Undercarriage Repair

Undercarriage Repair

It was dark and rainy the other night and I was making turns through a school, i didnt see a curb, ran over it and when i got home i noticed a piece had broken off from right under the passengers side undercarriage, it looks like a plastic strip that runs from the front of the car to the back. I taped it on for now. But my question is, is this something that can be repaired in the Tesla SC?

Anthony J. Parisio | 11. November 2018

There was a model three owner who had the same problem on YouTube. He actually had to have some metal work done. I would take it to the service center in any case.

mehdi | 13. Mai 2019

Exact same thing for my S! Have you repaired it @jvmendoza72?

Charsiubao | 14. Mai 2019

Same happened to me, Looked under the car, only the plastic strip on the side is broken (the metal casing of the battery has only some minor scratches), I added a plastic strip as an extension to connect the broken ends and glued the broken piece and the extension piece with epoxy (not touching the metal casing), just like new, no problem.

bill | 14. Mai 2019

I noticed a piece of plastic was hanging down under the driver door (underneath). I think it is an access panel and I was able to push it back up but it came down again. I had the car in today for swapping my winter tires for summer and they fixed it/ Cost around $75.