We need a way to tell if a "forum poster" is a Tesla owner

We need a way to tell if a "forum poster" is a Tesla owner

Given some of the very negative postings we have seen on this forum lately, it would be nice to have some indication if the person posting has "owner privileges."

How do we make that happen ?

Full disclosure : I own a M3D and 100 shares of TSLA

Mike83 | 20. Januar 2019

Posting Privately is the way I do it. Most posts are probably not owners or Tesla bashers and shorters. But even some owners may be short Tesla and bash. It is actually illegal but the regulatory agencies are not looking at it yet.

I put Private in the Title but it would be nice if only owners could post since the BS gets deep here.

lunde | 20. Januar 2019

I agree. Two M3Ds and 94 shares of TSLA here.

It'd also help if Tesla were to use genuine forum software.

jjgunn | 20. Januar 2019

I've e-mailed numerous times but get no love on the "owner" tag & cannot flag posts.

Own a MX 100D since June 2018

Lonestar10_1999 | 20. Januar 2019

The forum provides insights for prospective M3 owners like me (the masses). Some of the posts seem like Tesla bashing, and some seem like Tesla praising. I have no problem with either so long as it is truthful and given in the spirit of raising awareness of all issues EV related.

CST | 20. Januar 2019

Owner of M3LR RWD & undisclosed number of TSLA shares :)

mmclean708 | 20. Januar 2019

Owner of m3awd since October. I read the obviously they don't own a Tesla posts for chuckles, but there are those, like @Lonestar10_1999, many get advance info for their upcoming delivery. I didn't read forums before delivery, wish I had in some cases...that and rtfm would have made delivery, and 426 mile drive home, a bit better! Love this car.

EVRider | 20. Januar 2019

You get "owner privileges" as soon as you order a Tesla (at least that's how it's supposed to work), so people with those privileges may not be owners yet.

This topic has come up numerous times in the past. There are plenty of non-owners who post good information, and plenty of owners who post BS, so there's not much value in distinguishing between them. Likes other said, you can use private threads for stuff that you only want people with owner privileges to see.

Once you've used the forum for a while, you'll know which posters you can ignore. :-)

Mike83 | 20. Januar 2019

There are but a few posters worth reading. I would like a blocking tag. Most stuff is in the manual which takes 10 minutes to read and makes life easier. I have not ever viewed useful information from a non-owner. Googling works best for truthful accuracy. Experience really counts vs. speculation. Yet some people like opinions and controversy. I don't have time for that.

dgstan | 20. Januar 2019

> plenty of owners who post BS

FACT. I would also say the owners who worship Elon Musk and refuse to question any decision he makes are more dangerous than the shorts and haters.

> I have not ever viewed useful information from a non-owner

I am not hear to solely receive information. I am happy to share my knowledge, thoughts, and encouragement to any non-owner who has questions/concerns.

Mike83 | 20. Januar 2019

Yep. The comment speaks volumes.

howard | 20. Januar 2019

It’s almost more irritating to be told repeatedly that the car is perfect and it is apparently my sole problem, need to read the manual, learn to drive, get my head out of my... etc. There is great info here but unfortunately too much bs from both owners and non-owners. Not to mention how often it turns fulgar and down right mean.

Mike83 | 20. Januar 2019

In reality the anonymous posters are suspect. For owners I've found the best information from other owners at Superchargers. The best thing about is you get 3D advice and some tips that many don't know about. Most owners are more than willing to help people. Face to face works best for me.
For example; how charging works, best places to check out, tires, Life is good with our two Teslas now for 5 years. The most service free cars we've owned.

lilbean | 20. Januar 2019

+1 @Mike83

ialsoagree | 20. Januar 2019

@howard I've rarely experienced that, but it does happen.

I agree with you. Those that are owners and are responding to posts from people looking for some obvious feedback or help should do so in a positive manner. Yes, it can be annoying to have people ask the same questions already answered in the manual. But at the end of the day, this is the community, and our conduct defines what kind of community it is.

Personally, I'd rather Tesla be a community where you can ask questions already answered in the manual, and get a polite answer (even with encouragement to check the manual), than be a community that belittles people if their question is "stupid" or boils down to "rtfm."

burdogg | 20. Januar 2019

For some of us in remote places though - we don't get a chance to meet many Tesla owners :) So face to face is good - but I have run into a handful and most I do don't know much :) Like pairing superchargers...the location of all the easter eggs, etc... :)

As you are around here - you start to get a sense of owners you can trust and get good information from. You start to see owners that do just worship Elon and would tell you the sun was shining when it is raining all around you.

But you have some major fudsters too - who dump and run - make a post and you never hear from them again. They create a lot of fear that mostly is unfounded. Sure some cars are going to have problems - all manufactures have that - we are imperfect humans and therefore expecting perfection 100% of the time is not sound. I feel for those that do have problems - but when taken among the true sample - it is not as widespread as some would like to proclaim - and naysayers jump on any heard of problem and come here to try to compound it as well.

Being around for some time - and dealing with Model X and now Model S in early days - I would say this - yes, there are some that truly have problems - but after owning all three cars, there is no way I would let that fear stop me from purchasing. This for me is completely about the car - the way it drives and exceeds any car. It makes people want to drive (the joke for the longest time was finding excuses to take the car - hm, need milk - I will go get it. Kid needs picked up - I got it hun...etc...) For me - it has nothing to do with the environment - this car is just one amazing car! :)

But for those that don't have face to face contact with many Tesla owners - these forums are super nice to learn tricks, hear stories, and make a different connection.

burdogg | 20. Januar 2019

Sorry should say and now Model 3 in early days - I wasn't around early days of Model S - I joined Oct 2015 Model S vin 110xxx so not early there :)

jordanrichard | 20. Januar 2019

One just has to tough it out and learn who to listen to and not listen to. There are owners, typically new owners that feel entitled and if any little thing goes wrong, they start picking Tesla/Elon apart. So an owner designation is not a fool proof way to get real information.

Posting a VIN won’t do the trick because that can easily be made up.

At the moment all we have is the ability to make threads private and that only owners can see. This unfortunately blocks it from those researching Tesla and there may be some beneficial info in those threads.

I have been on these forums since Nov ‘13, ordered my S85 in Jan. 2014, took delivery in Mar. This does lead to some funny reactions when I have had to call tech support. They always start off with asking for the last six numbers of my VIN. To which I reply, I don’t have six last numbers, I have 5. 32897.

rsingh05 | 20. Januar 2019

I was on the forums a few months before I had my car delivered, and I really appreciated being able to participate in discussions. In fact couple of months after delivery I feel less of a reason to participate unless someone is asking a question that no one has answered.

An owner only forum would be of less utility and far less balanced - I fear it would turn into an echo chamber without any diversity of opinion.

Adding a verified owner tag next to a members name would be a good idea though so we can easily determine who is an owner and who claims to be but isn’t.

DanFoster1 | 20. Januar 2019

I’ve got 94,124 miles on my Model S but no “owner privileges.” I’ve emailed a few times, once I got a response back from a Tesla employee who misunderstood me, believing instead that I could not acces the forum /at all./ I wrote back to implore him to reread what I wrote—no response. Probably not worth any more attempts.

At superchargers, everyone I meet is awesome; on this forum, a little less so. I miss mclary.

jerrykham | 20. Januar 2019

I'm going to point out again that some of us are owners and have not been able to get Tesla to give us vehicle owner permissions on these forums. I've actually sent them 5 requests spread out over the last 16 months. Two of the requests generated a survey asking how they did. None of them actually set me with owner permissions. I supplied them account, VIN, etc. I don't want to miss out on owner posts and there are times I'd like to be able to post links or flag posts. I do not want to tie up their phone line for a request like this - supposedly you can do it through the web, but they just seem to ignore requests.

leo33 | 21. Januar 2019

Me too, though I haven't bothered them with an email about it yet. It would be nice to ask some questions in private threads.

EM34ME | 21. Januar 2019

I waited 994 days for my model 3. Access to this forum helped ease the uncertainty of that wait. I took delivery on 12/21/18 and have had my 3MR for exactly one month as of today. I am in the midst of my first road trip and still learning the nuances of my car. My wife, a non-tech person, is with me and is doing half the driving. Her impressions are probably more important to share than mine.

I have no idea whether I have owner privileges on this forum or not. I guess it would be nice to have. I guess I need to send an email to Tesla but that, apparently, doesn't assure success. I don't know, I guess I'm good the way it is.

dsvick | 21. Januar 2019

@EVRider - "You get "owner privileges" as soon as you order a Tesla (at least that's how it's supposed to work)..."

I've had mine since the end of October and am still not an "owner" here. I even sent them an email about it and haven't gotten a response. :(

HughManatee | 21. Januar 2019

Yeah, i have owned my Model 3 since August and no owner privileges. I even emailed about it, and the clueless guy just responded that he doesn't know of any special owner forum privileges. then they emailed a week later to see if i waa happy with that answer. i was not.

gballant4570 | 21. Januar 2019

I find the enhancement suite (gives you an ignore list) to be helpful with FUDsters. I don't have a large number of posters on ignore, but there are a few.

While I was waiting for delivery I found the forum to be useful, and spent more time with it during that period. I don't know what owners privileges are on the forum, so I'm guessing I don't have any despite having taken delivery of a fine Model 3.

FUDsters and other trolls are a problem on many forums that are set up for many different reasons/subjects. We are all human, so we invest in delusions. Then we all have some level of drive to validate those investments - some stronger than others. A human flaw.... one I don't think we will find a solution for.

RedPillSucks | 21. Januar 2019

Owner privileges in the forums? I was not aware. My account was created when I was a lurker, sans M3, but now I have a Midnight Silver Metallic AWD M3. What must one do to get owner privileges in the forums?
RIght now, I don't even see the link to the forums under my account. (*will my car be repossessed soon???*)

SteveWin1 | 21. Januar 2019

I've sent Tesla an email asking them to upgrade me to "owner" status. No response and its been months. If you figure out how to do it, RedPill, let us know.

kcheng | 21. Januar 2019

I agree with RPS, my account was created when I placed my order. Then I had to wait 4 months for the car. Having access to the forums, the waiting rooms, the info, was very useful.

mrburke | 21. Januar 2019

Do any of the "waiting for owner status" posters see a list of clubs below the list of forums ?

Lonestar10_1999 | 21. Januar 2019

@Hugh - Not to be cruel, but when any company announces a staff reduction as Tesla has, there is a silver lining. I have been in companies that have had layoffs due to financial stress.

Layoffs give Senior Management the opportunity to get rid of “dead wood”. I’m sure the clueless guy that you dealt with has work habits well known to his boss and coworkers. Thinning the herd could go a long way in improving Tesla’s interactions with customers.

gmkellogg | 21. Januar 2019

I've been an owner since the end of September. Don't have any special privileges on the forum. If you don't find something useful for helpful you could always just ignore it.

Ted007 | 21. Januar 2019

Nicky new guy, got my MR M3 5 Dec 2018, from what I see here most post are answered by the youtube people, and I don't understand why some people do not do research before posting what seem to be obvious questions that are easily answered. Some seem to have never driven a car that has features that provide an easier technical ride. So, I get more info from youtube than here because the post here seem archaic.

I come here to find info I do not know and I do learn a lot from the post that are here, but some are not worth reading, so I have learned to skip those.

You guys have a good point and I think it would be great if implemented.

gtbuzz | 21. Januar 2019

Has anyone gotten owner privileges recently? I've asked a few times and have never gotten a response. It's pretty obvious these forums are near last in Tesla's list of priories. It's annoying, but not the end of the world.

VolleyballNE1 | 21. Januar 2019

Is there really such a thing as "owner priviledges"? Tesla doesn't seem to know there is when you contact them...just wondering. Their support can't be that clueless, right?

howard | 21. Januar 2019

I sent an email a month or so ago and just last week I no longer have to do the "am I a human" stuff anymore. So I think I have owner status but am totally unaware of any other privileges.

kevin_rf | 22. Januar 2019

Easy enough to tell, all owners start each and every part with "my precious" ;-)

Infiniti Pi | 22. Januar 2019

+1 rsingh5

mabuck | 22. Januar 2019

Agree with OP

EVolution | 22. Januar 2019

M3SRx2 reservationist 1067th day
TSLAx285 1st day
MYx2 dreamer

coselectric | 22. Januar 2019

I'm an Owner. Now all you posers, get your Prius's off my lawn.

rxlawdude | 22. Januar 2019

Maybe the solution is to, adjacent to the user's name, put the actual products owned.

Example 1: rxlawdude S,3
Example 2: joeblow S,S,X,3 (owner of two MS, an X, and a 3 [lucky bastard!])
Example 3: imanoob Pend (for those who have an active order in process)

This could easily be generated from the poster's account information.

rxlawdude | 22. Januar 2019

@coselectric, I think it's "get that Gran Torino off my lawn." :-)

coselectric | 22. Januar 2019

@rxlawdude: Right you are, lol

kevin_rf | 23. Januar 2019

@cosrlectrical my Prius is sitting dead in my driveway.

EVolution | 23. Januar 2019

at rxlawdude I didn’t know you owned an Audi S3

Nexxus | 23. Januar 2019

Like @mrburke stated: If you have ownership privileges, you will see all the local club listings below the main forum topics. These are the only special ownership privileges that I know of on the forum. That, and being able to flag postings and comments.

andy.connor.e | 23. Januar 2019

Certainly alot of negativity and complaining on here. Has been like that since i joined in 2016. But if you stick with it, you'll learn fast who to ignore.

MRNot01 | 23. Januar 2019

Hmm.. I guess I do not have forum owner privileges, and had never heard that was a thing, so have done nothing to remedy. I've been enjoying the drive since 2018/07/10, however. Guess I'll look into it, but won't be holding my breath.

rxlawdude | 23. Januar 2019

@EV, LOL. I wouldn't own an Audi - ever.

mrburke | 23. Januar 2019

@Nexxus - owners can edit their original posts and don't have to prove they are not a robot.