Waylens dashcam help please.

Waylens dashcam help please.

Hello I recently purchased a waylens secure 360 4g dash cam and I'm getting mixed results when looking for proper installation in my model 3.

So if anyone could tell me the proper way to hook this up and still have it work while in park while not draining my battery and giving me warning signs it would be greatly appreciated!

I live in Michigan and I'm also wondering, is there a Tesla approved place I could have this installed? Would installing it myself void my Warranty?

dcooper77 | 11. November 2018

Also the video I have seen for the black view mounts towards the ceiling this one would probably be better suited closer to the dash so a video on wiring it would be helpful Youtubers! Thanks!

gmr6415 | 12. November 2018

In addition to CT above there is a constantly hot 12v wire to the dome lights near the rear view mirror. It's the yellow wire and you can find a good ground there too.

Search youtube and you'll find a video of how to access it.

My understanding is that going directly to the 12v battery in the front trunk causes problems.

dcooper77 | 12. November 2018

Thanks Carl I had seen the one video but I thought I read somewhere that the camera would not work when the car went to sleep. Perhaps I misunderstood?

c141medic | 16. November 2018

I was also considering the waylens 3604g. I have an owl dashcam and love the dual view recording. Unfortunately the owl hooks into the OBD for power so no good for the M3. Only negatives I’ve heard from reviews about the waylens is the recording quality is not that good compared with other dash cams. If I do get the waylens I plan on booking it up to a cellink neo portable battery and charge the battery through the front USB or the 12V connector in the storage compartment.