What makes a great Supercharger location?

What makes a great Supercharger location?

Good supercharger locations :

Very close to highway interchange
Nice sit down restaurant or 2 within 100 yards

Bad supercharger locations:

At gas stations
Near dumpsters
At hotels;

Feel free to add to the list;

Bighorn | 31. Oktober 2018

24 hour bathroom

sbeggs | 31. Oktober 2018


redacted | 31. Oktober 2018

Empty spots. Dunkin' Donuts.

jjgunn | 31. Oktober 2018

One that has lots of empty charging slots.
24 hour bathroom for sure.

Can we get a friggin garbage can near the Super Chargers please??

tes-s | 31. Oktober 2018

24 hour bathroom. Everything else is a nice-to-have.

WaWa and Sheetz are nice.

Close to route is also important. Traveling home on a couple of recent drives I stopped at Milford South which is right on the highway for a quick 10 minute charge to get home. Much more convenient than Milford Mall which is off the highway, and does not have 24 hour bathrooms. Fortunately Milford North and South are no longer listed on the nav, so I never see anyone there anymore. With only two stalls, it used to be hit or miss.

Bighorn | 31. Oktober 2018

Squeegees are extra nice.

jordanrichard | 31. Oktober 2018

24hr bathrooms, definitely. Now granted, gas stations are not necessarily open 24/7 for ICE car owners, but they are also typically open later than the malls or plaza's where the current supercharger sites are.

I am sure has refined their criteria for scouting locations, after getting feedback from owners. It is just that they are still limited on where they can put them.

Qwiksilver | 31. Oktober 2018

Along the highway. Not off the highway.

s.grot | 31. Oktober 2018

@ Tes-s I was originally not liking the Sheetz/wawa spots and I still don’t really because I can’t justify hanging out there more than 5 mins. But I hear the 24 Restroom request and I guess that counts as a higher benefit.

jordanrichard | 31. Oktober 2018

Actually gas station locations are the best place, especially for those of us that don't have to pay for charging. You will enviably have someone come up and start asking questions. Once they find out that you don't have to pay for charging, right after they just dumped $60 into their gas tank for the second time that week, it gets them thinking.......

p.c.mcavoy | 31. Oktober 2018

Surprised no one has mentioned 24/7 access availability and not having to pay for parking access. I saw lack of both of those spark quite a bit of outrage over some new locations in some city areas.

For me, good wifi also desired in addition to comments from others about convenient to my route and restroom availability. I’m less about sit down restaurants as I am decent fast-casual type of food options with plant based options for some of my family.

Hotels nearby are nice for when I’m looking at overnight stops. Camping for our family defined as a hotel without an ice machine, microwave/mini fridge in the room, and on-site breakfast options.

kalikikopa326 | 01. November 2018

Having one close anywhere in the state.
Signed jealous in Hawaii.

akikiki | 02. November 2018


Madatgascar | 02. November 2018

I like the ones that are near unique local restaurants, shops, and scenic pedestrian areas. Some of the SC sites in the southwest are very nice, like Wickenburg, AZ or St. George, UT. You can take a relaxed stroll and explore an old west town or eat at a place like Nana's. It hearkens back to the joy of traveling on Route 66.

Yes, we want amenities, but spare me the monotony of the same old national chains, the cookie cutter stucco boxes popping out of acres of windswept asphalt. Site the SCs to add flavor. Some of us are traveling with families and really appreciate a thoughtful location.

NKYTA | 02. November 2018

@Madat, you'd love the Murdo, SD SC. :-)

PBEndo | 02. November 2018

Pull through stalls are nice for easier access to the charger in the case of ICE'ng, or if pulling a trailer, or when another Tesla just didn't park within the lines.

jordanrichard | 02. November 2018

Madatgascar +1. Going from CT to all points South, a fair number of sites are inn plaza's that have Panera Bread in them. It's like I can't get away from these damn places....

eddyline | 02. November 2018

Obviously (to me) corporate is looking for locations with cheap land/rent, easy access to large amounts of electric power or enough of a footprint to install significant solar panels and batteries, and ideally some amenities. Large cities tend not to have all three combined...but small towns/cities may have more of such options....

jordanrichard | 02. November 2018

eddyline, I don't think that is their order of priorities. They have a plan on how far apart they want the chargers to be. Then they look for properties that are on or just off the highway/major route, that have amenities. Obviously these are commercial properties so power isn't really an issue. Though, they don't know that until they settle on a location and then start looking into the feasibility of placing chargers there. This "feasibility" means reaching an agreement with the property owner, getting permission by the local Zoning board and the ability for the local grid to handle the power load.

ktslab | 02. November 2018

Any of the highway service plaza. as the bathroom & food are already there

sentabo | 02. November 2018

Yeah, 24-hour bathroom would be on top of the list. I stopped at Rancho Cucamonga once in the early morning. Put it this way: If I hadn't finally found a Starbucks a few blocks away that was just opening it would not have been pretty.