Deleting In-Box Messages?

Deleting In-Box Messages?

Is there a way to delete the messages in the app's In-Box?

M3phan | 19. Dezember 2018

I was thinking the same thing earlier today...I’m “OCD” (not really, just for this kind of stuff) on cleaning out inboxes and texts, and I’d love to be able to clean this one out! Doesn’t look like we currently can; maybe in a future app update.

EVRider | 20. Dezember 2018

It would also be nice if you a got a notification when you receive something in your inbox. I don’t see this option in the iOS app, and I have the app notifications and badge icons enabled in iOS settings.

jandlisap | 21. Dezember 2019

Deleting inbox messages?

FISHEV | 21. Dezember 2019

They seem sticky and no way to delete. Still have the "V!0 is wonderful" message and V10 was a bit of a debacle as it it never delivered and had to be quickly over written with "V11"(?), 2019.40.x.x

There is a notification for new messages on the app. You'll see the Gear icon with a red dot indicating new unread messages.

Tronguy | 21. Dezember 2019

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