Patterns appear on windshield when fogged

Patterns appear on windshield when fogged

When my windshield is fogged, patterns like circles, squares, and streaks appear.
Windshield is not tinted. I tried cleaning it inside and outside. I even tried using magic eraser.

None of these patterns are visible without fogging. When they appear with fogging, I just need to turn on the defogger to make them go away, so not a big deal, but I'm curious if anyone else is having the same experience.

derotam | 30. Oktober 2018

They are just "crop circles", but for the windshield... bow down to the Tesla Alien Gods!

Lorenzryanc | 30. Oktober 2018

I imagine they are suction cup marks from the installation process... not sure how to get rid of them.

RJMIII | 30. Oktober 2018

I had some squares that would show up when fogging occurred. I assumed they were due to adhesive material left from protective coverings used during manufacture and shipping. Luckily mine went away after the first washing.

kevin_rf | 30. Oktober 2018

It's the suction cups from the robot that placed the windshield. I have them also. Have not been able to make them disappear.

Several years ago with a different car one of the seniors in the local high school shop class decided to write "last one" with his finger and it would show up every time it fogged. Hung around for years. Took some serious chemicals and elbow grease to get it to stop showing up. Think I resorted to something like Formula 409 or oven cleaner to finally get rid of it.

ClearWrap | 30. Oktober 2018

Do you know if these windshields are single-layer-glass?
I'm starting to think maybe it's two layers, and the marks are in between.

Magic 8 Ball | 30. Oktober 2018

Three layers. Plastic sandwiched between two layers of glass.

rbnjmnz73 | 30. Oktober 2018

I had the same patterns, just used Griot's Garage interior detailor and cleaned the inside of the front window. Problem gone.

LT4BlueBird | 30. Oktober 2018

I have a few circles that when fogged. Had two marks where eyes should be ,kinda looked like a upside smiley face in two spots but no mouth lol. Just thought it was some Tesla employee or the people who installed my Paint protection film but suction cups make a lot more sense.

jefjes | 30. Oktober 2018

I've found that a citrus based cleaner works well for removing hard water spots that have dried on the windows when regular glass cleaners don't work. Haven't noticed these on my Model 3 yet but will watch for any as the weather cools.

amanwithplan | 30. Oktober 2018

Haha, I was wondering what those damn squares were. They don't really bother me, they are just weird. I'm sure a thorough cleaning with a strong solvent will resolve.

kevin_rf | 30. Oktober 2018

Since they are on the inside, I wonder if it is a manufacturing escape.

As in they don't realize one of the machines stacking or handing off the windshields is leaving the mark. The marks should be on the outside for the placement robot. Someone should tweet Elon and ask.

Shopaholic | 30. Oktober 2018

Same here and very hard to get rid of!

jordanrichard | 30. Oktober 2018

What you are seeing is otherwise undetectable traces of various stickers placed on the glass during the the build of the car.

Also, windshields are made of two layers of tempered glass with a sheet of vinyl in between. When they make the windshield, the pressure and heat turns the vinyl clear.

Bighorn | 30. Oktober 2018


billlake2000 | 30. Oktober 2018


dalesmith1962 | 31. Oktober 2018

I’ll be back.

vsprulz | 11. Dezember 2018

I have the exact same issue. I think I'll bring this up with the service center folks.

wiboater4 | 11. Dezember 2018

Outside use 00 steel wool but not on the inside. I had some overspray on mine and that took it off ok. If is seems like a paper towel or rag stick when you clean the windshield on the outside there is something on it. Don't use the steel wool on the tinted roof. Only the windshield. If your in doubt have Service center do it.

CorkChop | 11. Dezember 2018

I have similar marks but they are numbers and letters. I assumed it was factory marks, maybe from a grease pencil or glass pen but I have washed the windshield many times. This also happened on my Infiniti and VW and it eventually went away.

bubblecdn | 23. April 2019

I can remove the edges of the 5 robot marks with my fingernail... Did someone talk to Service about it?

I will try Simple Green tonight.

Pierogi | 25. April 2019

I’ve had these marks show up on the glass of my Model 3 and I used a product made by Adam’s Polishes called brilliant glaze to remove it and make the glass perfectly clean. I applied it with a microfiber applicator pad and removed it with a microfiber towel.

The brilliant glaze is also very useful to make your paint shine like crazy. It is very easy to apply and remove.

Wshryer | 27. Juni 2019

I have this constant appearance of a dirty window especially in the sun. I watched the video on Adams polishes and it said this was new car out gassing and it makes sense. I can use windex or any other glass cleaner and it returns within a day. I purchased the Adams Brilliant Glaze and can't wait to try it. It works by creating a clear film on the inside of the window to prevent this obnoxious appearance of a dirty window screen!

ShaunyD | 28. Juni 2019

My SA told me to make a service appointment, and their detailer will polish the marks out. He said the marks are from the release agent used in the factory.