Where is the Forum Search Feature?

Where is the Forum Search Feature?

Where's the forum Search feature? It's simply crazy there isn't one. Seems wasteful to have users post previously answered topics, simply because they couldn't search beforehand. Why? WHY?!

EVRider | 13. November 2018
vmaniku | 13. November 2018

terrible user interface. if you have to provide an article to show how to search, this forum has already failed

NKYTA | 13. November 2018

And yet it has been in use for 8+ years.

Go figure.

Xerogas | 13. November 2018

@NKYTA: "And yet it has been in use for 8+ years.

Go figure."

I guarantee that if they started improving the forum software, someone would complain that they should be focusing on autopilot software instead

seamus | 14. November 2018

I wonder how many posts asked the same question in these 8 years. Imagine if they simply had a search feature, how much time would have been saved? Nay, how much CO2? Well, at least there's something; I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the info, EVRider. IMO, time in use and platform base shouldn't excuse how the site should have been setup. With all their genius, this is the best they could do? Let's hope they haven't used "good enough" or "oops" in more important areas. However, realize everything they do and how they do it, is representative of what's "under the hood" elsewhere. And of course, there there's the possibility it was by design. They are geniuses.

EVRider | 14. November 2018

The lack of forum features isn’t representative of software in the cars; it’s just not a priority. Spending money to fix the forum isn’t going to sell more cars.

Vegan | 18. November 2018

Why do they have forums then if it isn't for marketing? I would think the forums are to help anchor the website to get web search results and direct potential customers.

Rod.Wright | 22. November 2018

Adding this feature should be a simple task for the web page programmers. They should not have to invent the feature as I'm sure the code is already out there thousands of times as it is a standard function.

To my mind, it would be a simple text box on the top right side into which the user types the search term. The program would search the database of the forums.

CristoferBrian | 22. November 2018

You can also search by google like next *enter your request here*

EVRider | 23. November 2018

The only people who think adding new features is “simple” are people who never developed software for a living. :-) | 23. November 2018

@EVRider +100!

@Vegan - you might take a look at some of the other automaker's forums - Often they are heavily redacted so you only see positive stuff. At least Tesla allows all to post (good and bad).