Phone starts playing media even when I didn't chose it!

Phone starts playing media even when I didn't chose it!

Does anyone else have this problem? I will leave the car while I was listening to the radio. When I get back in the car, the radio starts to play but media (music, podcast, etc.) starts to play on my phone....even though I hadn't selected the "phone" app in the car! Basically I need to pause the media on my phone EVERY time I get in the car unless I want to lose my place in a playlist, audiobook, or podcast. Very annoying. I'm not sure it this is a problem with iphone XS or all phones.

PrescottRichard | 27. November 2018

Yes. Only when I’ve been listening to music or a podcast on my phone. If you quit the music or podcast app it won’t happen.

It’s like the car is trying to help you out - hey, you were listening to this and you prolly want to listen to it in the car! Silly car, you don’t know me :) | 27. November 2018

It's really not Tesla's fault. Most music phone apps auto-play when bluetooth connects. Some apps have an option to not do this. I have it off on the app I use (although Android) so it doesn't auto-play. Check out the options on the player app you use.

PrescottRichard | 27. November 2018

I bet it’s a combo of the ‘auto play’ with the app and the car realizing there’s BT audio and assuming that’s what you want to listen to.

stevenmaifert | 27. November 2018

It is Tesla's fault! I've owned the same MS and the same Samsung G S3 for 6 years and this never happened until I loaded V9. The auto play on my phone is turned off and it still happens. | 28. November 2018

@steven - Might be worth checking the options on the phone again to be sure they didn't change. Also if you have more than one player app, all of the apps must have the auto-play off, although some player apps don't provide the option at all. I have 3 player apps, but primarily use Rocket Player.

I'm using Samsung S7 and so for it's working better with v9 than v8. In v8 I always got dumped to a useless "Connect" screen (even though it connected) rather staying on the last music source screen. Now it reliability stays on the music player screen with the same source (for me).

I did have an S3, but that was well before Tesla v9 came out, so I can't say if what you're seeing is related to the phone or phone settings. My bet is on the app though.

One way to think about how Bluetooth works is it sends info to the connected device (i.e. the car), like phone is playing music or phone is ringing. The car then takes the info and makes it the highest priority audio source until manually changed. If the phone is not sending any audio then none should be received. If the car has been in Bluetooth player mode, then it requests the phone start playing. There is plenty of ways the phone, and app or Tesla can screw this up, but so far it seems Tesla may have it right.

P.S. I used to do Bluetooth app development, and it is one horror show. Poor specs, and all sorts of hardware bugs (in chips used by different phones). Then the phone OS has bugs (Android and iOS). You can develop arround the bugs, but it's not easy. That's why it is often very hard to tell who's at fault when it doesn't work as expected. New Bluetooth hardware actually does work better, so some problems may be hardware related (phone or Tesla). I'm using MCU1 if it matters. MCU2 is likely using different hardware, but being 4-5 years newer, I'd expect fewer bugs in the hardware.

Yodrak. | 28. November 2018

I've had a somewhat similar but also different experience. When I turn on the Model S in the morning to leave for work, and my wife is on her iPhone talking to her mother, I often hear the phone conversation in the car.

EVRider | 29. November 2018

@TeslaTap: It's definitely a new problem in V9. I have it too, and many others have reported it here. No one reported the problem before updating to V9 (not sure if it came in a particular V9 build).

psusi | 29. November 2018

When did V9 come out? I'm pretty sure I had this problem when I first got my MX back in September 2016. After a few times, it annoyed me enough that I just disabled bluetooth.

EVRider | 29. November 2018

@psusi: V9 came out earlier this year. Maybe you’re talking about a different issue? The V9 issue is that your phone’s media player will start up for no reason, though you don’t hear anything because you’re listening to a different audio source. I first noticed this because the media player shows up on my Apple Watch.

NKYTA | 30. November 2018

It doesn’t happen in my 2012 S, lighter codebase? ;-)

Ted007 | 16. Dezember 2018

it happens with my iPhone XS Max, and I like it. I listen to smooth jazz radio thru Apple Music, so when I get in the car it is ready to go. The feature for me is very good, I do not have to tell Siri to do anything when I get in the car. So, I guess when Tesla implemented the feature, it was for people like me.