Using Homelink to close garage when exiting

Using Homelink to close garage when exiting

I was wondering if anyone else has an issue with Homelink closing their garage door when exiting. I have a brand new garage door and had zero problems programming my Model 3 to open and close it. I have it set to automatically open when I arrive home, and then I have the automatic closing turned off for when I leave. Opening the door works flawlessly when I get home. I've never had an issue and I love it. Once the door opens, I turn the car around and pull in backwards. However, when I go to leave, I have to sit in the driveway pressing the button on the screen, sometimes up to a dozen times, to get the door to close. The rear of my car is pointing at the garage at this point. A few times, I've had to turn the car around and point the front of the car at the garage to get it to close. Does anyone else experience this?

Obviously, it's not a huge deal, and I'm about to just put the opener that came with the garage door in my car to use when I'm leaving because I'm tired of sitting in the car trying to get the garage door to close, but I was just wondering if this is an issue (perhaps the signal only gets broadcast from the front of the car?), or if I should perhaps try to program Homelink again.

terminator9 | 10. Januar 2019

I had a few issues with automatic closing similar to what you are describing.

Not Tesla's fault but the technology/car has no way of knowing that the garage door is already open or close. So, it might try to close it when the car is in the middle, open it instead of closing or do nothing.

I close by touching the screen. It closes 100% of the times - car too close or too far, facing forward or backward, etc.

Automatically opening when I reach home, I have 100% success rate with that.

If it hasn't closed automatically behind me when leaving is a bigger issue than not opening when I am arriving.

If you have home automation system like smarthings and a door sensor, you would actually know if the door is open or closed and do this more reliably than the car does.

christian | 10. Januar 2019

I don't have the automatic closing when I leave turned on. I do it manually. I couldn't us auto-closing because it almost never worked. When the back of my car is facing the garage and I press the "button" on the screen to close it, it closes maybe 10% of the time. When I'm coming home and facing the garage, it opens 100% of the time. If I maneuver the car to face the garage when trying to close it, it works 100% of the time. So, basically, if the Model 3 is not facing away from the garage, the Homelink feature seems to not work very well.

Effopec | 10. Januar 2019

I have auto open on, but not auto close. Auto open works perfectly and dings as soon as I turn in my driveway. I close with a tap of the icon on the screen after I back out. I haven't turned on auto close due to being worried about it shutting on the car, and not being able to verify that it worked (I have a side facing garage and drive the other way 99% of the time, so I wouldn't be able to see it closing unless I am still right in front of the garage). My only issue has been that most of the time the garage door button is on the screen when I back up, so I just have to touch it. But some times it isn't there so I have to press the homelink icon, then the door icon. Not a big deal, just don't know why it does that sometimes. Overall it works much better than my previous car where I would often press the button on the visor 2-10 times before the door would open. And sometimes as I repeatedly press it, it would register 2 presses, so start to open then stop and go back down.

PECo CT | 10. Januar 2019

Both auto close and auto open work for me, although I have Liftmaster (a Chamberlain brand) garage door openers and Chamberlain's MyQ app as a backup.

As mentioned in other threads, it would be nice if Homelink's system were able to detect and integrate a garage door's state (i.e., open or closed) into its operation.

christian | 10. Januar 2019

PECo CT, I have the same garage door opener, brand new. But it just barely ever works when the Model 3 is facing away from the garage after pulling out. Maybe I'll try reprogramming it. It's works perfectly when I'm facing the garage or at an angle to the garage.

jamilworm | 10. Januar 2019

I wouldn't be surprised if the tesla homelink signal is intended to be forward- facing. Since you program it by pointing the opener at the front bumper it indicates that the transmitter/receiver are pointed forward. I can't think of any easy solution.

christian | 10. Januar 2019

That's what I was thinking, jamilworm. The only wall I could put my charger on was the back wall, so I have no choice but to pull out of my garage forwards. Bummer. I'll just throw the actual garage door opener in my car I guess.

httran26 | 10. Januar 2019

Have you tried changing the distance of when the closing trigger is activated?
Sometimes I have an issue of my garage not closing. I get a notice on my phone that the garage door is open (MyQ Chamberlain). I just close it using the app. It's most likely the times when I rush out to go somewhere.

I have not had an issue with the garage door opening when I arrive home. Like others have said, I think the transmitter is located at the front of the car.

badaman | 10. Januar 2019

Mine works flawlessly. Garage auto open when turn into drive way and auto close when leaving in the morning.

SalisburySam | 10. Januar 2019

I do the same as posters here: park rear end into the garage first to connect with shore power. I put the charging station that way to charge my LEAF long before I got the Model 3 and the LEAF has the charging port in the center of the vehicle front. I was fortunate though in that my Model 3 did properly open my garage door upon arriving, and successfully close it on departure, set to about 60 feet, IIRC. That said, since upgrading to 44.2 and then to 48.12.1, the departure close hasn’t worked. Don’t know what happened, just doesn’t work on Auto. The odd thing is that if I press the HomeLink icon and trigger it to close the garage manually, it works just fine. Beats me.

christian | 10. Januar 2019

Yeah, doesn't work for me with auto-close or manually close when pulling out. Works perfectly pulling in. I've tried it at all different distances. I imagine my neighbors laughing at me as I pull two more feet forward and try pressing the icon, pull two more feet forward and press the icon, etc.

EM34ME | 10. Januar 2019

My Homelink works as designed, closes when I leave....but the car has to be facing forward and it auto closes after I back out but still facing forward. The transponder is clearly located in the front bumper of the model 3. Won't work if facing away.

I also have a handheld remote for the opener. The remote will not work unless I point it directly at the opener, not away from the opener.

jpalermo | 10. Januar 2019

I also back into the garage and have auto open and close working, but it required some tweaking. We had to ignore the instructions on where to park when you zero out your location since that assumes you are pulling in forwards.

Our problem was that it would always say "Skipped auto-close", this is because the front of the car was too close to the zeroed location, and it thought the car was starting in the driveway. Zeroing the location farther from the garage door seemed to fix everything.

This is different from your problem @christian, where your button never works, probably a range thing when the car is facing away for some reason, not sure there is much you can do.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 13. Januar 2019

So I got trapped at the front gate to my neighborhood and couldn't get it to open with Homelink. I've used it many times to open the gate before but tonight was a little different. While fumbling on the touchscreen for my gate button I managed to creep a little closer to the gate than normal resulting in my front bumper being forward of the keypad/receiver box that controls the gate. No joy, the gate wouldn't open.
I dropped the car into reverse, backed it up 10 feet, and presto, the gate opened with Homelink.
I had thought the antenna was omnidirectional with its transmission. I stand corrected. The car needs to generally be pointed at what you want to actuate with the Homelink, just as posters have stated above.

RES IPSA | 13. Januar 2019

Same problem I was having. Now I just do use the automatic opening or closing. If you get home and your wife is doing something in the garage with the garage door open, it will close it rather than keep it open. Scared my wife one day. Also, it would not always auto close it when driving away. So now I just press the button when i get within 50 feet or so of my garage. The homelink button automatically appears when I get close to my garage. Not a big deal

RES IPSA | 13. Januar 2019

*don't use

Troy2600 | 14. Januar 2019

Homelink 5 has offered support for the garage door state since 2013. States such as opening, closing, closed, opened are there. You just need Homelink on the opener and auto side for it to work. I have a Homelink 5 installation so the weak link is on the Model 3 side.

btmd1103 | 14. Januar 2019

I have not set up the auto open/close on my Model 3 yet, but had a different problem on my previous Model S. When I had it set to auto close, it twice triggered before the car was out of the garage. The door came down on the back window, which thankfully did not cause any damage. I won't be using the auto close feature again, and would suggest using it with caution.

Brian B | 14. Januar 2019

I've read that the type of bulb you have in the garage door opener can affect the range, and cause you to have to have the front of the vehicle to be closer to the garage. I believe LED lights was the culprit.

azdonna | 14. Januar 2019

This has been discussed on other threads. Try swapping the bulb in your garage door opener to a different style. Many have had issues with some types (CFL or LED) interfering with the signal. Amazon has a special garage door bulb that fixed the issue for my brother. You can test the light bulb theory on your own door by totally removing the bulb for a few tries.

jvcesare | 14. Januar 2019

I was having the same issue and I changed the light bulbs on the opener to low RF interference bulbs made for garage door openers (check Amazon). Since then it works flawlessly. The theory is that there is no interference on open because the lights are off, but the lights are on when you close, and there is interference from CFL and LED bulbs..

Scottliver | 25. November 2019

Homelink a number of times now has closed the garage door while backing into the garage, which up until this evening I was able to prevent. This while backing up both model 3's the garage door came down on my Black Model 3, causing scratches across the back of the trunk.....needles to say I am furious. I will be asking Tesla why it would trigger when backing into the garage and right near the garage door opener !! It also buckled the bottom of the door, which came off the rollers and now I have to call a repair guy to fix the damn thing.

EVRider | 26. November 2019

@Scottliver: Depending on how you get into position to back into your garage, the car might think you’re leaving rather than entering. I personally wouldn’t use the auto close function because other people have had issues similar to yours. Auto open, which I do use, seems to work fine.

WEST TEX EV | 26. November 2019

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Sarah R | 26. November 2019

Just thinking out loud, but I'm guessing that the highly directional nature of this feature is by design for safety. If I were designing this to be "Intrinsically safe" I'd want the driver fully facing the moving door to verify that it isn't closing on something.

SalisburySam | 27. November 2019

I’m happy to report that since the v32-something update my garage door HomeLink connection began to work as advertised, both directions, in and out of the garage, regardless of which way the vehicle is facing. My vintage garage door openers do not have recent state recognition functionality with HomeLink so control is toggle only.

As noted by others, the safety beam at the bottom of the garage door is broken only by the car’s wheels risking a door activation when Summon fails to clear or fully enter the garage. So I added a 2nd set of safety beams at the same height as the furthest-forward part of the Model 3’s body. This way if any part of the car is not clear of the door, it will not close. Works well, $32 for a set of beams, 30 minutes of install (I’m very slow).

howard | 27. November 2019

I turned the Homelink Auto open and Close off. I was following my wife home the other evening and when she pulled up the driveway she hit the garage door opener and as I pulled up into the driveway my Model 3 also activated the garage door and luckily it closed on top of her roof rack without damage while I was blowing the horn for her to stop. I had a couple of similar issues at the office as well. I know it pops up on the display but I just hardly ever pay attention to the display.

The convenience is in no way worth the risk.