit the road and you go into navigation all of the stopping points will be in a drop down list.

I know this isn't exactly what you are looking for, but I found it much more helpful with them already being in the list than having to use voice command, which often gets things wrong, or type them while on the road.

I know there are apps out there that will do this for you. I've never used them.

EVRider | 21. Oktober 2018

V9 is supposed to get waypoints at some point, but doesn’t support them yet. Meanwhile, you can use the workaround suggested above.

Bighorn | 21. Oktober 2018

No waypoints. Chart piecemeal.