Unlocking the doors from the outside

Unlocking the doors from the outside

I can’t seem to find anyone discussing this, and I find it strange.

On most cars, you can unlock all the doors from the outside. For instance, on my old car, clicking unlock on the key fob once unlocked the driver’s side door and a second click unlocked all the other doors, and they could be opened from the outside handle. I find it strange that there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this on the Model X. The outside handles on all the doors except the driver’s side don’t seem to do anything at all whether the car is locked or not!

I was in a situation recently where I was parked at a supercharger, and had to go back to the car to get something. When I walked up, there was another car parked next to my driver’s side with people getting in and out. So I went to the passenger side, but I could not get in the damn car without double clicking the top of the fob which opened my driver’s side door, bumping in to the people standing there, and then again to open the passenger door. Pressing the passenger door handle by itself does nothing, even while holding the key fob, and even after unlocking the car via the app.

Is there a setting I’ve missed? Are the handles just for show or what?

lilbean | 29. Dezember 2018

I just push on the “handle” and it opens.

Triggerplz | 29. Dezember 2018

When I press my passenger door handle the passenger door opens

packpike | 29. Dezember 2018

Same here. All 4 doors open when I press the outside button (handle) on each. Maybe it’s one of the unlock on park settings keeping the others locked? | 29. Dezember 2018

@ernest - Yes, there is a setting. You can elect for the fob to unlock the driver's door only or all doors. It's in Controls, Vehicle, "Driver door unlock mode" | 29. Dezember 2018

Those instructions are for v9 software, which I assume most users have now. | 29. Dezember 2018

This morning, after being parked in the garage for 5 days, my driver's door would not open. I had to open the passenger side door and crawl across the seat to open the driver's door from the inside to be able to drive the car. After driving to my destination, the door worked fine. While I was away, a software update was installed. I now have 18.48.12. I noticed that the fireplace and whoopie cushion apps are now available but the release notes were blank. Could it be that the X resented the fact that we drove the Model 3 to the airport and back?

lilbean | 29. Dezember 2018

Hi @george! I think you're right. The x is resentful. The 12 volt on my x is going.

jjgunn | 30. Dezember 2018

I have self-presenting doors on. Once the driver door opens you can double-click the top center of the key fob & the passenger door will open. I do it all the time for Wifey.....then I say, "Wanna go for a ride little girl?" | 06. Januar 2019

@lilbean: You must have gotten a diagnostic message about the 12 volt battery. Ours is almost 3 years old. What do we look for? In my 1952 Olds 88 I could tell when the engine barely turned over, then stopped turning over altogether. :-))

lilbean | 06. Januar 2019

@george :) Yes, I got that message. Ours is almost three years old also. I guess that’s pretty good. I haven’t even tried driving it since I saw that message. I have a service appointment but I would like to get a ranger in case it dies on me.