1 week of renting an ICE-age car: Surprised about what I miss a lot from my model 3

1 week of renting an ICE-age car: Surprised about what I miss a lot from my model 3

I rented a 4 banger ICE-age car with engine auto start/stop for the photo workshop in Death Valley and Joshua tree. Of course I missed what everyone going back to an ICE misses from their model 3. But after navigating on a Garmin Nuvi with a 5 inch screen, I was really surprised how much I miss the model 3 navigation system. Besides the obvious screen size I hadn't really appreciated how nice it is that the model 3 navigation system automatically zooms out when you are on highways and zooms in when you are on city streets and/or near your destination. I saw a mode 3 in my color in Joshua Tree last night and I think I teared up.

Bighorn | 04. November 2018

You can also use your AC on a hot day in Death Valley without overheating.

Magic 8 Ball | 04. November 2018

I'm not sure I would drive my 3 out to racetrack playa tho'. : )

gballant4570 | 04. November 2018

The Model 3 navigation is also where I get a lot of comments from non Tesla owners who ride in my car. That is one of the first things that grabs their attention.

billtphotoman | 04. November 2018

@M8B - it looks like the best bet in Death Valley is to charge at the RV park in Stovepipe Wells. This trip would be totally doable in my model 3 from Austin TX.
@gballant4570 - My model 3 "sales job" intrigued 2 people on my workshop enough that they will be doing test drives.

mike | 04. November 2018


I feel your pain.

I am on vacation and rented a AMG C63 Biturbo and it is a total turd- a DIAL for the nav (no touchscreen) 80 plus buttons, lousy throttle response and a rough ride.

I have no idea how anyone would spend big $$ on one of these after driving a model 3.


Magic 8 Ball | 04. November 2018

Oh, there are plenty of paved roads in DV and plenty to do.
Stovepipe is my favorite place to stay there. Dog friendly motel, and good price.
Never had any big dust storms like down at Furnace creek.

billtphotoman | 04. November 2018

@Mike - my ride is a 4 banger Malibu with Start-Stop. Not a penalty box compared to many rentals (looking at you Nissan Versa) but the power is just so absent. And don't get me started on auto start/stop. It is a constant reminder at every stop light/sign that the car is motivated by a power plant that goes suck-squeeze-bang-fa3t.

charles.a.braun | 04. November 2018

We have taken our S 75 out to Death Valley 5 or 6 times. Plenty of SuCh options all around the perimeter of the park that we have never been concerned with running out of juice. Baker, Beatty, Lone Pine, Ridgecresy. No problem.

Earl and Nagin ... | 04. November 2018

LOL: suck-squeeze . . .
I too, have been using an ICE age rental (Mazda 3 != Tesla Model 3) this weekend. The iPhone is a definite step back from the Model 3 screen. You also have to stop at these stinky places and pour expensive stinky stuff into them periodically.

sbeggs | 04. November 2018

Regenerative braking. That's why I refuse to even rent an ICE!