Road noise at 70 mph +

Road noise at 70 mph +

My brand new Tesla 3 makes more road noise than any of my recent cars.Is this normal. I can barely hear the radio clearly.

gmr6415 | 24. November 2018

Is it tire noise or wind noise?

It it's wind noise you might want to look at

I have received mine, but haven't installed it yet because Tesla is replacing my back windshield. I've read that others have achieved great results in wind noise reduction with it.

Bighorn | 24. November 2018

Cool product option

-TheJohn- | 24. November 2018

It's my opinion that nearly all of the road noise complaints are due to the fact that you can clearly hear it now as opposed to in an ICE car where it mashed into a white noise when mixed up with the engine sounds and the wind.
I agree that it's surprising how loud the road noise is/was now that I can really hear it.
Your tires even have sound dampening foam inside them btw.

Coastal Cruiser. | 24. November 2018

You know it's funny, it has become conventional wisdom to point out that noise levels in an EV only seem higher because of the lack of noise from a gas/diesel motor. I don't entirely agree. I did some experiments in a couple of my cars; an old Toyota station wagon and a new Prius. In the wagon I turned off the motor at highway speeds, and there was barely a difference in noise level. There was a slight low level, lower frequency sound that went away with the motor off, but it was very slight. Background noise levels from the tires, the roadway, the wind seeping in around the windows was about the same with motor on or off.

The Prius is basically dead quiet at highway speeds even with the motor on. It's a gen 3 model and the only way you even know the motor came on at speed is by the dash display.

czamara | 24. November 2018

I just ordered that rubber tubing from rpmtesla to lower wind noise. Let’s see how it works!

Mike UpNorth | 24. November 2018


Please report back. I'm interested if it helps.

wiboater4 | 24. November 2018

Haven't noticed road noise that much in mine. It depends a lot on the quality of the road I'm on .

gballant4570 | 24. November 2018

Road noise is something I only hear about on this forum. I have yet to hear about it in my Tesla......

ODWms | 24. November 2018

Sane here, gballant. Nice and quiet in my car, even at high speeds.

Bryan.whitton | 24. November 2018

We just picked ours up this afternoon and I noticed that the bulk of our road noise is from the road side of the car. Very different from the Leaf we traded in. It had much more general noise, but most of it was from the upper part of the car.

kcheng | 24. November 2018

The rubber seal gasket looks like what you would use, the spline, to replace the screen material in a window screen. Could be the same, and very cheap, under $5, if you go to HD or Lowes.

CST2 | 24. November 2018

Road nose is highly dependent on how smooth the road surface is. If it is cheap or worn asphalt, forget it! Don't try driving I-80 up to Truckee in the right lane... You can't hear the stereo! I stay in the left lane unless traffic backs up behind me (never happens), everyone else can pass on the right for that stretch.

I can imagine S. Florida on I-95 with all that coral embedded in the asphalt really sucks.

RES IPSA | 24. November 2018

It can also be the front glass roof panel sticking up a few mm above the windshield glass. That is what caused so noise in M3.

doctorsmile | 24. November 2018
ODWms | 25. November 2018

Wrong thread?

roger.klurfeld | 25. November 2018

The most noise in my 3 is the fan for the comfort of the passengers. Turn off that and my car is extremely quiet, even at highway speeds. But you can still hear it.

EM34ME | 25. November 2018

Road noise.........maybe it's the road quality, not the car?

kcheng | 25. November 2018

Looked at their video, it's EPDM screen door spline replacement. You can get 25ft for like $5 at a big box store.

gmr6415 | 25. November 2018

@kcheng, I have mine in hand. it isn't screen door spline. It's a completely different material.

Drizzle | 25. November 2018

There is more to it then just EV's being quiet imo. This is purely anecdotal, but I listen to my music very loud. However, when I'm going 75mph+ I have to CRANK my music to be happy. This is not normal in any other car I've been in. My two "measurements" in this case is how quickly my ears become fatigued, and how much I have to adjust the volume when I get off the highway. Both are much more prominent in this car then my last two.

doctorsmile | 25. November 2018

I hear it too, esp compared to MS I test drove last week.

Coastal Cruiser. | 25. November 2018

Believe it or not the quietest car I ever drove was a Ford Taurus. Yeah. A Ford Frackin Taurus. Rented one from LAX to Santa Barbara. Sooo quiet on the highway, plus a really cool center console, had me down at the Ford dealer taking a test drive.

Fortunately I finally came to my senses.

Fix Or Repair Daily

Drizzle | 25. November 2018

No cars are that bad. Can we just accept that tesla will be bad at a few things without putting other cars down, get them the bugs/recommendations and move on so they can fix them faster?

syclone | 26. November 2018

I've had the RPM Tesla product installed since Mid-August. It's easy to install (just watch the video first). It does reduce the noise noticeably. Not completely. If I had the guts, I would apply a black sealer to the roof gaps until they were totally filled. I think that would completely kill that source of noise. Anybody game?

billtphotoman | 26. November 2018

I agree the model 3 isn't as quiet at highway speeds as a typical comparably priced ICE vehicle or even many lower priced ICE vehicles. While I certainly would appreciate it being a bit quieter I wouldn't be willing to take the increased weight and reduced performance and efficiency that would likely come with the noise reduction measures. As an example, Mazda put a lot of effort into reducing the noise of the CX-5 and it went from worst in class to best in class. But, in the process it gained a couple of hundred pounds. Also, I think making the model 3 really quiet would require replacing the cool glass roof with an insulated steel roof.

jonswaff | 26. November 2018

Road noise isn't noticeable to me at highway speeds. Maybe download Decibel X (iOS+Android) or Sound Meter (Android) and report how loud your car is at a variety of speeds. Might give us a slightly better way to compare.

Mike UpNorth | 26. November 2018


Sound meter. Just DL it. Will report back. Good idea.

Patrick | 26. November 2018

I’ve been taking readings with the dB Meter app on iPhone X but have yet to test hwy speeds. Will report back.

gm4gwu | 26. November 2018

The wind noise is noticeable at 70 mph but still low but the road noise in my Model 3 is definitely worse than my previous EV, Model S and Model X at 70 mph. I wonder if it's because there is less sound deadening in the body or cabin. I have measured with sound meter app and it goes above 80 db at 70 mph which is 5-10 db worse than other EV's I have driven on the same roads at 70 mph.

Bighorn | 26. November 2018

Tesla definitely saves weight by minimizing sound deadening. Some folks have tried after market products like Dynamat.

azdonna | 26. November 2018

I just made a 2000 mile round trip Phoenix to Boise. On the way up, as I went from warm weather to cold weather (especially through SLC), my tire pressure dropped several pounds. The ride was smooth and quiet. I added a few pounds of air in Boise when I arrived and on my return trip to the desert, the harder tires were noisier (and a rougher ride), but better mileage. So tire pressure can affect many things, including the noise level.

tanya | 26. November 2018

They fixed the road noise on my car by adjusting the doors. Make an appointment and get it fixed.

CST2 | 26. November 2018

I just brought a loaner S 70D up I-680 from Dublin. Although the road surface is fairly new, it was noticeably quieter than the Model 3. That said, the Model 3 is pretty good on smooth asphalt.

deepsea | 26. November 2018

Wind noise at 70+ mph is not normal, and we experience it in our 3.

Based on our Service Center visit, I assume that this is not a common problem with 3s. We had to take a technician on a test drive, after explaining to the service advisor that we have had multiple EVs including a Model X.

When we reached 70 mph, the noise from the roof/windshield interface was quite apparent. Our technician was aware of the issue and noted that the channel between the roof/windshield was the case. Unfortunately, there was no immediate remedy and that he said that engineering is working on a fix.

Big1matt | 26. November 2018

@Tanya, what exactly did they do to the doors? What could they have done?

tanya | 26. November 2018

@Big1matt Below is from the work order. It was not the doors, but windows. I mixed it with door alignment issue, which they fixed earlier.

"Concern: As per diag tech please notice wind noise on Fr and FL window while driving at
normal speeds
Corrections: Interior NVH General Diagnosis
Road tested and inspected vehicle - pinpointed wind noise to rear edge of LH and RH front
window glass. Adjusted RH front window and seal. Verified proper fitment and sealing
window. LH primary seal required replacement.
Corrections: Seal - Body - Side - Front - Primary - LH
Replaced LH front primary sea. Verified proper fitment and glass alignment."

ODWms | 26. November 2018

I have never noted any undue road noise. If anything, the car is quieter to me due to the lack of engine and exhaust noises prevalent in ICE cars. I keep meaning to check it out next time each time this comes up, but I keep forgetting.

reallynolie | 26. November 2018

I can't hear my Z28 with my stereo on. Loud rock music does wonders to kill off my hearing and every thing else haha!

Nminakis | 15. Dezember 2018

My 66XXX M3 has major wind noise. It's going in next week for this plus frunk and trunk panel misalignment. It's seems like everything is off on my M3 but mechanically it's been mostly good.

scott.k.davidson | 29. Januar 2019

Just How Bad is Tesla Model 3 Road Noise?

scott.k.davidson | 29. Januar 2019

Just How Bad is Tesla Model 3 Road Noise?

skycondition | 18. Februar 2019

Anyone getting a whirling kind of chirping sound on the Model 3 its reproducible from 40-70mph

dmm1240 | 19. Februar 2019

Several people have used audiometers to measure noise inside Teslas; they found they tend to be a little quieter than equivalent gas guzzlers. The prevalent sound is indeed tire noise.

What Teslas — all EVs for that matter — need is tires that run quieter. If you look, most manufacturers are working on tires specifically designed for electric cars.

VolleyballNE1 | 19. Februar 2019

For those who say their car is quiet, what's the db at 70mph or beyond?

benichols | 19. Februar 2019

My previous car (Chevy Volt) had automatic adaptation of the radio volume with speed. In fact, it even had options on how aggressive the adaptation would be. Why doesn't the Tesla have a similar option? The road noise would be far less "noticeable" if the radio volume increased with car speed.

Nic727 | 19. Februar 2019

I did my first test drive ever this weekend in a M3 and it was super quiet. I was surprised, because I wasn't hearing wind or tires noise. Maybe it's because I was too focused to don't scratch the car lol!?

GunnarNyb | 10. Mai 2019

Compared to my nearly 20 years old Audi (A4 2.5TDI), the road noise at 80 kph (50 mph) in my brand new Model 3 is significantly higher. Overall noise level (motor/wind/road) is approx 2 dB higher in the Model 3 than in the Audi (measured with iPhone app).

I have installed the window/roof rubber seal (eBay version), no measurable effect. It may reduce wind noise at high speed (

Next I will try the additional door seal fix (, which will also reduce dirt in the door sills.

I suspect air suspension would be the ultimate fix....

xwave | 16. Mai 2019

I got M3 SR+ 5/10/2019. 70+ mph wind noise and cross wind noise is normal. I have tested with loaner M3 SR+ for a day, too. M3 is not quiet as BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus.
The wind noise is about same as my 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. However, wind noise feels more on M3 b/c no other drive train noise.

RedPillSucks | 17. Mai 2019

My Toyota Camry Hybrid and my brand new Subaru Outback have about the same road noise as my Tesla Model 3.
It seems louder, but when I measured using a DB meter, I got about the same values

andy.connor.e | 17. Mai 2019

Sounds about right. When the engine noise is gone, everything else sounds slightly louder.