Water leaking into trunk after rainfall.

Water leaking into trunk after rainfall.

We just had the first hard rain since I got my M3 in September here in SoCal. I have the Tesla trunk cargo mat and after opening the trunk this morning, there was a puddle in the center of the mat about 9 inches in diameter. I assume this has to be a gasket problem on the trunk lid? But the gasket looks fine. Took a pic to show Tesla service in case I need to go there.

lbowroom | 30. November 2018

Did it flow in after you opened the trunk, or was it already there?

63strat | 30. November 2018

Already there, for sure...

slingshot18 | 30. November 2018

I had a gasket problem in my trunk. It wasn't installed correctly. Tesla service fixed it in less than a couple minutes.

Now opening it when wet, nothing to fix that design flaw. Good thing I live in SoCal and don't drive in the rain much.

Passion2Fly | 30. November 2018

Oh, man! I was worried about that.... Good to know it can be easily fixed...

doctorsmile | 30. November 2018

did/does the model S have similar issues?

finman100 | 30. November 2018

Model S is a hatch. i would presume not a problem?

I put a towel inside the trunk on the floor so when our PNW rain runs down over the rubber lip when the trunk is opened it dumps onto the towel. kinda annoying but that rear glass/trunk design is what it is.

Still grinning widely!

Draco | 30. November 2018

I heard it’s a design flaw on M3.

lbowroom | 30. November 2018

Draco, the fact that when you open the trunk quickly the water runs off of it onto the glass and then runs down past the gasket into the trunk is a design issue. Water pooling in the trunk when it's closed is not. Likely a correctable issue there.

t.jackson01 | 06. Dezember 2018

Same issue on my M3. Wet trunk after it rains. Service appointment is over 30 days away. SoCal could use the rain however my Tesla doesn't.