The EV Crew

The EV Crew

Tesla store still links to EV. Are they still in business? I bought some car mats in November and have not heard a word.
I have emailed numerous times without any reply. I can't find a telephone number.

johnsacmyers | 04. März 2019

I have also emailed many times to check on my order that has been charged to my card. I never have received any response and also cannot find a phone number.

nanidi520 | 02. Mai 2019

I have contacted this company several times and have gotten no response. The car mats were ordered on Jan 30,2019. To date there has been no response. I have now contacted an attorney and American Express to help me with this issue.

jimglas | 02. Mai 2019

you are going to "sue" tesla due to slow delivery?
I call FUD