MX front driver side soft close door is not working

MX front driver side soft close door is not working

Just had my MX 100D in 1 month and only has 300 miles. Last Tuesday, the front driver door couldn't close fully and couldn't drive the car with it open. The door is in latch since it closes by itself however it doesn't close fully and raise the window. Scheduled my first appointment with Tesla and hopefully this will be an easy fix. Anybody here has experience with the same issue?

patswin | 14. Januar 2019

Are you able to close it the last bit manually? If so likely just a software issue. I had that happen to front passenger door. Took it in and they could see it was a software and not hardware problem. Did not have a fix for it right then but within a day or two it was back to normal.

caikangze407 | 15. Januar 2019

yes, by slam the door to close. it worked again after 1 week and then stopped work this on Sunday. I tried it today it's working again. Wondering what kind of software issue is this?? is there a reset button? | 16. Januar 2019

You can reset the latch software. It requires a small screwdriver and some manipulation of the open door. I am hazy on the details because it has been three years since I did the reset. Get the specifics from the service center.

caikangze407 | 17. Januar 2019

Thanks. It's acting up again today. It was working since Monday. Couldn't shut the door completely by using the remote or pushing the door handle.

Redmiata98 | 22. Januar 2019

Here is the info posted back in March of 2017. You can try it but things might have changed on the X since then. If you cannot close the door anyway, you have nothing to lose. (Assumption is that you already rebooted the car and that didn’t work.)
Reset door software
Procedure: 1. With door open insert 4 inch or so screwdriver blade into the latch hole in the edge of the door.
2. Keeping the door from moving by placing a knee against the outside of the door, press the screwdriver blade toward the inside surface of the latch hole, essentially pushing the door in a direction that would open it.
3. While doing 1. and 2. , press the center of the outside door handle in as if opening the door.

This resets the software for the door. ( left hand on screwdriver, right knee against door, right hand pressing door handle for passenger side and the reverse for driver side.)

colorczar | 23. Januar 2019

A similar symptom on my MX benefitted from a brief visit to the local service center. Tesla service technician replaced the "cinch motor" (driver side) on the spot. I was back on the road, inside an hour. I enjoyed a free coffee in comfort while I waited. Kudos to the entire Tesla service team!